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I have missed quite a few Zoeva launches since the Cocoa Blend (POST) superb introduction to my world. I wasn't very much into the larger palettes, yes I thought them to be pretty but duplicating shades over and over in my collection isn't something I do lightly anymore. I'm still obsessed with new launches but seem to control it slightly better and only buy ones I know I'd be unhappy to miss. There were so many superb launches in 2016, with ABH Modern Renaissance (POST), Jeffree Star Beauty Killer (POST) or UD Naked Ultimate Basics (POST) to name the few that have totally rocked my makeup world. I had high expectations regarding new Zoeva palettes and they haven't disappointed. I've loved Cocoa Blend so much and it's still one of the palettes I reach for this whole year later, so I knew I have to top up my Plaisir collection as soon as it launches. I haven't bought Plaisir boxed collection as I didn't want to duplicate the Cocoa Blend, so I've just ordered the two new chocolate palettes individually. Palettes weren't the only new and exciting launch as Zoeva has launched their highly anticipated Strobe Gels on the same day. I haven't had much luck with highlight shades from Zoeva as the one included in their Rose Golden Blush Palette (POST) hasn't really suited my skin tone, but seeing the Strobe Gels promo video has convinced me to give it a good college try. So without a further ado as it's plainly the longest intro I have ever written let's see what I think of the new Zoeva launches, shall we lovelies?

Plaisir is French for pleasure and what a pleasure it is to just sit here and stare at this eyeshadow collection. The two new palettes compliment Cocoa Blend in every way and it's a neutral heaven. My order was accompanied with a cute little box of pralines, that are now sitting just next to me. Well two of them left, that is. I thought the design and idea to be super cute but they also taste like heaven!

ZOEVA BLANC FUSION (RPR £17.50 from Zoeva & £18.00 from Beauty Bay)

10 shadows weighted at 1.5g each made without parabens, mineral oils, fragrances & phthalates. Shell life: 36 months. White chocolate with golden geometric design hardened cardboard. Zoeva logo and palette name on front and ingredients and other information on the back.

Blanc Fusion is a daytime palette to the core. I like the design with top row being shimmers and bottom mattes, it given enough shades to always come up with new looks for your day at school or the office. The biggest shocker is the Visions of Gold, being a pure yellow gold, which some may find scary. I found a way to include it in my daytime makeup and even got compliments on it. The morale is, don't ever be afraid of using a shade, as the originality is what makes us apart and even the most improbable combinations can in fact add to our charm. 

Noble - pearlescent white with super light golden shimmer
Single Origin - light yellow gold
Visions of Gold - true yellow gold, almost neon

Late Bloomer - copper shimmer 
Sweetness Lingers - bronze shimmer with purple tones

Travel Inspired - light pinky beige matte
Joy in a Box - medium beige with pink tones transition matte

Conched - medium brown with neutral tones matte
Question of Taste - medium brown with warm camel tones matte
Last Bite - dark brown with cool tones matte

All the shades above are truly greatly pigmented with some taking it to the extreme. The shadows are soft but also not so soft they become dusty in the palette. I didn't experience any real fallout with any of the shades. It's not as warm toned palette as the Cocoa Blend of upcoming Caramel Melange. Instead you have more neutral tones to play with. I think it's a great idea to keep one palette in the series slightly cooler. Yes, warm tones are so in right now and I personally adore them, but it's good to have an option. I think Blanc Fusion will be my firm favourite, as I love the formula of shadows, pigmentation and how well they stay on the lid. Blending is a pleasure just like with other Zoeva shadows and it makes a great addition to my Zoeva Family.

ZOEVA CARAMEL MELANGE (RPR £17.50 from Zoeva & £18.00 from Beauty Bay currently out of stock)

10 shadows weighted at 1.5g each made without parabens, mineral oils, fragrances & phthalates. Shell life: 36 months. Warm chocolate with golden metallic geometric design hardened cardboard. Logo and brand name on top and ingredients on the back.

Caramel Melange is warm, it's neutral with reds, oranges and purples leading the way for it to become THE MUST HAVE palette of the season. With seven mattes and three three shimmers it makes for a perfect daytime to evening palette. Aftertaste and Alchemy are true winners in this palette and Liquid Centre formula is truly something else. I can't get enough of this!

Wax Paper - pure white matte
Universal Delight - light beige with purple tones matte
Aftertaste - muted medium red matte

182C - medium brown copper satin
Liquid Centre -  pure copper bronze shimmer

Alchemy - dirty reddish medium brown matte
Start Soft - warm medium dark camel brown matte
Finish Sensual - neutral to cool medium brown with ashy tones matte

Almost Burnt - vintage gold shimmer
Edible Gem - dark purple matte with gold micro-glitter

Yet again pigmentation is insane in Caramel Melange. All the shade transition well in swatches and to the lid, but also blend easily. Formula of shadows is buttery and just stunning to work with. There's virtually zero to minimal fallout. The mattes are of superb quality, if even slightly better than the original Cocoa Blend palette. Straight await a favourite of mine. I'm glad that some shades are slightly more of neutral tone as these three palette compliment each other oh so well.

