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Super pale? Ghost like? Can never match foundation, as the lightest shade is always two shades too dark? I may have found you a holy grail ! No it's not drugstore but no it won't break the bank either. Missha M Perfect Cover B.B Cream has a whooping 50ml of product and is available now on Beauty Bay (RPR £17.50). You can also find it on eBay where the price is simnifically reduced (around £8.00), but I'm an owner of a super sensitive face, so I'm vary of eBay makeup in general. 

I have seen many bloggers talk about this BB Cream as one for coverage, staying power and ability to  improve not only combination skin types, but also dry. I'm super dry, so high coverage scares me a little, as it just never looked good on me, setting over any dry patches and accentuating wrinkles. So many rave reviews have made me curious and I decided to find out on my own - is it truly a holy grail? I have been using it for a while now, so I'm ready to give you my verdict.

Let's start with packaging. Large red tube with a pump doses a perfect amount of foundation to cover the whole face. The pump works great and I never had any troubles with it. I love that we get 50 ml of a product which is a whooping 20ml extra from a standard size foundation making this baby really on drugstore price point. 

Formula is creamy and fairly thick. It's quite hydrating but I always remember of giving my face an extra spritz of Freedom Priming Water or MAC Fix+ for that extra level of moisture. I have tested the formula in all situations. On prepped skin alone, no primer, no powder it stayed well unto 6-7 hours with some shine coming through after few hours (which I welcome anyway). I found it settled a tiny bit around my mouth but it wasn't anything bad, few taps with your fingers and you're good. My favourite type of application is either a Beauty Blender or Oval Brush as they sheer out some of the coverage. The coverage is definitely a good medium, buildable to medium-full (I know shocking for a BB Cream). It feels more like a foundation than BB Cream to be perfectly honest. You can't apply it on a clean face, not if you have a dry skin like I do. I set it with a little powder if I'm in a rush and need to apply powder products afterwards, but If I have 10-15 mins to spare I leave it to fully set and apply bronzer, highlight and rest, no problems here. In fact if you have a dry skin, you really don't need to set this one. It will stay on nicely for good 8 hours. Having powdered it down it lasted on me bit longer. I am currently testing a Nivea Post Shave Balm as a primer and I can confirm, it works beautifully with it. I had it on for 14 hours, my face felt hydrated, but barely any shine coming through. My current favourite ! 

Shade is where I could write poems about this foundation. If you are a pale ghost with pink undertones, you know my struggle. No foundation ever matches - EVER ! Especially not on drugstore front. I have rarely found one, where I could wear it without bronzing up my neck and decollate. My issue is, my face is 1-2 shades darker (more pink, due to redness) than my neck so matching foundation is always a proper nightmare. Missha M Perfect Cover B.B Cream in Milky Beige 13 is perfect. PERFECT!!!! It has slightly ashy undertone to it so it works beautifully with my pink undertones. It's super light - it is my perfect shade ever!!! I plan on buying a shade up and mixing the two for summer to create my shade once I start to tan a little. Only a little - thank gd for SPF50 <3

Is it truly the best for dry skin? Yes and no. Yes I can make it work, as my skincare routine now works beautifully with my skin, so my face is always prepped to perfection, but on those hurried days where 5 minutes is all I have to leave the house I still go for my Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue, which doesn't offer coverage, but it works beautifully alone, in case my skincare routine was minimalist to only a moisturiser. 

Is it a HOLY GRAIL for palest of us all with pink undertones? Yes, yes it is. It's a perfect shade for me, which is truly shocking as I ordered it online. I am suer grateful to many bloggers who recommended it, as it's nice to finally find a product that matches me and doesn't break a bank :) With the summer approaching and truly sunny weather finally with us, it's nice to have a foundation with such high SPF. I wore it over my Eucerin Sun Block SPF50 and stayed outside all day in full sun - I didn't burn, not even a tiny bit. With it's formula I didn't sweat through it either. 

There are few cons to this product, as it's not truly very dry skin friendly, but if you have your skincare on point - it doesn't matter. I can forgive and forget, because for once in my life I don't have to whiten my foundation with whitening drops or white fluid. And for that alone, I will be singing praises for Missha M Perfect Cover B.B Cream in Milky Beige 13 :) What I have to suggest, as it's super creamy and due to it's formula it may feel as it's blocking your pores. Always use oil cleanser to remove this foundation. I have done a little research within the users of this BB Cream and everyone agrees, that only oil can fully break this product at the end of the day. My cleansing always starts with coconut oil, but there are others, less prone to reaction with problematic skin, oils to use. Use your favourite oil first to break down the product and then remove with micellar water. Continue to your 2nd step of your cleansing afterwards. It has never broke me out so far, but I've heard it can happen if it's not being removed correctly.  

Have you tried this product? I wonder how it worked for you, as foundation is such a personal choice.? Please remember that, if something works for me, it doesn't necessarily mean it will work for you. I can try to describe my skin type as to my best abilities, but some things are just very personal and foundation is that. 

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x


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