Monday 18 January 2016


I'm so excited about today's post, it's almost too much. I have dreamed to get my hands on Anastasia Beverly Hills for so long, but I've been waiting for the perfect product. I contemplated trying different things, but I finally made up my mind, when ABH announced the release of Self Made Palette. It hit all the boxes with me and I got it on the release date back in November. I apologise for such delay in getting this review to you, but I had to get Blogmas out of the way  first:) Here we go ladies and gents - Anastasia Beverly Hills under the radar, was it worth the wait? Stay with me to find out :)

" This limited edition, fashion forward eyeshadow kit is the ultimate makeup artist's palette. Fourteen shades - ranging from a neutral beige to galaxy black - deliver intense colour, so you can create an endless array of custom looks." 

Where to buy? 

I got mine at Cult Beauty, but it was also available at Beauty Bay. Unfortunately it is now sold out. Priced at £27.00. This was a limited edition palette, now unavailable. There are still few available here and there on both Ebay and Amazon but I would be very careful, as once they are overpriced plus you are running the possibility of getting a fake. 

Packaging/What's in the box.

Made of reinforced cardboard, coated with textured steel gray plastic like material, with silver plaque at the front with ABH logo. I really enjoy it, it looks professional and still quite light, making it perfect choice for travel. It comes with decent sized mirror of a medium quality. There's a double sided brush included, but it feels really cheap and bristles aren't too great either. It's not either soft or usable in my opinion. Palette closes with magnetic clasp. 14 shadows of different finishes ranging from matte, through satin, metallic and titanium (super glossy metallic), weight 0.65g per shade.


Most shadows are super soft to touch, buttery in texture. It makes them prone to little fallout in the palette itself, after watching and with the use of fluffy brush. It's a little disappointing given the brand, but it happens with any soft buttery shades in my opinion. Pigmentation is great with all shades. Swatches to follow. ABH shadows are cruelty free, which is a huge bonus.


Pink Champagne - rose gold, titanium finish - super pigmented.
Metallic Plum - medium to dark plum, metallic finish, great pigmentation.
Self-Made - bronze, satin finish, , great pigmentation, more powdery formula.
Witchy - grey with a hint of khaki, metallic finish, great pigmentation.

Blush - yellow beige, duo chrome pink finish, great pigmentation.
Blossom - pink, lilac metallic finish, great pigmentation.
Buttery - beige, matte finish, great pigmentation.

Deep Purple - purple, titanium finish, great pigmentation.
Treasure - light Champagne, metallic finish, great pigmentation.
Hot & Cold - brown, metallic finish, great pigmentation.
Sherbet - peach, satin finish, great pigmentation.

Isla - sea green, duo chrome gold finish, great pigmentation.
Spirit Rock - matte black, purple micro glitter running through, great pigmentation, glitter not visible on the lid.
Hot Chocolate - dark brown, matte finish, great pigmentation.


All shadows are super pigmented and only little fallout is experienced. I adore the individual shades with Pink Champagne, Buttery, Deep Purple, Treasure, Sherbet, Isla, Spirit Rock and Hot Chocolate being my definite winners of this palette. Packaged very well, great for travel. Great to creat both daytime and night looks. Pigmentation can be enhanced if white cream base used.  Wearable shadows with some superb colours in the mixture.


I find the brush to be of very poor quality and useless for professional makeup. Shadows are quite small and if used frequently, I can't see them lasting  very long. Only two matte shades are the biggest con in my opinion, but what I like about them is the possibility of mixing shades to create crease shade from Buttely and Hot Chocolate. Missing proper crease shade though.


I give this palette 4* out of 5, as in my opinion it's super wearable and by introducing some colour also very versatile. When looked at first time, you may think it's very strangely built, with the placement of the shadows being a little all over the place. I am being told it was a conscious decision. All shadows are to be treated as quads. And if looked at from that perspective you can see how perfect the shadow placement actually is. I really love how pigmented all shades are and the formula being super soft as well. Very well done to ABH team for creating this special palette.

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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  1. I love this palette, just planning to post a review about it this or next week. :) I'm surprised you don't like the brush, I really like both sides.

    1. Really? I find the bristles really cheap in the way they feel, also they're cut really poorly too and not too soft. Just expected more fromABH standards. I do love the palette though :) x Can't wait for your review :)

  2. I'm gutted that I missed out on this palette! I hesitated about buying it & by the time I decided to go for it, it was sold out! xx


    1. It's great, I really like it !! There's something there for everyone x x

  3. Glad you like it :) I need to dig it out and start using it again, it is a beautiful selection of shades! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. I really do. The purple and light green shades are so gorgeous. Two mattes are a bit of disappointment when it comes to quantity as quality is very good :) Can't wait to show world some looks made with it :)

  4. I really wanted ro get my hands on this palette, so gutted I missed out! xx

    1. It's amazing :) Love it !! My first ABH and won't be my last :)

  5. You can't go wrong with Anastasia! This palette is just too gorgeous! The shades are beautiful and the eyeshadows look so pigmented and creamy. Great buy! Have a great day! xx

    Ale |

    1. It truly is :) Won't be my last ABH purchase that's for sure :)

  6. I've never tried any ABH palettes but I've been very tempted by this one. Glad to hear you're liking it!

    1. It's gorgeous, so many possibilities with it :) daytime look coming Friday :) and a bit of colour playtime look was up on my Insta yesterday :)


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