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Imagine finding a product that will single-handedly, as if by magic, rid your skin of dehydration. Too good to be true? I thoughts so too, until I’m From Fig Boosting Essence came to be. Let’s dive in, shall we?

About I’m From Cosmetics

"Nature as it is. It's I'm From."

Three promises:

  • Ingredient transparency,
  • Honest materials,
  • No harmful additives.

I like a good brand ethos. In life, both work and personal I operate on emotions and if I believe in something, I’ll be there shouting about it from the rooftops. A strong brand ethos is important to allow me to connect emotionally with what the brand’s trying to achieve. It allows me to form opinions above simply testing a product, or talking about ingredients. Simple branding of I’m From appealed to me long before I tried their products. I was a fan already but it wasn’t until I received a tiny sample of I’m From Mugwort Essence when I stopped and thought to myself: why is nobody talking about this more?

I’m From Fig - THE skincare launch of 2020

It’s strong wording for me, I know, but when I looked through the press release for I’m From Fig range, I knew I was in. I was already on a journey to discover more gentle ways of handling my skin as the years of over-exfoliation started taking its toll so I needed calming and ultra- hydrating formulas ASAP and when I’m From Fig launched on Tonic15, I was first in line.

I’m From Fig Boosting Essence

What attracted me originally was a new to me antioxidant Fig extract and polyphenol, a combo of amino-acids and NMF peptide, deeply moisturising glycerin and finally salicylic acid hybrid. The latter figures last on the short ingredients list, so exfoliation doesn’t claim to be the benefit here, but rather a well roundup list of actives ready to transform your skin. And that it did.

Nitty-gritty stuff

The fig extract base at almost 63% concentration with chemical structure that allows it to deeply penetrate the skin, feels like I was injecting it with hydration. It’s a potent humectant (moisturiser) that helps skin cling onto water. Boosting properties of the formula help with absorption of other products. As it attracts moisture it boosts results of other skincare used in conjunction with Fig Boosting Essence.

In the formula you’ll also find skin identical ingredients such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid (here sodium hyaluronate) also powerful humectants that work alongside fig extract for pretty incredible and almost instant results.

Now onto the fun stuff. The easiest way to describe NMF, aka natural moisturising factors & peptides effect on skin is to think of them as looking after the first line of defence. NMFs are responsible for hydration in the top layer of skin and topical application helps reinforce it, while peptides generally speaking guide your skin into ‘acting young’ with increased collagen production that helps speed up the cell renewal. In simple terms: fake it till you make it - skin edition.

And let’s not forget about soybean extract, which acts as emollient making skin feel smooth and soft. It’s also an antioxidant protecting skin from environmental stressors and to some extend able to reverse damage already done. The extract also works as a brightening agent, alongside betaine salicylate. Soybean is also very soothing and I must say that you can feel it from the first application, thanks to the combination of other calming ingredients such as panthenol, and allantoin. My skin is able to calm a lot quicker when treated to a few layers of Fig Boosting Essence.

Lastly, though there’s plenty more skin-loving goodness I spare you taking about seeing as this post will probably be a lengthy one anyway, I wanted to quickly touch on betaine salicylate. A fascinating and gentle combination of two very powerful ingredients: hydrating betaine and anti-microbial and exfoliating salicylic acid, here acting as a gentle exfoliator and also a moisturiser. Fun fact: this unusual ingredient is often found in South Korean skincare due to regulations surrounding the percentages of BHA’s allowed to be used in the formulations. Don’t expect a full power of 2% salicylic acid, but instead rather gentle buffering making your skin soft to touch.

There’s more of course, but for the sake of some of you somehow still reading, I’ll just include the full ingredients list below:

INCI: Ficus Carica (Fig) Fruit Extract, Dipropylene Glycol, Glycerin, Propanediol, 1,2-Hexanediol, Water, Pentylene Glycol, Polyglyceryl-10 Laurate, Chlorella Vulgaris Extract, Glucose, Panthenol, Butylene Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Diphenyl Dimethicone, Fructooligosaccharides, Fructose, Triethylhexanoin, Sodium Hyaluronate, Xanthan Gum, Disodium EDTA, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Seed Extract, Allantoin, Betaine Salicylate, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Octanediol, Tocopherol

But how do I feel about it?

When it comes to new skincare, I like to quickly browse through the INCI just to see if there’s nothing in there that can potentially irritate my skin or for any known allergens. I don't study it too much, but rather take it in, as I use it for the first time and then continue to use it for a few weeks to form my opinion based on how my skin is feeling as opposed to preconceptions that come from studying the INCI for too long. The true research comes after so I can associate my own findings with what I feel is responsible for it. 

From the first use I’m From Fig Boosting Essence felt different, richer somehow and more luxurious. I can’t find words to describe how silky and ultimately hydrating it feels from the moment you apply it that very first time. My skin drinks it up instantly! Similar texture can be found in Omorovicza Omoressence - another beautiful formula, but not quite as lovely as I’m From Fig, which is also half the price!

I’m From Fig can be used on its own, after cleansing and before moisturiser and/or oil and with only a couple of layers, you may be able to skip serum. If keeping your routine short and sweet is your thing, this one-step hydration boosting powerhouse is worth looking into. Unless you’re allergic to awesome, that is *wink wink*.  I tend to use it before serum, as an additional layer of moisture or layer it a few times, in line with the 7-step method. I used it both AM and PM continuously but now I prefer to use it at night unless I’m feeling very dry in the morning.

It helped ease up increased sensitivity, as well as sorted my dehydration issues. It’s been a dream to use and for that, it gets 5* from me. Exquisite formula with only a hint of naturally sweet fragrance makes my skincare ritual quite special. I’d recommend it to anyone struggling with dryness, dehydration and sensitivity. Probably more suited to dry to combination skin, although what’s not to say that oily skin won’t enjoy the experience seeing there’s nothing in the ingredients list that suggests the formula may be a too much for oily types. Glowing skin just got easier!

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Black Lives Matter

Shopping with Tonic15 just got a whole lot better as 10% of profits will be donated to 2 fantastic UK charities supporting BLM movement: Coders of Colour and Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust.

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