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Talking about MAC Vibe Tribe Collection last week has made me think about the allure of MAC Limited Editions and how, I'm more likely to buy these over the standard products. Is it the hype that makes me want it more, is it the well thought design of the packaging or the senseless following of anything with LE (limited edition) in the name? 

Limited editions with MAC sell out in minutes sometimes. If you are truly after something you lust, you need to be super quick, as you never know, if it will be available after couple of hours. MAC has been pretty good lately, with more stock LE launching every time, so it's available for at least 24 hours, sometimes more. This window doesn't give you a lot of time to re-think your purchase. MAC LE collections are normally very hyped up months, if not seasons, before the launch. The sneak peeks of the packaging become available making any enthusiast go in to a frenzy. 

I don't buy the whole collections. The reason is simple, with so many launches, who has the money? I always try and grab at least one item though. For me it is purely the allure of the packaging. On the beginning of my beauty journey I owned one MAC lipstick and I was happy with it, I own 20+ now. It's not purely for estethic reasons, I'm not that crazy. I may not be the biggest MAC fan in general, I shop around more, but I can't deny the quality of MAC lipsticks. They aren't only better in formula, only some are, there's really a combination of factors that go in to a purchase. The saying "once you for MAC, you never go back" has some true tones to it.

The MAC Lipsticks have a lot going for them. Firstly, it's the choice of shades. Nowhere else, you find so many colours and finishes in one place. Going in to a MAC store for a lipstick is like visiting Santa's grotto. Second very important factor is the scent of the lipsticks. The sweet vanilla is the most recognisable lipstick scent for me and it makes wearing it a lot more special. It feels and smells luxurious. Third reason must be the formulas and finishes. I prefer mattes to any other, with satin finish being a strongest contender for a second place. There are multiple finishes to MAC and everyone can find one that suits their needs. 

Only then I look at the packaging and believe me, the packaging is amazing. The bullet form is incredible and I prefer if LE lipsticks stay within the norm of the standard bullet form. When it comes to LE collections there's also a factor of new and beautiful design. Just look at the newest MAC Poesia by Chris Chang - I have never owned anything this beautiful. It is truly a poetry in a design form. I prefer designer collaborations to those with celebrities, as normally they offer that something extra that not only catches the eye once, but becomes a piece of art on my vanity.

From left (swatched in natural light): Hot Chocolate, Plum Princess, Tats & Only You
I have quite a few LE lipsticks from MAC but today I wanted to stick to those in the standard bullet form with new design added to it. Let's have a look at them individually shall we?

MAC Vibe Tribe in Hot Chocolate - the beautiful beige packaging with tribal design and colours have taken the beauty world by storm. Amid controversy of not crediting the collection to the obvious Native American culture, MAC have released the statement, that the collection wasn't inspired by that, but by the outdoor festival fashion, art and the colour of the desert. Personally I love the design, it's perfect for summer time, stylish and fun. The shade Hot Chocolate (satin finish) is strongly inspired by the 90s trend and it will suit most skin tones.

MAC x Chris Chang Poesia in Plum Princess - The newest MAC collection to date and the most artistically pleasing. It's not just design, it's the whole painting of stretched flowers added to the bullet form. It's just beautiful. The shade again is something of a not in to the current "It" shade - greyish mauve purple of a matte finish is super similar to Jeffree Star Scorpio, NYX Embellishment and many more on the market at the moment. Grey cool toned lips are in and here to stay and the Plum Princess fits perfectly in this trend. Just gorgeous.

MAC x Giambattista Valli in Tats - From 5 shades released (all matte) I chose Tats as the packaging of a pink matte red has stolen my heart. The packaging of the entire collection was simple, with bullets covered in corresponding to the shades strong colours. It's minimalistic and beautiful. Tats is a gorgeous true pink shade, not too cool and not warm. It will suit any complexion but for us pale skinned, it will be a statement lip without the neon effect some pinks can give you. Simply stunning.

MAC x Ellie Goulding in Only You - There were only 2 shades released in this collection and I went for typical nude. The packaging is an another stunner, but somehow my least favourite of the ones mentioned above. It's shiny plastic, making it somehow cheaper to touch in my opinion. It's still super classy with Ellie Goulding logo in gold in the triangular shape.The shade itself isn't my absolute fave. I'm not that in to Creamsheen finishes as they haven't got the staying power of matte or satin. It's more of a gloss, although not sticky.

When it comes to buying a limited editions I only have one advice. Do your research, see if the shade is something you would go for in standard packaging or if it's purely a designer purchase. There's nothing bad in that either. I'm  lipstick hoarder collector and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I don't buy all limited editions as not every design catches my eye or maybe shades aren't something I would ever go for. If you decide there are bits in the collection you want, make sure you're peeled to your email notification from MAC advising you the collection goes live, as more often than not, you have to be quick with your purchase.

I hope you enjoy my today's ramblings and I'll see you on Friday with a new makeup look :)

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  1. There is no denial that most of the time Mac's LE have gorgeous packaging. And I can see why collectors (hmmm) like you just have to have a piece from each of them. Having said that I haven't been tempted by anything, maybe because, like you said, it always sells out so quickly before I can make my mind but also the brand hasn't stolen my heart. I agree that their lipsticks, matte and satin are really good and I like the black bullet but I wouldn't spend my money on the sheer ones as there are better in drugstore. x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  2. Limitowane opakowania są zawsze piękne :) Mi oczywiście podoba się najbardziej seria Vibe Tribe <3 Ale ta czekoladowa pomadka też piękna :)


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