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I love wearing false eyelashes! The reason I don't is simple, it's a battlefield when I attempt to apply them. I thought of extensions for a while now but was swayed not to because I love my skincare so damn much and big part of it are oils in many forms. When I was asked to come round for the launch of Benito Brow Bar at Topshop store in Bullring, Birmingham I simply couldn't resist! It was about time! As I sit to write this post, I'm on day 10 from the initial application and the set is still going strong. Today, I'd like to share with you my experience, the lash extension process, prices and the different types of extensions you can have done. Let's do this, shall we?


Benito Brow Bar is located by the stairs on ground floor of Topshop store at Birmingham's biggest shopping centre. It's the cutest little permamement pop-up like bar where you can simply pop in and get your brows or lashes done. 


Be that brow regulation, lash lift or lash extensions you're looking for the lovely ladies at Benito's have got you sorted. So what exactly does Benito Brow Bar offer?

  • Threading - eyebrow shaping, upper lip, lower lip, forehead, neck, sides of face, chin and full face (includes brows, not neck)
  • Tinting - brows and eyelashes
  • Lash lift
  • Lash extensions - choose from dramatic and natural look lashes

How long & how much?

Keeping in line with fast paced 'bar' environment, the brow bar appoitments will usually fit within your busy work/life schedule. Tinting takes between 10 and 15 minutes, same with threading (longer for multiple areas) while lash lift will take 45-60 minutes and lash extensions depending on the method 45 minutes to 1.5 hour. 

Benito Brow Bar offers many money saving packages including 7 eyebrow threading sessions for the price of 5, 12-week brow building programme with 5 threading sessions and 2 brow tints included and many more. Just ask at your closest Benito Brow Bar for the list. 

My experience

I've opted for dramatic look lashes which takes 45 minutes to apply. These are special occassion lashes, with each lash enhanced for the fullest and most dramatic finish. You know me, I love me some drama :) The set needs to be professionally removed by a professional which takes 15 minutes and the removal is included in your treatment price anyway. It is recommended to get these removed after 10 days but mine have worn so well, I may push it for an additional few days. I'm super busy until Sunday this week, so I'll try and pop in to see my lovely ladies at Benito Brow Bar Monday-Tuesday next week.

My whole experience of the application has been terrific, I was made very comfortable and relaxed. Myself and a brow technician had a great chat which was welcoming given you just have to lie there for 45 minutes with your eyes shut! If you fancy a bit of chill, that's fine too. You could really take a nap there - it's so comfortable :) 


Despite my initial objectives (read: tears over not using cleansing oils), I'm super happy I took a plunge and decided to go for it. I now remove my eye makeup first with oil-free micellar water and a round cotton pad folded in two for the ease. I don't soak my lashes with it, just remove the product from my lids. I don't do the liner, so it's probably easier here for me. For the first 24 hours I didn't touch my brows nor allowed them contact with water or steam and didn't have a prolonged steamy shower for extra day on top of that but here's where my asacrifices ended. I still use my cleansing oils but I don't have macara to remove so yay!

Lazy gal dream

On days where I simply CBA, I can easily put a bit of CC Cream, Brows and Bronzer and just look made up where without my amazing dramatic look lashes! And on days where I can be arsed, my eye makeup looks that extra special with the extensions!

As you know all mascaras smudge on me, some worse than others but usually all do, so not to have to worry about smudging and having to redo my makeup because of mascara has been brilliant. My lashe have been tested in heavy conditions too - my bestie's left our company which meant I sobbed my way through her last few days at work and my lashes were fine and no Panda eyes. 

Next steps

I have few money off vouchers to Benito's and I'm tempted to try more of their services but I'm still unsure what I want done next: lash lift or natural look lashes? Natural look lashes can be applied for dramatic results also but they differ as you can top them up and not have the old set professionally removed. The set is more expensive so I'm still considering my options but I'm very tempted by it! There's also lash lift which I'm hearing great things about, so perhaps that next? I'll make sure to share my experiences with you on socials once I decide.

Have you tried Benito Brow Bar yet? If you're local to Birmingham, then give the team a quick call on 01216343441 and get your brow or lash fix now!

Check out Benito Brow Bar Instagram now, you can also find them here.

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* Disclaimer: I have not paid for lash extensions at Benito Brow Bar and I was also gifted -25% (lash) and -50% (brows) voucher for two future visits. The gifted status of my visit and experience at Benito's have not altered my perception of the brand nor influenced my opinion on the experience shared today. All views are my own and not influenced by the brand. I have not been paid to write this post.


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