Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Lately I have given myself a task of finding the best liquid lipstick out there and having browsed on Feel Unique I came across By Terry Terrybly Velvet Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Gypsy Rose. I really loved the colour and wanted to try By Terry for ages so it landed in my basket and arrived 2 days later. When I saw the shade, I fell in love instantly - it's so me :)

By Terry Terrybly Velvet Rouge in Gypsy Rose
Packaging is just gorgeous, with By Terry logo stamped across the silver lid. Applicator is a little different and I was afraid it will be hard to use, but surprise surprise - it's super easy to get a defined look with it :) 

When swatched Gyspsy Rose is a lovely muted magenta. Super pigmented, you only need one coat to create an opaque finish. It doesn't fully dry out as any Velvet finishes and I must say it's very similar in formula to Makeup Revolution Velvet Lip Lacquers. As the latter are just a friction of £24.00 I paid for By Terry Lipstick I would stick to the cheaper alternative. 

Swatched in natural light, no flash
Nevertheless shade looks beautiful when applied and it feels lovely on the lip for up to 4 hours. If you do eat in the meantime you will need to reapply as it will rub off slightly. It did survive drinking and snacking so not too bad on a lasting power. As it doesn't dry completely it can smudge, which put me off a little, as I expected a little more from the brand and the price tag on the product itself. However formula is so comfortable to wear, I will forgive it the misfortunes of smudging. 

Would I purchase again? Probably not. It is not my ideal formula for liquid lipstick. I want better staying power and no smudging. It's very similar to NYX Liquid Suede (reviewed here) and I will continue on the search for my perfect formula :) I'm not disappointed I got it, as after seeing raving reviews I needed to try it for myself. I know now that it is in fact a beautiful opaque shade, that needs only a little product and it distributes nicely. It's easy to apply and looks beautiful on the lip. It doesn't dry out my lips and for that, it gets a huge plus. 

Have you tried any of By Terry range? What would you recommend as I would like to perhaps try some of their eyeshadows? Sound off in the comments below, if you like Gypsy Rose as much as I do? 

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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