Monday 23 May 2016

Monday with Makeup Revolution: Flawless Matte 2 - is it worth checking out?

I am a huge Makeup Revolution fan. In fact I wouldn't be here, if it wasn't for Adam Minto and co. They have inspired me to play with makeup and I have never looked back. I always look forward to new releases, however I'm more picky with my purchases now. My MUR collection is so large, I have to be, otherwise I'd end up sleeping outside to ensure my makeup is safe inside the walls lol.

I really enjoy the original Flawless Matte. I don't reach for it a lot anymore but it's a great one for crease shades in my opinion (full review here). I looked forward to Flawless Matte 2, hoping it'll be more warm toned than the original, for my eternal love of warm tones lol. Having seen sneak peeks, I've ordered it on a whim, mainly for 4 reddish tone shades. So is it worth getting? Let's see shall we?

Packaging is an usual Flawless collection shiny black matte with large mirror inside. I am glad there's no cheap applicator or brush to be seen, as I really don't see the point in them. It's sturdy and quite on a heavy side, so not really that travel friendly. However you are getting 32 shades inside which could potentially mean you only pack one palette.

When it comes to the formula it varies between the shades. Some pick up a very little product despite my usual 3 swipe swatch technique and some are quite chalky. I have only used around 8 shades so far on the eye so I can't say it for all, but with ones I used, there was virtually no fall out. Some shades are lovely and buttery and those make the palette worth picking up. Light beige shades have disappointed me as, they seem to have a very little pigmentation to them and they aren't very build able. Darker shades are generally better, with decent to excellent pigmentation.

From left (swatches in natural light): Flow, Look, Ranking, Whole 
From left (swatches in natural light): Less, Standard, Two, Sound
From left (swatches in natural light): Perfect, Order, Tone, WII
From left (swatches in natural light): Neat, Able, Nest, Known 
From left (swatches in natural light): Master, Rate, Top, Right
From left (swatches in natural light): Accurate, Finest, Notch, Vintage
From left (swatches in natural light): Ripe, Final, Valid, Beauty
From left (swatches in natural light): Matte, Famous, Total, Define
Shades I love:

I will highly recommend any shades in the last three columns. All are buttery with good pigmentation and easy to work with. The reddish toned column has gotten me totally obsessed. I also like the purple toned shades in the bottom row. They are gorgeous to work with. I like the beige to brown transition shades. The pigmentation is ok with most and product pick up is great. They will work nicely in the crease or for more natural makeup days.

Shades to pass:

Any light shades are a total miss for me. Product pick up is minimal, I had troubles even swatching them. They appear very dry in formula, not even chalky as there's not enough product pick up for them to be described as such.


Although I don't love all the shades in Flawless Matte 2, the ones I do compensate for the rest. I still think the palette is worth getting if you're looking for drugstore range shadows. The reds will stole your heart as well as purples and greys. The transitions shades are also lovely. What's missing are good light beige/off white shades. Yes you can easily blend out with the ones in the palette but if you're looking for pigmented light shades, you will be disappointed.
The shades (tested over MAC Painterly base) have lasted on my hooded eyelids for 9 hours and didn't lose on intensity so it's definitely a plus when it comes to a lasting power. They are easy to work with, blend out great and the shades I loved didn't disappear when blended.

The palette will soon be available online and stationary in Superdrug, but for now you can buy it directly from Makeup Revolution for a mere £8.00. BUY HERE.

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  1. What an absolute bargain - perfect for anybody starting out in make-up! xx

    Beautylymin| Bobbi Brown Define & Glow Palette Gift Set Giveaway

  2. The row of the red shades is the only one that catches my attention when looking at this palette. They're very pretty but look very similar to those from the Neutrals vs New-Trals palette which I have. Great review Dorota! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  3. I've never tried anything from Makeup Revolution but want to. While I don't think this palette is for me, some of the shadows are really pretty! Great review.

    Jenny Loves Beauty

    Jenny Loves Beauty

  4. I agree with you about the light shades, which is such a shame because the colours themselves are lovely. I love the red tones in this palette!


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