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Lately I have given myself a task of finding the best liquid lipstick out there and having browsed on Feel Unique I came across By Terry Terrybly Velvet Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Gypsy Rose. I really loved the colour and wanted to try By Terry for ages so it landed in my basket and arrived 2 days later. When I saw the shade, I fell in love instantly - it's so me :)

By Terry Terrybly Velvet Rouge in Gypsy Rose
Packaging is just gorgeous, with By Terry logo stamped across the silver lid. Applicator is a little different and I was afraid it will be hard to use, but surprise surprise - it's super easy to get a defined look with it :) 

When swatched Gyspsy Rose is a lovely muted magenta. Super pigmented, you only need one coat to create an opaque finish. It doesn't fully dry out as any Velvet finishes and I must say it's very similar in formula to Makeup Revolution Velvet Lip Lacquers. As the latter are just a friction of £24.00 I paid for By Terry Lipstick I would stick to the cheaper alternative. 

Swatched in natural light, no flash
Nevertheless shade looks beautiful when applied and it feels lovely on the lip for up to 4 hours. If you do eat in the meantime you will need to reapply as it will rub off slightly. It did survive drinking and snacking so not too bad on a lasting power. As it doesn't dry completely it can smudge, which put me off a little, as I expected a little more from the brand and the price tag on the product itself. However formula is so comfortable to wear, I will forgive it the misfortunes of smudging. 

Would I purchase again? Probably not. It is not my ideal formula for liquid lipstick. I want better staying power and no smudging. It's very similar to NYX Liquid Suede (reviewed here) and I will continue on the search for my perfect formula :) I'm not disappointed I got it, as after seeing raving reviews I needed to try it for myself. I know now that it is in fact a beautiful opaque shade, that needs only a little product and it distributes nicely. It's easy to apply and looks beautiful on the lip. It doesn't dry out my lips and for that, it gets a huge plus. 

Have you tried any of By Terry range? What would you recommend as I would like to perhaps try some of their eyeshadows? Sound off in the comments below, if you like Gypsy Rose as much as I do? 

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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  1. Gorgeous shade! Not sure though if I'd like to splurge on it :) Try Stila Liquid lipsticks, they're great in my opinion. x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. They are next on my list :) and I have a lot of Wibo, Lovely & Kobo on its way to me soon (plenty of cheap and cheerful matte lipsticks to test)

  2. Love the shade!

  3. Gorgeous shade! So expensive though! I bought two of the By Terry Ombre Blackstar eyeshadow sticks & whilst I love them, I don't think I would buy any more because I am sure there are similar, more affordable products out there! xx


    1. Yes, the price point is definitely exaggerated and truth be told, they are not worth the money. There are certain product where you know, yes it was worth it, this isn't one of them. However the shade is just beautiful and I know it will land in favourites because it's just so damn pretty ;)

  4. Love the colour so much! Your review on this makes me want to try it out. Only issue is when it comes off when you eat and drink. You can't avoid that but I do love the idea of wearing it for events. :)

    1. There are plenty of velvet finishes out there that are on more affordable price point and honestly, no point in spending this much on a lipstick that works like others. However this shade is just everything, it is so me !!! I can't imagine to stop wearing it anytime soon ! X

  5. This shade is absolutely gorgeous! I'm in love with such intensive dark colours! And this applicator looks interesting, never seen such shape before.

    1. I love a good statement lip and this one is perfect for daytime as magenta is muted, not neon :) I adore this shade <3

  6. The shade is gorgeous on you. I too find it difficult to find a good liquid lipstick that isn't drying and that's long lasting. I did find one from Milani - their Power Lip - but it's being discontinued, boo hoo. you are reminding me that I have a travel size By Terry Mascara to try!

    1. Ooooh keep me piątek about the mascara !! :) I'm now testing some lippies from Coloured Raine and I may have found the one ;) X


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