Wednesday, 13 January 2016


How are we doing today? I'm out of breath, trying to sort out all pre-payday bits, like wish lists etc ;) This month I'm banning myself from any beauty spending, as I am going to get a shiny new iPhone 6s :) Can't wait !!! Second in my new series, we're talking Clinique Pop lipsticks. Have you tried them yet? Two shades I own are minis and I got them included in Glamour couple months back. I had time to thoroughly test them and today I take them under the radar. Stand with me Lip Maniacs - let's do this :)


Square with coloured bottom, showing the shade of the lipstick and silver shiny top with Clinique logo. Very modern and I like it. It also fits in my lipstick organiser which is a huge plus :)


Creamy but light, it sits comfortably on the lip without drying it. Pigmentation is great, it goes on smoothly. Lasting power not too great but a little pigment left after lipstick has worn off. Finish is similar to MAC Creamsheen but more comfortable to wear. It stays on for 2 hours with little drink, not food. It has a lip primer built in so you can actually skip prep of your lips. I have very dry lips so scrub and lip butter is a must, but honestly you can wear this on your own.


Cherry Pop - it's an intense raspberry red, a perfect mixture of red and pink with glossy finish. Great as a statement lip that goes on smoothly and make lips appear fuller.

Nude Pop - it's a pink nude, your lips but better kind of shade, again with glossy finish. I love wearing it as a combo with Rimmel's lipliner in East End Snob.


I am forever a matte lip lover but during these tough winter months, when my oh so dry lips deserve matte lip break, I have found myself reaching for Clinique Pops a lot. Combo of Nude Pop with Rimmel liner is my favourite nude lip ever!! I like Cherry Pop too as it stays on nicely and doesn't bleed even though the lasting power is somewhat shitty ;) Thanks to them being mini size too, I find myself always having one or both of them in my daily makeup bag. Yes they won't last all day or even a breakfast but they're super comfy to wear, have primer built in so your lips look yummy and are generally really great quality. It's a yes from me :)

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  1. I have almost finished a full size of the Nude Pop because I like it so much, especially on those minimal makeup days as it doesn't look OTT and it's so comfortable on the lips, almost like wearing a lip balm. I also have a full size of Cherry Pop which I also really like but it's not my favourite red lipsticks because it tends to transfer too easily. x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. I agree on all counts :) I think I want to expand my collection :) I will be buying full size Nude Pop that's for sure xx

    2. I agree on all counts :) I think I want to expand my collection :) I will be buying full size Nude Pop that's for sure xx

  2. I haven't tried these because I mainly buy matte lipsticks, haha!

  3. I absolutely love the Clinique Lip Pop formulation & they are easily one of my favourite releases from 2015! Did you see that they are releasing liquid lipstick versions this year?! Exciting! xx



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