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I honestly can't believe how fast has October gone. I was poorly for most of it and you probably noticed a limited new posts on the blog. I wasn't feeling up to anything I'm afraid and my blog work has suffered the most. I don't feel 100% yet and I post less than usual but I am trying my best to get back to my normal 3 times a week self, so please bear with me :) I have spend more time at my day job as it's quite a busy period of time at my job but I still managed to test few bits for you. get yourself a cup of tea as we're on for a long ride :)

Let's start with skincare as I have discovered a lot of great new skincare these last few weeks. I'll start with cleansing as these two faves of mine have completely revolutionised my cleansing routine. First up is the Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm sample I've gotten through my latest Love Me Beauty subscription (POST). It smells incredible, cleanses even better and it quickly become my favourite especially in the morning as it doesn't leave an oily residue and makes for a perfect AM cleanser. I use it together with my new cleansing here that is The Konjac Sponge Rich Pink Clay Sponge. This sponge has transformed my tired skin within a week of using it. It's gentle enough for my sensitive skin, yet provides a deep cleansing with exfoliation. You can use it on its own or in conjunction with your favourite cleanser. 

I took a special care of my skin lately as I have experienced some hormonal imbalance thanks to the hormones I take. This has proven to be quite annoying with pimples all over my chin and hairline. I have been battling it with help of L'Oreal Pure Clay Purity Mask. I use it as part of a multi-masking and only on areas affected. I must say it's a great spot-on treatment mask. It's super affordable and you can find it at both Boots and Superdrug. Great for combination to oily skin, or if your skin decides to go crazy on you. 

I recently reviewed the whole skincare range from Bravura (POST) and it had to get a mention in my beauty edit as I'm in love with their chemical exfoliators. I'm super keen on their Lactic Acid 10% infused with Rose as it's only lightly scented and provides a superb exfoliation. I am super sensitive so building a tolerance was a must but I am now at 15 mins a session and keen to extend that to an overnight treatment. I absolutely adore the way it's rid of small bumps on my forehead and looking forward to long haul results. 

Having introduced quite radical exfoliators, I needed to ensure the skincare used afterwards is natural and free from acid ingredients. I opted for Resibo Smoothing Serum (POST) which is a natural Botox in a bottle. I love the packaging as a pipette is needed to dose the product. I use 3-4 drops on my face and an additional couple on my neck and decollate. It works great in the evening for me, after I use my Bravura exfoliators. I use it 3 times a week and am noticing the difference. It absorbs pretty quickly but not quick enough for me to use it in the morning. My second step is an oil as in the days of exfoliation I tend to skin moisturisers altogether. I use the serum first and then add few drops of OlVita Rosehip Seed Oil. Rosehip Seed Oil has been branded an  anti-ageing skincare superstar and there's a definite reason for it. It formula is super high in fatty acids (over 70%) and rich in vitamins and antioxidants like Vit C, Vit A (basically retinol), linoleic and linolenic acids or as I'd like to call them heroes of anti-ageing. It's not only super moisturising so perfect for dry and mature skin but also helps even out the skin tone, reduced the appearance of fine lines and helps improving skin condition after UV damage. I can't praise this oil enough! It can get pretty pricey, because it's such an IN product, so make sure you do your research. Cold pressed virgin Rosehip Seed Oil shouldn't cost you more than £7.00-£9.00 so don't pay for something only because it's branded. I buy most of my oils at The Natural Skincare site, so click HERE to check what oils are now available. 

My skin has seen better times but other than the chin and hairline area it has never looked better. It's plumped and soft and I rarely need any coverage anymore. I went back to my favourite Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue, because I just love the stuff. I wrote about it so many times now, you must be sick of hearing it, but it's truly the best thing for daytime makeup. It's so easy and perfect for my dry skin as it doesn't sit on top of any dry patches or settles in the fine lines. However I went to Bare Minerals even recently and discovered their new Bare Pro Powder Foundation. Have you ever discovered a product that makes you want to sing, it is that good? Well I use it on top of my Complexion Rescue and I look like a doll. Not in cakey way kinda two tubes of foundation way. The airbrushed effect it gives me is incredible and what's most important it lasts all day long. I am away from home for minimum 12 hours a day so for my base to last that long in perfect condition is pretty impossible. Until I discovered that combo of Complexion Rescue and Bare Pro. How will I ever change them to test more products for you? So so good!

