Monday 20 June 2016


Happy Monday beauties <3 I thought what's best to start your gloomy and rainy Monday with, than an awesome new ish release from Makeup Revolution :) I'm a huge fan of their Chocolate palettes with Death By Chocolate, Naked Chocolate and Salted Caramel being close favourites (CLICK HERE FOR REVIEWS: NAKED CHOCOLATE, SALTED CARAMEL & PINK FIZZ). When Chocolate Vice landed I knew I'll be getting it at some point, as I love warm tones and there were few peachy shades that interested me from the first look.  Was it worth it? Stay with me to find out :)

The packaging is what always convinces me to buy a palette and I Heart Makeup chocolate design is the best. I honestly prefer it to the original Too Faced packaging. I love the melted chocolate design. Plastic is of better quality than your standard MUR packaging too. It holds good quality mirror and double ended sponge applicator. I don't understand why companies still put those in, as you can't really use them, can you? They're rubbish. All the names of the shadows can be found on the plastic sheet covering the shadows. This is a small minus as it would be better, if these were printed next to shadows. Trying not to lose the name sheet, as I call it, it's always a drag. However the price of the palette being mere £7.99, you can forget and forgive easily.

Inside you'll find 16 eyeshadows in 3 finishes: mattes, shimmers and satins. Although it's mostly warm toned palette, there's still few shades borderline neutral to cool. Shimmers are the most buttery with satins holding their place too. Mattes are mostly semi mattes and lighter shades don't show pigment as well as the others. Two highlight shades are as per usual in this range larger than others, with one being a shimmer highlight and other semi matte. It's a well composed palette in my opinion with only two shades I'd personally change in terms of the finish, not the colour itself. 

Vice - white with yellow gold shimmer, great pigmentation
Sway - light beige matte, great pigmentation
Satisfy - light champagne shimmer, great pigmentation
Require - light peach with lots of gold shimmer, great pigmentation
Convert - medium camel warm tone matte, great pigmentation
Treat - dark cool tone brown matte, great pigmentation
Habit - yellow gold shimmer, great pigmentation
Persuade - copper shimmer, great pigmentation 
Need - medium ashy cool tone brown, near taupe, great pigmentation 
Crave - dark brown with copper and gold shimmer, great pigmentation
Lust - dark charcoal with silver and navy shimmer, good pigmentation
Reason - peach satin, great pigmentation
Must - true coral satin, great pigmentation
Maleficence - dark camel with orange undertone matte, great pigmentation
Fancy - medium coral with pink tones satin, great pigmentation
Appeal - off white matte, little chalky, good pigmentation

The winning shades are Satisfy, Require, Convert, Reason, Must and Fancy with few mattes like Sway, Convert, Treat and Need. This is one of the best quality chocolate palettes Makeup Revolution ever came out with. There's not a single shade that lacks pigmentation, their all either great or good. Only one shade came out chalky when swatched but still transferred to lid with no fallout or lost pigmentation. They all wear nicely on the lid, up to 12 hours with primer. They blend nicely and I must say, mattes are really holding their own in this one. Normally mattes are what Makeup Revolution doesn't get quite right, but I must say I love the mattes in Chocolate Vice. I like my warm tones for daytime as they empathise my eye colour and Chocolate Vice has been the only palette I've used for couple of weeks now. There's plenty of looks you can create here. What's lacking is matte black shade. Not for me, as I have plenty of black mattes to choose from, but for someone who's buying only one palette to suit all their needs. Lust is ok but I don't understand the need of adding micro glitter shimmer to it, it should have been simply left as dark matte charcoal.

To sum up, I really enjoy using this palette and it's a brilliant value for money, so if you're looking for great quality satin and shimmers and warm tones of plenty - this one is definitely worth checking out :) It completes my chocolate collection and easily takes the lead when it comes to quality and palette composition. Have you tried Chocolate Vice? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments section below. If you haven't and would like to give it a spin - it's available here.

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  1. Ładna ta czekoladka :) Ja mam jaśniejszą wersję, to fakt, ze sa dobre jakosciowo :)

  2. This palette looks amazing, I need it! I'm loving peachy shades at the moment and I would buy it just for Persuade, Malificence & Fancy! <3 xx
    - Nishi x

  3. ooooo new palette! love the shades in this :)

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