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I am a huge fan of Nikkie Tutorials. I love her makeup tutorials, her Snapchat, everything really! Her positivity and skills are inspiring. When I first heard about her collaboration with Too Faced, I knew I will be getting my hands on it and when it was finally unveiled, makeup world went crazy. The collection is just so Nikkie! 

"When life gives you lemons, punch it in the face and ask for GLITTER" 


The collection consists of the eyeshadow and face palette, a full size Sketch Marker in Black, deluxe mini of Shadow Insurance, deluxe mini of Better Than Sex mascara in exclusive shade Purple and a glitter pot in Glitterally. I think the collection represents Nikkie's style so well, as she's a huge fan and advocate of glamour eyes with a wing liner and lots and lots of sparkle. 

The Power of Makeup palette is a home to 9 shadows, 2 blushes, bronzer and highlighter. It's made of hardened cardboard in a pretty design. Shadows are 1.3g each, blushes are 2g each and bronzer and highlight weight 3g. It's light and slim, it makes for a perfect travelling companion. You can truly do your whole face makeup with it and the shades are so well thought out, you can create multiple looks with it. There's a little booklet, where Nikkie shows her favourite looks created with the palette and the other bits from the collection. I am super excited with the purple mascara and even wore it couple of times, once on the bare eyes to work and it's surprisingly wearable daytime shade. 

Shadows are super pigmented. It's really hard to describe how easily and beautifully they swatch. All the swatches you'll see below, are made with the usual 3 swipe swatch method, on no primer. Pigmentation is just insane. All shades are super buttery and soft to touch. There's 4 perfect mattes and 5 shimmers and shades range in different tones. It makes the palette so versatile! 

Ivy- off white matte, amazing pigmnetation & transfers to lid well
Sugar Coated - pale pink shimmer, great pigmentation, lovely all over shade or for inner corners
Frosted Yum - true silver shimmer, great pigmentation, beautiful all over or in the inner corners

Irresistible - pale yellow gold shimmer, great pigmentation, another stunner all over or highlight 
Painkiller - light warm camel matte, great pigmentation, great crease and transition shade
Makeup & Chill - deep warm brown matte, great pigmnetation, great to deepen the crease or outer corners

Mystic Hour - deep teal with shimmer frosted finish, great pigmentation stunning all over shade for a glamour eye 
Wham Bam - medium deep purple shimmer, great pigmentation, another gorgeous colour
Wanted - black matte, great pigmentation, great for outer corners or for liner.

Blushes were well thought out and again perfect companions to the palette. They are buttery and soft and nicely pigmented. They blend as a dream. 
There wouldn't be Nikkie Tutorials without a contour and highlight and two shades do not disappoint. Thanks to the bronzer the whole palette smells of mil chocolate, despite the fact, it's the only product infused with the scent. Both are buttery, pigmented and blend beautifully. Highlighter is on more subtle side, surprisingly so, as I expected it to be so much more in your face. If I had to find the fault with this collection, it would be the highlighter, which left me a little underwhelmed.

I Will Always Love You - bright medium coral with warm tones and a slight shimmer
Justify My Love - bright pink with satin finish

Chocolate Soleil - muted medium camel shade with slight warm tones. Surprisingly it actually suit me, but I use it more to warm up my complexion than for a usual contour.
Champagne Truffle - light champagne shade with some pink and white mixed in for a good measure. It will suit the palest of complexions so yay for me. It's very subtle so makes for good day to day highlight.

Add ons:

Too Faced Sketch Marker "You're so too faced" Liquid Art Eyeliner in Black creates the most stunning thin lines you can imagine, it dries to satin matte finish and it's long wearing. It takes a while to dry, so try to remember than when applying on your upper lid. The tip has a lot of flexibility so it makes it super easy to create a nice flick. 

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara in Purple is an exclusive shade of the bestseller mascara. I love the original and the purple is just so gorgeous. It would bring out the green eyes so beautifully. I would usually apply it on my bottom lashes but it also works well as a fun daytime shade if applied on upper lashes. It's not super vibrant but purple is definitely visible.

