Monday 28 November 2016


There's always a lot of hype around new makeup releases. Some are totally over hyped and some have overtaken my routine. 

The most talked about highlighter from MAC totally deserves all the hype. I love to glow and I love a lot of highlighters, but it seems I always go back to Soft & Gentle. It's described as gilded peach bronze but I really don't see it as peach bronze but more of a beautiful champagne. It works for so many skin tones from the palest to the medium and I'm sure it could add dimension to even the deepest of them all. It's one of those finishes which work for both daytime and evening glam depending on a brush used and an application. Use a fan brush for a minimal daytime glow and denser brush like Sigma F35 (Tapered Highlighter Brush) for the wow effect that I tend to prefer. 

The concealer that has a beauty world divided. Some love and some hate it. I belong in the love category. Borderline obsessive category to be more precise. I wanted to hate the concealer that costs so much, but it's honestly the best thing that's ever happened to my under eye circles. You only ever need a little to get the highest coverage possible. I always correct the shade first with either Bobbi Brown or NYX Corrector and then add just the tiniest amount of the Full Cover to conceal everything and anything. Some worry that formula is too high coverage for ever day wear, but I find that with great skincare it doesn't affect my under eyes. 

This came recommended by many and I completely understand. It has fixed so many of my problematic foundations like Chanel Les Beiges, which I now adore. The formula is water based and works well for dry skin types. It gives the most incredible radiant finish to my complexion and makes the foundation just sit flawlessly on top. It certainly lives up to all the hype it gets.

RCMA No-Color Powder RPR £10.50 (currently out of stock)

Again this powder has taken the beauty world by storm and is my newest addition to an ever growing powder collection. I may not be able to confirm its all claims but it's truly excellent setting powder. It sets makeup in place without giving it the 'powder' finish. It's not as natural as Hourglass but it's also so much better at keeping foundation in place, especially ones that tend to move around after few hours. I love using it for baking as well, as it doesn't look dry under eyes. I find its a great all rounder and most importantly it won't break the bank. The hardest part is getting your hands on it. it's now available on Beauty Bay so keep on checking for availability.

Most famous nude lip liner thanks to our obsession in over lining our lips for that fuller effect. I must admit, it took me a while to even consider spending so much money on a lip liner and I now regret the time I was without it. It's perfect for those morning where I literally have zero time to do anything with my lips and can't leave them bare. The formula is creamy but comfortable and staying power very decent. I really love over lining my lips with it as the shade is just perfect for it, subtle yet visible enough. Yes, there are definite duper on the market but there's only one Pillowtalk :)

I hope you enjoyed this quick post. Let me know what products you'd be most excited to try! 

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  1. Great post! I haven't used Soft & Gentle in a while but love it ^ Pillow Talk is a favourite for me too, as is the Becca primer! I need to try the other 2 products now! xx

    Beautylymin| Urban Decay Bundle Giveaway

  2. I really like the RCMA powder but the packaging drives me insane, haha! I need to try the MUFE concealer! x

    Mummy's Beauty Corner

  3. I haven't tried MUFE concealer & RCMA powder but I will ;) Becca primer & Soft & Gentle are my fav things to help me get that glowy look


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