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Welcome to the first palette review of 2016 and what better to start this year off than new palette from the brainiacs behind Makeup Revolution? Pink Fizz is the 4th in the series of MUR's Chocolate series, but isn't a dupe for any product on the market. Yes, yes Too Faced Bon Bon is also pink but the two of them have no major similarities between them. So if you're interested in what I think, please read on :)


As with any of the series, Pink Fizz comes together in the pink shell of melted chocolate design. Inside you will find a large mirror. Plastic is sturdy and feels heavy, making it more professional looking than any other "basic" MUR designs. However it does remind me of toy makeup, but that's mainly because of baby pink colour of the palette.


Mattes are little chalkier than the shimmer shades, you only find three in the whole palette. The light ones (Champers & Drink) are lacking in pigmentation and it's hard to even swatch them. I have a very pale skin so it adds on to my inability to swatch them so colour will show. The dark, chocolate brown (Pop) swatches much more easily and pigmentation is great, it's also more buttery than others.

Shimmers are softer to touch, pigmentation on most shades is great and they swatch beautifully. Colours are intense, some come with micro glitter. There's also Rosy, iridescent shade that's purely pink glitter and this swatches very weak. It is, however, completely different type of shadow so it's hard to judge, should it be this way. France is a duo-chrome, mainly black matte with purple shimmer running through, it looks very promising when swatched. 


You will find couple of warmer toned shades, but the palette is mainly cool toned and light. Thanks to Pop, Truffle & France you can still create evening looks but I see this palette as a daytime favourite. If you're a fan of shimmers - this one is definitely for you :). It's a shame it's lacking in mattes as except for Drink, there's not much out there to transition with and the shade lacks in pigmentation as well.


Champers - matte champagne shade with pink undertones. Weak pigmentation.
Drink - matte light beige with peachy undertones. Weak pigmentation.
Flute - shimmer medium champagne shade. Great pigmentation.
Sparkling - shimmer cool pink with silver shimmer running through. Great pigmentation.

From left: Champers, Drink, Flute, Sparkling
Toast - satin peachy coral. Good pigmentation.
Bubbles - white silver shimmer. Great pigmentation.
Girl - medium pink/brown with silver shimmer. Great pigmentation.
Party - light gold copper satin. Great pigmentation.

From left: Toast, Bubbles, Girl, Party
Elegant - shimmer medium copper (slightly cooler in tone than Party). Great pigmentation.
Celebrate - shimmer silver grey. Great pigmentation.
Truffle - medium cool toned brown with micro glitter
Rosy - iridescent pink glitter. Pigmentation hard to describe.

From left: Elegant, Celebrate, Truffle, Rosy
Cork - medium/dark satin brown, cool tone. Great pigmentation.
Pop - chocolate brown, matte. Great pigmentation.
France - duo-chrome, matte with purple shimmer running through. Good pigmentation. Hard to work with to pack colour.
Pink Fizz - pink champagne shimmer. Good pigmentation.

From left: Cork, Pop, France, Pink Fizz

If you're looking for a new daytime palette and you're fond of shimmers, Pink Fizz is the one for you. For me it's lacking a little in mattes department. Having no light/medium mattes that are nicely pigmented is a big con in my opinion. However shimmers and satins are just gorgeous. Shades are very on point, with pinks and coppers being so in right now. This palette will suit anyone really, there are shades here to compliment any eye colour. If you're looking for warm toned palette, this one isn't it. I like some shades more than others. I love Bubbles and Sparkling for the inner corner and Pop is definitely a gorgeous chocolate matte. I'm intrigued by the beautiful silver Celebrate as well. Rest of the shades are something I've already seen before, some are heavily inspired by Naked 3 again. I think this is my least likeable of the chocolate palette offerings, but I still enjoyed using it, as most shadows are of really good quality. So far Death by Chocolate does not need to surrender the crown of my favourites MUR palettes of all time :)

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below :)

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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