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Overnight facial oils for dewy skin

Skincare can be simple, right? Says the girl using 100s of products, ironic much? But I truly believe in that statement so let me tell you how quickly transform your skin overnight, whatever your type. I’m not talking dark magic or selling your soul to the devil but simply facial oils with powers beyond anything you've experienced if you haven't discovered them yet. A good combination of skin-loving oils will take you from night to day. In just a few tiny drops gently patted on to your skin, you too can wake up to the healthy, clear & dewy skin. Magic? 

Drier than Sahara and mature skin types will benefit from the magical formula hidden in Leahlani Mahina Evening Replenishing Elixir* | POST |. The scent is to die for (you have vanilla and sweet citrus to thank for it!) but what’s most important is the powerful combination of oils such as moringa, marula, prickly pear and chia seeds working together with youth-boosting Co-Enzyme Q10 to nourish, deeply moisturise, soften and plump complexion overnight. True beauty sleep in a bottle. Pricey at £71 for 30ml, but it’ll last you forever! Available here.

Dehydrated and lacklustre skin hero The Hero Project Glow Drops* have an ingredient list to finish them all 
| POST |. Formulated with 98% natural ingredients such as Argan, Hemp Seed, Geranium, Rose and Carrot to name the few and supercharged with  Vitamin C to reveal brighter and glowing skin in just a few nights. Dry oil formula sinks in instantly, it smells divine and has a very efficient dropper to easily deliver the product. It’s also quite affordable at £24 for 30ml and often on promotion here

Problematic skin with tendencies to breakouts and large pores may simply fall in love with Caudalie Detox Oil*. I use it on my congested or hormonal days where nothing quite works yet I still want to give my skin the treatment it deserves. Grape seed oil will protect your skin from pollution, lavender heals and calms (perfect for breakouts!), white sandalwood decongests and fights impurities, carrot detoxifies, rose and sweet almond regenerate and boots healthy radiance. All-rounder for beautiful skin. Available here for £30 for 30ml.  

Combination skin needs balancing and there’s nothing better than rose oil to keep it in tip-top condition. Pixi Rose Oil Blend*           POST combines the regenerative and rejuvenating powers of sweet almond, rosehip, jojoba, pomegranate seed and rose geranium oils to deeply condition, balance, eliminate texture and leave it luminous. If you’re after an all-rounder oil to give your skin all that it needs - it’s the one. Available here for £26 for 30ml.

Skin Owl Maqui Berry PM Drops* | POST | truly are a unicorn of facial oils bringing mature skin the powers of antioxidants, phytochemicals and maqui berry to offset free radicals and stop premature ageing in its steps. Perfect for all skin types as dry, combination, oily and even acne will benefit from the healing powers of maqui berry. Apply few drops to your skin at night and watch it transform it overnight to joyously dewy and youthful. Congestion, dullness and fine lines - be gone. Available here for £79 for 60ml. 

What type of oils do you and your skin favour? 

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  1. Ooooo wow they all look so nice, I really want to try more Pixi skincare too!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. These sound great but if you really want a true glow try out the Pixi Overnight glow serum its a 20% Glycolic acid its amazing

  3. the pixi oil sounds amazing!

  4. Great selection of products!


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