Natural looking skin and natural looking brows, definite motto for me in October. I discovered a new range of Benefit brow products and I'm gone on anything else. I have a love/hate relationship with the tip of Goof Proof Brow Pencil in 02 but I adore the result it gives me. Yes it's harder to get those fine hair like strokes but I have never done my brows so quickly in the morning. Also the shade is perfect for me and blends so easily. I then set them in place with Ready, Set, Brow and I'm truly done for the day (and night). This clever clear gel truly keeps my brows in place for HOURS! Love from the first stroke, what can I say.

When it comes to lip products I have so many on rotation it's always hard to play favourites. I have been reaching for my Golden Rose Longstay Liquid Lips in 03 more than usually. It's such a pretty everyday shade. It suits most of my autumnal makeup looks and stays put for few hours. It's than non offensive shade you can wear to school and the office, something in between nude and statement. I really like it. And if I was feeling a little adventurous or on days I really wanted to piss my bosses off, I went metallic and full on metallic may I add. I'm in love with Jouer fall collection and the shade Bronze Rose is such a beautiful fall shade! Also the formula - I mean this may be the best bloody liquid lipstick formula I've ever tried. Given you'll stick to snacking or non creamy food, this will stay put for 10 hours until it becomes so annoyingly uncomfortable on the lips. I am in awe at the formula, the packaging, the shade, the works. Can someone please tell Jouer that I would die to become their spokeswoman? Thank you!

The perfume of the month or maybe even a year must be the Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia. I am so bad at describing scents but it's so incredibly fresh, yet chic enough to pull off being a slightly heavier autumn scent. It's not a sweet and girly scent I usually prefer. This is a scent of a woman. It is incredibly expensive and I'm terrified at how quickly I seem to use it but I can't stop myself and use it pretty much daily! I love it. Jo Malone, if you hear me send some my way, I won't object! ;)

The last two faves are thankfully drugstore faves which aren't so heavy on the pocket. I've received this Batiste Smooth Frizz Tamer ages ago and only just got it out to test and I must say I'm impressed. Frizzy hair is a nightmare, especially now we get to enjoy the rain and humidity and few spritzes of this spray in the morning seems to sort out my frizz for the day. Not sure exactly how it works but I won't complain.

Last but not least, the nails. I have stopped with shellac on top of gel overlay nails and discovered them to be weak and brittle. I have been using something to make them stronger but I plan on writing a separate post about it so I'm keeping it on the low. I do however enjoy the gel effect nail polishes, as they not only make the nails stronger but also last few days longer than your usual nail polish. The shade of the month was definitely a Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Gel Nail Paint in Dark Side of a Shroom, which is a gorgeous mushroom like colour with hints of purple. Perfect for autumn and also it lasts a good 3 days with the top coat from the same series. 

That's it for my October Beauty Edit. I hope you enjoyed reading about my faves! Please share what have you been loving lately and lets all discuss our recommendations. Don't forget to comment & subscribe, it truly makes my day, seeing this site grow :) 

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  1. I need to try the bareMinerals powder, it sounds like the powder I've been looking for. The sponge sounds amazing, I must have a look at it. My skins had a freak out too. I'm blaming the Ordinary Lactic acid. I've been loving the Aurelia bits i got at the event. Its one of the cleansers I've ever tried xx

    LPage Beauty

  2. I hope you're feeling better! You have so many great favorites this month :) That L'oreal mask sounds awesome. I've read a lot of positive reviews of it. I'm totally gonna need to check out the bare minerals gel-- it sounds like a miracle worker!

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  3. Wow, so many products to add to my wishlist - especially your skincare recommendations! I adore that Jo Malone fragrance too - so feminine! xx


  4. What a lovely round up so many things I need to try. I'm so glad you enjoy the Lactic Acid too...definitely build up tolerance before trying it overnight. The sponge sounds amazing...I need something like that in my life xxx
    Sal | UmmBaby Beauty

  5. I can see some of my favourites here as well :) I haven't used the Lactic Acid for a long time, definitely need to bring it back into my routine. I also love the Benefit brow products and will definitely buy full sizes when I'm done with those samples. x

    Mummy's Beauty Corner


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