Wednesday 10 February 2016


Happy hump day ladies & gents <3 Today I'd like to share with you the eyeshadow palette must have. 32 matte shades in one fairly sized palette. One I think any enthusiast or professional MUA should have in their kit. Why? Because it's a crease shade heaven. Let me present you Makeup Revolution Flawless Matte :)

Today's going to be a little different, I will not be reviewing each shade - I'll leave the swatches to talk for themselves (and it scares me to even try to name them all lol). Packaging wise, you will find them locked in a decent size plastic palette. This isn't matte plastic (why oh why !!) but I was surprised at how reasonably 'small' this palette is. Makes it a perfect addition to your kit, be that for fun or professional use. As with any "Ultra" palettes from MUR, inside you'll find large mirror, which is super convenient for travel. 

What I really love about it? Mattes. Every self respected enthusiast knows how hard it is to get good crease shades. Yes you will get one or two decent ones in normal eyeshadow palettes but there's never a room to play too much. Here you are getting 32. They are well pigmented and of different tones, which makes it a true crease shade heaven. The formula is mainly semi matte, with two shades more chalky but the rest? Super soft, easy to blend and not disappearing while you at it. I must admit to using it daily. Think daytime makeup, think evening extravaganza - you have it all here. Any shade can be used on it's own or to blend others out. I still can't quite comprehend how is it priced at only £8??? 
Flawless Matte is also super versatile. There are so many brow shades in there to suit any skin tone. Column 3 shade Fawn is the one I use to fill on my brows. 

Let's have a look at the swatches now (swatched in columns top to bottom):

I really can't fault this palette. If there's one palette you need to try - be it Flawless Matte :)  Available here.

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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  1. It's really awesome! I can't find a decent matte palette and I was really surprised when I have seen it in your post! I don't know if it is available here, in Ukraine but I will look for it, it's amazing idea for everyday make up ever!

    1. It's an amazing palette and at the price - ty just get it Anna !! Total Must Have :)

  2. As much as I need matte shades with every eye look all matte palettes don't excite me at all, haha! But I agree that this MUR offering gives you any matte shades you need for your everyday makeup :) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. Dagmara you are breaking my matte lover heart !! Haha It's the one I would love to see coming from Zoeva - all matte palette :)

  3. oh yes, I love this palette, great for crease blending, so many colors to chose from and so affordable!!! Great, short post!!! XXX

    1. Thanks Iza :) Means a lot x

      I really like the versatility of this palette, I rarely use it on it's own, but to blend out my daily makeup :) Crease shades rock x


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