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Have you been using acids for years and starting to pay the piper? Over exfoliation is a thing even if I dismissed it not so long ago. I didn’t want to give up on acids, but I needed a product that does what it says on the box without compromising my skin’s barrier even more. Here’s what happened when I used Deviant Gentle Resurfacing Liquid for 6 months.

About Deviant Skincare

The brand's mission is to deviate from the norms of beauty marketing with respect to being age and gender-targeted and trend-driven. A refreshing concept in 2020 when others continue to bombard us with new super-ingredients, formulas and the next best thing every other day. Deviant Skincare caters to all with powerful and well-researched ingredients that have been proven to work. Simple, effective formulas housed in environmentally conscious packaging. Luxury on a mid-range price tag.

Types of acids used in skincare

Acid formulas in skincare combine the powers of Hydroxy acids. The buzz names you hear about are:

AHA - Alpha Hydroxy Acids, like Mandelic, Lactic and Glycolic acids to name a few are water-soluble and are known to improve hydration, exfoliate the top layer of skin, help with cell turnover and improve overall tone and texture. It only works on the top layer and its the ability to improve skin’s hydration making it fantastic for all skin types, but especially dry and ageing. A nice medium that’s home user-friendly is having your AHA products with pH above 3 and below 4. Some professional treatments offer much lower and more effective pH but they shouldn’t be used by non-professionals due to potentially serious side effects.

BHA - Beta Hydroxy Acids, like Salicylic Acid, is oil soluble and penetrates deeper into the skin which gives it the ability to cleanse pores from within. It’s also comedolytic meaning it’s prevents clogging pores as well making it so suitable for oily and problematic skin types. The ideal pH of any BHA product should be kept between 3-4 as it quickly loses effectiveness once it goes past pH 4, not as quickly as AHAs though.

PHA - Polyhydroxy Acids are very similar in benefits to AHA but tend to sit slightly higher on molecule size scale meaning they penetrate slower making them an ideal choice for sensitive skin. As AHA’s they exfoliate the top layer of skin which aims to boost other skincare ability to penetrate. They are known to fight a process of glycation (digested sugar which attaches itself to the collagen and weakens it).

Deviant Gentle Resurfacing Liquid

Science: pH 3.5; 8.2% blend of AHA, BHA and PHA.

Now that we have basic chemistry and biology lessons out of the way, let’s chat the toner itself. The liquid exfoliator has been designed for those struggling with using acids and experiencing irritation. The formula boasts a unique combination of pretty much every single AHA (Mandelic, Lactic, Glycolic, Malic and Citric), as well as BHA (Salicylic Acid) and PHA (Gluconolactone). It stimulates cell renewal to improve the overall appearance of the skin. Be that improving tone, plumping out fine lines, deep-pore cleansing, pores tightening as well as helping with post-acne scarring, discolouration and hyperpigmentation.

It does it well sure, but so do a lot of toners available on the market. What’s unique is how gentle it is on the skin despite a rather large mix of acids. If you’re not sensitive you could probably use it every day. Having said that, take it from a reformed over-exfoliating Queen: you really don’t need to! I tend to stick to 1-2 a week, 3 if I feel like my skin needs a little extra. It can do that because of all the carefully chosen soothing and calming ingredients, such as anti-inflammatory extracts of green and white tea high in polyphenols, skin-soothing Licorice root, ultra-hydrating Mushroom extracts, redness-reducing Gotu Kola, as well as oxidative stress-reducing Horse Chestnut and Ginko Biloba to offset any potential irritation.

How to use it

I use it on lint-free thin sheets to avoid any waste (also very soft and gentle on the skin). Using roughly 5-6 drops, I gently wipe it across my face concentrating on t-zone first. I want the product concentration there as I’m generally more oily there, and use the remainder of the product on my super dry and very sensitive cheeks. Top tip: allow your acids to work. I recently adopted the 2-minute method straight from Dr Dennis Gross rulebook and it seems to work for me with other exfoliants too. The idea is to allow actives to work and then neutralise skin’s pH which stands at healthy 5.5 with the rest of the skincare. I love a good mist first, then follow with the rest of my routine, hydration-boosting of course. I tend to use it in the morning, and always follow with SPF. Acids are notorious for making skin more prone to sun sensitivity so wearing broad sun protection is a must if you use it in a morning or at night.

The final verdict

A road to gentle skincare routine hasn’t been easy and I experienced a few bumps along the way but if there’s one thing I’ve done well, it’s introducing Deviant Gentle Resurfacing Liquid into my routine. Using it a few times a week works well for me. It keeps my skin soft, texture free and my pores refined and less congested. I also noted no irritation, and the toner seems to be working well in my routine with other ingredients and products.

I adore the packaging, a heavy black glass doesn’t only look stunning but is designed to protect the formula within. Environmentally friendly: it’s also easy to recycle. With the amount of product I use, the bottle which houses 100ml will last me for a really long time too, making the £34 spent a little less painful to swallow. Good tip: wait for the next promo. They don’t come up a lot but I got mine at Black Friday promo with 20% off, and I plan on stocking up next time it comes up!

I couldn’t be happier with Deviant Skincare Gentle Resurfacing Liquid if I tried and it has replaced most exfoliants in my stash. I only use this and occasionally my Dr Dennis Gross peels because I love a treat every so often. It gets a high appraisal from me, not only because of its unique formula but also for what brands stand for. It’s important to support small independent brands, that focus on delivering high-quality products and not coming out with a new one every week.

Buy yours here for £34.

Or grab it in sale -20% off on Tonic15 here with code DEVIANTSALE 

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