ZOEVA COCOA BLEND (RPR £17.50 from Zoeva & £18.00 from Beauty Bay) - POST

Please refer to my earlier post from last year for swatches of Cocoa Blend to see how these three palette really go together as one happy family. I am so glad I picked up the remaining two in Zoeva's Plaisir Collection as all three palettes are simply stunning!

ZOEVA STROBE GEL IN HALO (RPR £10.50 from Zoeva & £11.00 from Beauty Bay)

Clear heavy glass jar with black plastic top and Zoeva logo on it. 15 ml of product made without parabens, mineral oils, fragrances & phthalates. 

Now if you know me a little and I hope you do by now, you know my undying love of highlighters. Anything that promises me to be visible from outer space and I'm already taking my credit card out. This new launch from Zoeva has for sure raised few eyebrows with its innovative formula. We are used to liquid, cream, stick and powder highlighters, sure but I haven't tried gel formulas yet. What's so amazing about it then? There are few bits I need to explain first formula wise. Strobe Gel is a quite unique memory shape gel. It's identical to a Body Shop Drops of Youth Mask I absolutely love. What it means is that the gel is firm, almost jelly like and once you touch it with your finger or a brush it sort of bounces back to its original shape. It's quite cool. 

The main reason I rarely use cream or liquid highlighters is because it's harder to use over powder formulas without the cake effect. The main rule of makeup is to use liquids and creams and then powder formulas. I love Becca Shimmering Light Perfector Liquid but I can only use it on days where I don't really set my makeup, yes it's still visible after powder but it looses on intensity. I was really looking forward to trying the new Zoeva formula to see if it would be possible to apply over powdered down face. Is it? Yes it is! I think if there's one selling point to this product, except it's stunning shade, it's that!

Strobe Gel in Halo has a gorgeous pearlescent silver and pink tone to it. I can't quite explain it. It is definitely meant for fair to light skin tones, but I think you could also use when you're medium by layering it on top of your usual highlighter, just on the very tops of your features. When it comes to the shade, it's not really pink nor silver nor white but it just creates that super light gorgeous shine. I love it for daytime. I use the tiny amount on the finger and just tap it on the high points of my face. I literally touch the gel and use only that teensy tiny bit for my daytime highlight. For more wow effect I just use a little more or layer it on top of it. You can go crazy with this highlight and that's what highlighters are made for. So whatever your style, I think Zoeva Strobe Gels are definitely something you should try.

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  1. Aren't we three great minds, haha! We should call today's post a collaboration :)
    Definitely beautiful palettes and great addition to my collection. The strobe gel looks very pretty and sounds like a good product too! x

    Mummy's Beauty Corner

    1. We totally should dagmara haha! I like the we all done it differently though. I want to try the strobe gel, i don't think I have anything like it xx

      LPage Beauty

    2. Unplanned collaboration and how well it worked out too!!! Leanne you sure do, it's an incredible formula. I'll try to do a quick 'movie' to show it :)

  2. I am just so in love with their eyeshadows, the palettes look divine! Great post and photos xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. Oh thank you Kiran, it means a lot :) I absolutely adore Zoeva, they are incredible formula wise :) x

  3. I've loved reading the reviews from you, Dagmara & Leanne! Like I said to the other ladies, out of the two, I think I'd prefer the Caramel palette but both are stunning!

    I've never tried a gel highlighter before either! xx


    1. Thank you Siobhan! I can't believe - this unplanned collaboration worked out pretty well :) I do love the Caramel Melange but as I mentioned before, I seem to reach for Blanc Fusion more. Crazy lol x

  4. I keep seeing these palettes everywhere and now really want the Caramel one! Ahh!!! I can imagine the strobe gel looks gorgeous on your skin tone! I wonder if they do it in a warm golden shade?
    -Nishi xx

    1. Well you are in luck my pretty lady as a little birdie told me that a palette will be included in my Sunday's giveaway but shhhhhh :) They do three shades in Strobe Gels. Definitely check out the most golden one hunni :) I linked it up to a product so you can choose your shade :) x

  5. I had no ideas these were even a thing?! NEED!

    xo Millie

    1. You really do!! They are amazing !! And such great quality for the price!

  6. The Caramel palette is gorgeous. The Cocoa Blend is one of my favourite Autumn palettes so I'm glad that they've added to the family :)

    1. I love autumnal shades and am so glad Zoeva decided to add these on. Brilliant simply stunning :)


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