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I never believed in 1-product nighttime routine until I met Image Ageless Total Overnight Retinol Masque* by Image Skincare. Now, almost 4 weeks in, I’m finally ready to share my thoughts. Grab a cuppa, sit comfortably and let’s chat!

About Image Skincare

I’ve been working closely with Image for a while now, found many true gems in their range and really enjoyed the no-bullshit brand ethos and formulas based on extensive research and results. The packaging may not be millennial pink, but all packaging is created to protect the formula within. It’s not about fear-mongering but rather using natural chemical compounds that are thoroughly tested to perform the best for your skin. I’ve had a pleasure of meeting with Image and discovering the products and passion behind each launch, which is so satisfying to a skincare enthusiast. So if you haven’t heard of them yet, it’s time to put some research hours in. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Image Ageless range

Image Skincare has a few ranges of products that highlight specific skin conditions with ingredients that work tirelessly to keep your skin happy. Ageless is simply a range focusing on preventing premature ageing as well as protecting skin from environmental stressors and even reversing changes that already happened. As an almost 35 years young woman, it’s extremely important to me to introduce products that work with me and my routine and give me results, especially when the price tag is more on a luxury side of things. The range currently consists of 7 products:

Cleanser: Total Facial Cleanser

Serums: Total Pure Hyaluronic Filler and Total Anti-Aging Serum

Masks: Total Resurfacing Masque and Total Overnight Retinol Masque

Eye Cream: Total Eye Lift Crème

Moisturiser: Total Repair Crème

You can truly build your whole routine around it, or you can pick and choose and mix with other ranges, such as Vital C, Ormedic, Clear Cell, The Max, Iluma, Prevention+, I Mask and many more.

Check out the whole range here.

About Ageless Total Overnight Retinol Masque

The active formula is housed in a plastic, airless jar that dispenses the product without worry of contamination and exposing it to air. Image suggests applying a thick layer to a cleansed skin and rinsing off overnight, so for that, I would need 4-5 pumps of the product personally but I am known for overusing when it comes to the amount of product needed. If you use it as an evening moisturiser and last step in your routine I think 1 pump for face and 2 pumps for neck and décolletage is enough, but if I’m using it as an overnight mask and only step in my routine after cleansing, I would go in with 2 on the face and 3 on the rest. The formula isn’t too rich and should work nicely on all skin types with a special focus on ageing, loss of elasticity and firmness and hyperpigmentation.

About the ingredients

The formula of Image Total Overnight Retinol Masque* is boosting with active ingredients designed to deliver marine collagen into the skin and speed up the process of cell renewal thanks to some absolute gems:

  • Retinol - most well researched and tested anti-ageing ingredient is well rounded in the formula. I’ve noticed no side effects such as dryness and skin peeling when using the mask once to twice a week over a period of 4 weeks, which is a huge plus. Here kept at 3% concentration and supported by lipid spheres allowing its slow release and actively preventing irritation.
  • Marine Collagen - primarily type I Collagen, which has been researched to be most effective and here delivered to upper layers of the skin through microspheres allowing it to penetrate better and faster. Its aim is to boost the natural production of collagen effectively plumping skin.
  • Citrus (Medica limonum leaf cell) extract - aims to revive tired-looking completion.
  • Plantago Lanceolata Leaf Extract - a to-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, am an excellent source of salicylic acids responsible for gentle exfoliation, as well as having calming and soothing properties.
  • Palmitoyl tripeptide-5 - a signal peptide responsible for communicating with different parts of our skin and effectively boosting collagen production by altering how skin functions. It’s a relatively new concept in skincare but studies show promising results around signal peptides and it‘s effects on ageing skin.
  • Tamarindus Indica Seed Polysaccharide - aims to effectively hydrate and moisturise the skin and inhibit processes leading to trans epidermal water loss (or TEWL). Sourced from South-East Asia region born Tamarind tree, it’s widely recognised for its plumping and firming properties.

My experience using Ageless Overnight Retinol Masque - (almost) 2 months later

I’ve introduced the mask slowly, first using it once a week for a couple of weeks, then increasing to 2 and finally 3 times a week. As with any other decent percentages of retinol treatments, it’s best to start slow and increase the use over time. Please also ensure you have a sufficient SPF routine in place and only use it at night. It’s meant to be washed off in the morning too, so that’s an important morning cleanse you may not want to miss.

It’s difficult to say if firmness and elasticity increased by the claims of 30%, but I find the mask to be plumping and hydrating at the same time. While I would still use a hydrating toner or essence or serum before, I also tested it on its own to good results. I feel this is a fabulous easy evening routine, on days when you’re feeling like you simply CBA with a lengthy regimen. My skin feels plumped and radiant the next morning and I have noticed that the forehead lines have minimalists over time of using it a couple of times a week. I don’t feel that I need to use it more than that, and it’s important not to overuse retinol formulas. Having said that, the studies suggest that with retinol that can’t simply be purchased over the counter so you can experiment quite safely yourself. Less is more and moderation is a key, should always be a motto when using actives, so listen to your skin and adjust accordingly.

Personally, whilst it rarely happens but when it does, I quite enjoy the experience of a 1-step routine. It saves me a lot of time, and the mask provides me with all nourishment my skin needs on a normal day. If I’m feeling a bit dry or sensitised I’d use a hydrating are prior but allow it to sink in, as it’s best to apply retinol to dry skin.

I can’t say I have experienced any side effects when using the mask, but find that the best results can be achieved when using it every 3-4 nights. My skin is quite plump and youthful still, but you can certainly see the effects when you stop using it. The effects itself aren’t mind-blowing per se, but then I took notice when I stopped using it for a week, so it’s one of those if you know what I mean. You may not see anything spectacular at first but you and your skin will miss it dearly when it’s gone. 

To sum up, Image Skincare Ageless Total Overnight Retinol Masque* contains plumping and water loss preventing ingredients aimed at sorting out your skin needs in 1-step. It’s important to note that any potentially irritating ingredients have been buffered with soothing, calming and hydrating stuff to enhance your experience and show results in mere weeks. I would recommend sticking to it for at least 8-12 weeks and then taking a week or so break to really appreciate all that it does at keeping your skin happy, healthy and youthful.

Image Skincare Ageless Total Overnight Retinol Masque | RPR £85 for 48g | available here if you’d like to check it out.

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