Monday, 9 May 2016


I popped my Chanel cherry when it comes to lipsticks and I can't say I regret it ! I chose to use up my Cohorted discount (-35%) and managed to get a lipstick for mere £16.90, which is what limited edition MAC lipsticks are. I chose a daytime shade as I wanted to not only treat myself to a bit of luxury, but also to use it more than once. As you probably already know I love mauve shades and this pink nude has a perfect amount of nude & mauve mixed in to create a beautiful daytime shade. Perfect for any skin tone. 

When it comes to shopping from Cohorted store I have very mixed feelings. Yes, the discount was amazing, but delivery took 7 days, maybe even more, which based on any other online store quota is a little long. I have enquired after day 5 and got an email back within 48 hours, so CS is ok and within industry standards. My lipstick came packaged well, but in a box that was a little too big for single lipstick purchase. So these are my little cons based on the experience of shopping with Cohorted store.

When it comes to the lipstick itself, I can't fault it. Beautiful, highly polished luxurious plastic with the Chanel logo at the bottom. You have to press on the logo for the lipstick to 'pop'. The lipstick bullet is pretty small and I expected it to be a little bigger based on the packaging itself. It looks very luxurious and will be a staple product on any vanity and in your makeup bag. It's so pretty I can't stop staring at it.

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in 34 La Raffinée is a velvet matte finish. It feels fairly comfortable on the lips and lasts up to 4 hours (with a snack and some drink). It is not the most lasting matte finish I tried, but it doesn't look too matte on the lip, not chalky at all. Application is beautiful, no dragging on the lips or a need for lip liner or lip brush to get to the contours of the lips. 

I absolutely love the shade, La Raffinée is a perfect nude, slightly darker, pink with mauve tones. It's your lips but better. It will work for daytime and to compliment any smokey eye look. I wore it in my last Emerald Glam eye look & it complimented it well. 

Would I buy any other shades? Probably not, unless they're on the same promo, as I truly don't think you need to spend £26 on any lipstick. Yes it feels luxurious and it's nice to treat yourself sometimes, but in my opinion MAC Matte finishes have a slightly  better formula to this one and last better on the lips, whilst being fairly comfortable to wear. I'm not saying I regret my purchase as I wanted to try the Allure Velvet range forever and treating myself to a bit of luxury from time to time is good for the soul of any beauty addict. It has quickly became my favourite go to shade, as I feel it looks amazing for daytime and compliments any makeup look. 

Have you tried any Chanel lipsticks? What are your thoughts? 

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