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Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered

Ah, Huda Kattan, the queen of makeup and internet drama made another dramatic entry to her collection by re-releasing her cult first palette. Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered* is a thing of beauty, with stunning shades, updated formula and new packaging. But is it worth spending your hard earned money on? This blogger investigates.

I was so lucky to have received the luxury Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered* as part of Cult Beauty’s 10th birthday influencer box and I must admit I squealed with joy! The updated packaging mirrors that of her Desert Dusk palette - review here - and features stunning imagery with colour reminiscing on what’s hidden inside. The gallery of warm tones with three finishes: matte, foil and duo-chrome should have any warm tone & metallic formula fanatic scream in joy. There’s so much choice here! It wins with the incredible black with a dry/wet formula that can truly transform the look! Swatches are pretty but don’t do it justice, that’s for sure.

Where it wins is the application. All matte shades transfer to the lid with ease and you only need to touch the shade with your brush to get enough pigment to get your blending on! They are a joy to blend, truly incredible and I find myself reaching for them often. It’s the ‘neutral’ palette I took with me on holiday and also a star palette I grab each time I do a makeup on someone! The foils are better used with the fingers although you can work with a brush too. If you go with dry application, the shades are much sheerer but they come to life a little when you spritz the brush with a setting spray! I simply don’t see how are the foils/metallics promoted to use with brushes, as simply they are not. Use your finger, save your sanity, your time and lastly product. 

When I think of Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered*, I think of the ease of application of mattes. The ease of blending makes it quite unique when compared to the pigmentation. And believe me, when I say it, these are pigments and not simply eyeshadows! That pink will stay with you longer than one wishes to let me tell ya! To avoid issues as such use a primer and set it well with white/beige eyeshadow. Applying it this way ensures no discolouration when you try to remove it! 

Now let's tackle the big question: do you need it if you already own a Rose Gold palette? I don’t own it but I had been privy to playing with it some time ago and my observations were mixed. Yes, it was an incredible palette at that point in time. The attempts at creamy foils were excellent but Remastered simply does it a little better. I also noticed some shades changed/got removed/replaced. Does that constitute buying it? Perhaps not, as you can easily create similar looks with both but if you’re a palette addict like yours truly, perhaps you need it after all. Packaging wise, I feel like I liked the look of the old one better. There’s something so simple with the clear lid, perfect for travel and any pro makeup work. 

Going back to Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered*, there are few other flaws I noted. There’s a little kickback to some shades in the palette. Nothing major and with proper use, there’s barely any fallout. I’d still go with eyes first as some fallout is experienced and due to pigmentation of the formula, not as easily dusted off. Second flaw and perhaps most important is the price. Is any palette really worth £56??? Maybe not but judging by creme de la creme of eyeshadows available these days, it can get pricey. Charlotte Tilbury, Anastasia Beverly Hills or ever so expensive Natasha Denona, Viseart or Path McGrath. Thankfully with all mentioned, including Rose Gold Remastered, you pay for quality and not the hype in my opinion! 

Shimmers from left: Dubai, Fling, Trust Fund, Rose Gold, Pink Diamond, 24k,  Blessed, Moon Dust, Bubbly (unedited)

Mattes from left: Risk, Doll Face, Demure, Sandalwood, Henna, Maneater, Coco, Suede, Black Truffle (unedited)

Let’s chat shades now, shall we? Dubai is an interesting choice for the first shade in the palette with it being golden olive shimmer. Usually, you expect something a lot lighter and matte but who am I to judge! The whole top row are shimmery foils and probably the most eye-catching! Next, you’ll find Fling a deep coppery red with some pink to it. Trust Fund is that one shade any warm tone enthusiast will swatch almost instantly, the perfect shade of copper metallic, can’t go wrong here! Rose Gold is a little darker than I’m used to and full of deeper pink while Pink Diamond does it for me in ways some don’t. It’s little plum-like, warm with a lot of microscopic glitters. 24k is true gold, little darker and almost vintage looking, perfect to top off any bronzed look. 

The second row starts with Risque, a deep pink berry matte, it applies a lot better to the lid than it swatches! Doll Face is darker Barbie pink matte, so out there yet easily combined with others. A little goes a long way! Demure is softer, my favourite every day camel peach matte as it combines the traits of both shades. Great in the crease & easily blended. Back to shimmers, Blessed is vintage gold done very well. It’s coppery and dirty and cooler - stunning! Moon Dust is a fave too, light to medium champagne peach with soft golden shimmer. Bubbly goes on stunning on its own, with its soft peachy bronze finish. 

The third row starts with Black Truffle aka THE BLACK. Not true black when dry it transforms into deep black when applied wet. I use Suede a lot, again in the crease and to re-shape the eye, it’s a cooler camel shade with some taupe mixed in for good measure. Coco is a joy and I use it fondly, it’s the warmest dark brown you can think off which transforms well to the lid but also blends like a dream. And of course the Maneater, dark rich red matte is perfect to blend out Coco or even use on your own if you dare. Henna is a shade in between Suede and Coco as if both were mixed together 50/50. It’s rich and warm medium dark camel. Sandalwood is lighter than Henna with less red mixed in, it’s what I imagine true camel with a bit of orange to be. 

Despite mixed reviews, I really enjoy Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered*. The shimmer foils are a little hard work, I agree and you can’t be as precise with your finger but there’s always a wet application if you need precision. I haven’t found there to be ‘dents’ in my pans rather that’s the side effect of the almost wet formula of the shadows where they were pressed. Mattes are interesting and easy to play with. If you’re into your mattes you’d appreciate the way you can work with them! All and all, it’s so easy to get lost in countless makeups you can create with it, some even cooler if you play with Suede and Black Truffle alone. 

What are your thoughts on Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered*? Have you gotten your hands on it yet? If you decide to treat yourself, please don’t forget to share and tag me in your Instagram posts (#BDQmademedoit) or tag me (@BDQblog) in your posts, Stories and tweets! Can’t wait to see your hauls! 

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*The palette was gifted for review consideration & links used are affiliate. It means I earn a teeny tiny commission each time you purchase something by clicking on the link. All commission to date has been spent on makeup/skincare shopping or updating my camera/lights equipment. All the clicks and purchases are very much appreciated as they help me keep doing what I love most - reviewing tons and tons of makeup and skincare for you.  This does not influence my opinion in any way. I’ll always relay my unbiased thoughts to my readers.


  1. I really need to swatch this palette in store so that I can make up my mind!
    I did not like the pink of the original palette - I knew it would look strange on me - so I ran from it and got Desert Dusk instead.

    It's in the maybe pile I guess! But I really loved your swatches!!

    Wishing you all the best,

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  4. Oh wow it looks AMAZING! I love the look of Huda but I need to try her formula soon!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  5. I really want it but with all the drama involving Huda I kinda want hold on a bit.

  6. It's a pretty palette, not sure if it's exactly my taste though.

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