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Hello my lovelies ! Let me start today's post with little apologies for missing on my Friday's post. I had some family issues I was dealing with, therefore was unable to keep an eye on posting. I'm coming back refreshed after the weekend and with the new palette review :) I love Makeup Revolution Chocolate palettes. I currently own 4 ;) I love them for the quality of shadows and design, but Death by Chocolate was my first and still currently holds the top spot in my book. Could Salted Caramel change that? 


As per usual I am a big fan. I actually prefer MUR's design to the original Too Faced. Melted caramel chocolate packaging hides a great large mirror and 16 shades to feast your eyes on. It's made of good quality plastic. I really like it, even little better than Death by Chocolate as it's lighter in shade and easier to photograph haha.


I'm little disappointed that we don't get to enjoy MUR's double ended brush with their chocolate palettes, as I actually quite like it. Instead we get a standard sponge applicator, which I only ever use for swatching, or it lands in the bin. 16 shades are beautiful, two highlighter shades are as usual larger than rest - great work there Makeup Revolution :) 


Delicious* - matte, off white beige, good pigmentation
Tempt - matte black, good pigmentation
Heavenly - matte light muted pink taupe, good pigmentation (great crease shade)
Drizzle - matte, medium neutral brown, good pigmnetation  

Enjoy - matte dark neutral brown, good pigmentation
Choc - satin medium neutral brown, good pigmentation (identical to Drizzle, just different finish)
Cake - pink iridescent  with gold & pink micro glitter, ok pigmentation (very crumbly)
Perfect - matte light to medium neutral brown, good pigmnetation

Crunch - satin light navy blue, good pigmentation (such a gorgeous shade)
Sweet - matte warm camel brown, good pigmentation (great for the crease)
Fudge - satin medium brown with vintage gold running through, good pigmentation
Salted - medium to dark satin brown, cool toned, good pigmentation

Candy - light neutral matte brown, good pigmentation (great for the crease)
Caramel - medium satin gold, good pigmentation
Spoon - light rose gold copper  satin, good pigmentation
Yum!* - light champagne shimmer, good pigmentation 

*larger pan shades


All shades are very buttery and soft to touch, except for Cake which can be crumbly. Pigmentation is great and the palette comes with the whooping 8 matte shades. There are 3 typical crease shades which gives you a great choice when finishing you makeup. Darker mattes have typically slightly better pigmentation, but even lighter shades are very good. These are mainly semi mattes, as with any MUR products. Shimmers/satins are gorgeous. The last row hides the most beautiful rose gold/copper shade. It's very unique, I don't have others quite like that. I love the mattes in the palette mainly. It is the perfect all rounder to take anywhere with you. The amount of mattes and quality of shimmers, as well as different tones within the palette means, it's really versatile and you can create a number of daytime and evening looks. It has browns and black to deepen any look. Just brilliant. And can we talk a little about that blue ?? Just bloody gorgeous !! 

Delicious swatches lovely, but on the lid it sort of disappears. I am yet to find off white beige with MUR with an excellent pigmentation. I'm very pale, so unless shade like this one has an amazing pigment, it will disappear on me. I'm not keen on Cake, I don't really understand the finish. Lastly I would like the sponge applicator to be replaced with double ended brush like in Pro palettes.


I have never thought any palette would bring Death by Chocolate to its knees, but Salted Caramel did just that a little. I put them both on the joint first place in the Makeup Revolution palette department. Both offer bit different tones and shades making them a great travel choice. I must say, I am super impressed with Salted Caramel. I have reviewed both Naked Chocolate and Pink Fizz as well, so if you'd like to give it a quick read, just click on their names :)

What do you think ladies? I love Salted Caramel and can see myself using it a lot, especially for daily looks :) I will be playing with that blue shade too - don't ya worry lol. If you're interested you can buy it here or here, whatever your preference, for only £7.99.

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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  1. I agree that it's one of their best palettes, plenty of matte shades and beautiful shimmers. But of course it was inspired on the beautiful Too Faced palette :) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. I wanted to stay away from comparing them as I haven't got the Too Faced palette so didn't want to assume based on swatches :) But yes, it is just a gorgeous palette - any palette with so many mattes gets my vote :) and that blue shade - oh how I want to play :)

  2. Such a pretty palette and love the fact that it has quite a few matte shades.

    1. As I mentioned in the reply above, any palette with so many mattes gets my vote of approval. I'm a huge matte eyeshadow fanatic and it's great to see so many quality mattes in this palette too :) They blend like you wouldn't believe :)

  3. You're so right about all of the shades. I also don't understand Cake. It's just odd and it's a shame it's duplicated in Pink Fizz. I'm also a big fan of the double ended brushes! I thought about buying Iconic Pro 1 today just to get another one!

    1. The only way to use cake is to apply it heavily to your finger and add just a tiny amount of Inglot Duraline. Mix it and apply as pigment whenever you want (mid lid, inner corner) but what an odd shade it is lol - I think we need to make Adam put them brushes in to each palette from now on, should we do a petition or just annoy him on Instagram? Lol I am in love with this palette though - so many mattes gets my vote every time :) Plus that blue... I mean <3

  4. I love the Death my chocolate one. I really want to try this one and the White chocolate.. I'm of to make an order :) xx

    1. I can only recommend it :) Salted Caramel is great and versatile where as Naked Chocolate is lovely for daytime smokeys. I did a review on it before :)

  5. I'm definitely picking up one or two of these - this looks gorgeous! I've had my eyes on them a while, but I don't need more eyeshadows. But I feel like I have to have these ;)
    Jess | ♥

    1. This palette is the one to have :) so many gorgeous creamy mattes plus few outstanding shimmers !! Love it x x let me know how you get on, if you buy it :)

  6. This palette is stunning! We didn't get the MUR chocolate series in USA :(

    1. Add it to your list hun :) They're such great palettes :)


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