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Can we all take a moment to appreciate British spring/summer this year? So far so good, right? With all international travel out of the window, at least we can enjoy some sunshine at home. You won’t see me complaining but... Summer heat comes with its own skincare issues that need addressing. Here’s why I swap my rich creams and potions for gel moisturisers in summer.

Summer vs skincare

I am used to slathering all the richest formulas on my face. I love the feeling of an over-oily face in the evening okay? But summer heat makes me change my ways. I opt for lighter but still ultra-hydrating formulas like gel moisturisers to keep my skin happy. The difference between a gel moisturiser versus a rich cream is pretty simple. Gel moisturisers are more water-based and offer a non-greasy finish. Usually associated with oily skin, it makes for a perfect explanation. In summer we find ourselves more oily naturally. The heat and humidity can increase sebum production which is why even dry skin can find itself feeling a bit more normal to combo. Oily skin requires more balancing than dry skin, and gel moisturiser aims to offer that a lot more easily than heavy and rich creams. Plus they often feel a lot more refreshing so you are more likely to re-apply and re-introduce much-needed hydration throughout the day. Don’t forget we also tend to become more dehydrated easier as we sweat more in the heat so re-adding moisture throughout the day becomes necessary. If you can’t re-apply moisturiser, a good hydrating mist can be a blessing. Check out my post here on my favourite mists to find your new fave!

Okay, so no oils?

Probably the biggest myth in treating oily skin is that you shouldn’t use oils. What a load of ... <enter an appropriate wording here, go on, whatever floats your boat>. It’s not only false but also quite derogatory to a well-balanced skincare routine for oily skin. In fact, by introducing oils, you allow your skin not to overdo it with its own oil production from sebaceous glands. Gel moisturiser formulas often use oils but don't be afraid as a silky gel texture is such a treat to a parched skin in need of hydration and cooling down.


My ideal gel moisturiser combines powerful emollients and humectants to drench my skin in all the hydration that it needs. The gel should be almost bouncy and silk-like. And macro shots of gel moisturisers - don’t they just look so juicy? And that’s it: I want my moisturiser to feel juicy when applied, I want it to feel like a splash of water, refreshing and cooling. And nothing gives me pleasure than applying formulas straight from the fridge on a humid and hot summer morning and/or evening. A dream come true.

Gel moisturisers for all pockets

The Inkey List Snow Mushroom** | £9.99 for 30ml | has a beautifully light texture that feels lovely when applied. Snow Mushroom acts in a similar manner to Hyaluronic acid by drawing moisture to the skin and can hold up to 5000x its weight than water. It’s a fabulous and affordable formula that can truly transform your skin in summer and won’t break the bank. Check out my post on it here.

Get yours: Boots, Cult Beauty, Feel Unique and Look Fantastic.

Pixi pHenomenal Gel* | £24 for 50 ml | is another fan favourite and one of my finds last year. A beautiful gel-like formula sinks in easily and leaves the parched skin hydrated and glowing. Marketed as balancing and pH stabilising moisturiser, its aim is to re-balance the skin’s pH after pH lowering acids, but trust me when I say this, it’s my go-to in summer, acids or no acids. It’s so soothing and hydrating it’ll also work for post-sun skin recovery. 

Get yours: BootsLook Fantastic, Marks & Spencer and Pixi Beauty

Klairs Fundamental Water Gel Cream* | £30 for 70ml | is a new discovery to me and one I appreciated from the first use. Based mainly on Jeju Green Tea Water (over 63%) it hydrates whilst helping to prevent moisture loss in the skin, oh so important when caring for skin’s natural barrier. It feels cooling and calming on the skin and the feeling stays with you all day and not only temporarily. I really love this formula already.

Get yours on Tonic15. Code: BDQBLOG for -10% off - affiliate

Kate Somerville Wrinkle Warrior Hydration Gel | $80 for 50ml | not available in the UK, straight from across the pond, this gel moisturiser delivers instant hydration while plumping out the lines and wrinkles thanks to deeply hydrating 3 sizes of Hyaluronic acid, line-plumping Sichuan Pepper extract and a blend of amino acids and copper directly responsible for improving firmness. I am yet to properly test it out but the texture feels super lush, so I look forward to a full review of this soon. In the UK you may want to reach for Wrinkle Warrior 2in1 Serum/Moisturiser which is widely available, or if you’re lucky you can still grab the hydration gel in your local TKMaxx!

Get yours: Kate Somerville US

Final thoughts

You really don’t need to spend a lot on a quality moisturiser. Don’t forget a moisturiser is a final step, a seal in your routine, so choose one that works for your skin type, but leave the fixing to more potent serums. Your gel moisturiser should act as a barrier - protective film shielding you from wind, sun and humidity on summer days. And if gel moisturiser isn’t enough, go back to your richer textures or top it up with a bit of oil. I personally like to mix a few drops with my moisturiser if I’m feeling overly dry. Just apply it before sunscreen in the morning and you’re good to go!

Do you swap for lighter skincare formulas in the summer? What’re your faves? Please let me know in the comments as I’m always up for discovering lush skincare newness!

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