Too Faced Glamour Dust in Glitterally is a loose silver micro glitter that reflects pink, blue and gold in different lighting. Absolute stunner!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance is an another staple product from Too Faced and compliments the palette well. Eyeshadow primer is a must for a perfect eye makeup so I'm glad to see a mini here as well.

I have so much fun playing around with #Nikkie4TooFaced collection. I finally get to have that one palette I can take overnight with no need to pack 50 different face products. It's so travel friendly! Shades are so versatile and you can create lots of daytime and evening looks with it. IT's so well thought through! I'm super impressed with keeping the mattes simple, in your usual perfect shades from off white, through crease and deeper brown shades to black. Every palette should have these. It makes it wearable! I am also loving shimmers, I mean theres everything you need here: silver and gold and even two deep colour shades! What a stunner! Face powders are also great and really a pleasure to work with.They complete the palette perfectly. Included with the collection bits are so much fun and that's exactly what I expected from a product that Nikkie put her name across. It young and fun but also classic. Well done Too Faced. Congratulations Nikkie. I love it!

The Power Of Makeup by Nikkie Tutorials is currently sold out online but still available to purchase in Debenhams Oxford Street online on Too Faced website. BUY HERE for £48.00.

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  1. Chciałam ja mieć! :D, ale nie mogłam jej dostać online w UK, a z TF strony duże cło i przesyłka :(! Więc dałam sobie spokój! Ale widzę że piękna!widać, że Nikki postarala się! Xxx

    1. Wiecie co, ja ją chciałam w PL kupić, ale już zrezygnowałam, pogodziłam się z tym, że mało co do Polski dojdzie

    2. Jest dostępna tylko na stronie Too Faced niestety x

    3. no i właśnie do tego zmierzam, miało być dostępne w sephorach w całej europie a tu taki numer, Sephora polska nic nie wie o takim towarze, żeby miał niebawem wejsć - we francuskiej dopiero teraz jest jako nowość - i tak to ja się nie bawię

  2. Odcień Mystic Hour cudo! Ogólnie paleta ma całkiem ładne kolory :))

    1. Jest boski! Stworzyłam z nim taki mały look, który będzie na blogu w piątek! Zakochałam się w tym kolorze :)

  3. Śliczna jest ta paletka ! <3 Podoba mi się ta firma ze względu na opakowania ale sama od nich nic nie kupię :)

    1. Nie mam dużo produktów Too Faced ale ta paletka mnie zachwyciła. Uwielbiam Nikkie, więc po prostu musiałam ją mieć :)

  4. I love this. You can never have too much glitter.

  5. It's a very pretty looking palette but for someone like me who has many Too Faced palettes it doesn't bring anything new unfortunately, all the shades are in some other palettes :( x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. I agree, with your Collection this would be an easy miss. I only have one other TF Palette and I'm more impressed with this one, if I'' being honest. Maybe it's to do with the fact, I finally found that one Palette to take with me wherever I go with No need to pack separate face powders :)

  6. I do really like the look of this palette I have heard quite negative reviews on it. i.e the swatches are chalky and powdery even though your swatches look great. I love too faced they have to be my favourite brands I'm not sure about this palette though there are a few colours that I wouldn't use and If I were to buy it I would want to swatch it first and I think you can only order it online.


    1. I have read so many reviews and even had a chat with someone, how bad of an experience she had with her Palette. Maybe a bad batch? Palette first launched in US and only later came to UK which makes me wonder if by any chance the batches were different? I'm super happy with mine, despite the price as it'a a perfect travelling compagnion and I love all the shades x

  7. The swatches are beautiful - I'm in love with that purple & love how pigmented the black is. It's brilliant that there are blushes in there too. The only reason I didn't pounce on this when the release was announced is that it's very similar to the Vegas Ney palette that Too Faced released last year & I already own that!

    Great post! xx

    Beautylymin| Kat Von D Contour Palette & brush Giveaway

  8. Śliczna ta paletka :) Ja mam tej marki rozświetlacz i dwie miniatury, wszystkie produkty lubię :)


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