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Is Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette worth the hype?

If anyone asks what my favourite eyeshadow formula is, I always answer without thinking. Too Faced ‘chocolate’ palettes aren’t just good, they are simply the best for anyone whose eyes aren’t as fresh as the lids of a 20-something babe. From the packaging to the something else formula that gives life to any lid, even mature. When Too Faced Chocolate Gold* arrived, I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was mesmerised by jewel tones and not so secretly sniffing the chocolate scent! Call me an addict, but I’d lick my own lids if it was as at all possible. Fancy a sniff? Then read on to get all the deets about the new palette! 

I mostly enjoy Too Faced packaging. Not every single one I might add because even I have limitations to how much infantile bits I can hoard at the same time. Chocolate Gold is nothing but adult thought, the melted gold is sexy and oh so sultry combined with dark chocolate. It’s stunning and ideal for anyone looking for that one palette to bring life to their collection. The palette houses 16 eyeshadows, 4 versatile mattes & 12 jewel-toned foiled shimmers which names are printed just above each shade. Perfect for travel, you’ll find a good size high-quality mirror too. You’ll also find a useful guide to the palette with three looks shown and explained, which helps if you’re struggling to come up with something decent. 

Fancy a Gold Chocolate?

I get asked quite a bit, what shadows I recommend for someone’s mom/auntie etc and always say Too Faced, due to the mature lid friendly formula. This is usually met with ‘how about something more classy?’ in which case I send that person to Charlotte Tilbury counter. No longer baby-faced, Too Faced Chocolate Gold* mesmerises with the new packaging and it will make a perfect gift for anyone. 

In terms of pigmentation, I don’t think anyone would be dissatisfied with any of the shimmers or mattes. The least pigmented So Boujee (abbreviation of French bourgeois, the meaning of which is aspiring to be seen as rich, elite, often overly materialistic and exclusive) is a transition shade that glides on the lid and almost blends itself, perfect for fair skin. You get incredibly pigmented Rollin’ in Dough - off-white beige & blackest matte black Decadent that complete the palette, as in my opinion ever palette needs those two shades. With Chocolate Gold palette you have no need to look elsewhere when completing the look, as the base mattes are here to sculpt the eyelid and incredibly pigmented metallic foils add that special something to any makeup look. 

Too Faced Gold Chocolate palette

The foiled shimmers can be applied via a fluffy brush - see my favourite makeup brushes here - for the more ethereal finish or with a dense flat brush to take the advantage of the metallic payoff. I always use a finger to pack them on, it’s easiest and gives the incredible finish. These can also be intensified by applying over Too Faced Glitter Glue* base, which I’m yet to try, or by mixing with Too Faced Shadow Insurance to create metallic liners! The possibilities are endless here, so let your imagination fly! 

Most shades are soft and buttery but some feel a little powdery or glittery, none of which denies the finish its quality. All transfer on the lid well and I haven’t experienced any fallout. None of the shade disappears when blended, black loses a bit of intensity when first applied but a second ‘coat’ gives it opaque blackness. I tend to build a colour up when doing my makeup as I find it makes it more long lasting and makes blending easier and more professional looking. 

Too Faced Gold Chocolate swatched on pale skin

I’ve used every shade in the last week or so and enjoyed them all. I was dreading the deep rich gold that is Chocolate Gold and deep green metallic Money Bags as a little too out there for daytime, yet I made them work. In fact, Chocolate Gold is the most stunning when placed on the mid lid with halo looks! I really love a combination of brown mattes to sculpt and rose gold metallic Classy & Sassy for daytime, which usually is my go to. My favourite shade of them all must be the most beautiful warm metallic grey with some copper mixed in (Rich Girl). It’s so hard to describe but looks stunning on the lid and just look at that pigment! I also very much enjoy the Gold Dipped which is light, almost cool golden metallic, perfect to mix in with Rich Girl for high shine finish. The one I see myself swaying towards is Holla for a Dolla, muddy green-brown with so much potential if you pair it with dark brown matte Cocoa Truffle & a little Decadent. There are also plenty coppers to feast your eyes on from the darkest Love & Cocoa, through mid toned Old Money with more gold sparkle and light metallic coppery gold Famous. Dipping Diamonds makes me want to rediscover cool toned looks, but for now, I’ll be rocking it in the inner corners or perhaps even lightly dusted as a highlight? As with any palette, there are a couple of shades I’m least into, not because of their quality but simply shades itself. I’m sure I’ll find myself using Livin’ Lavish (deep purple with brown tones) more than the bright shimmer pink New Money but both are gorgeous in their own light. New Money looks great as a bottom lid accent though! I may gravitate towards them more in the future but for now, I’m all about the Rich Girl’s life! 

Is Too Faced Chocolate Gold* worth the hype? Without a question, it’s one of the most stunning palettes on the market now. Reasonably priced at £39, it’s now available on Cult Beauty, seeing as Too Faced expands the retailers they use in the UK! If you’re in London you can also stop by their unique store which stocks more lines or pop into larger Debenhams for a visit to their counters. As I dread shopping centres and rarely shop makeup like that, I’m happy to have one of my favourite brands stocked at my go-to online shopping destination - Cult Beauty

Fancy jewel tones can be found in Too Faced Gold Chocolate

Will you be buying Too Faced Chocolate Gold* and dare to play with the metallic jewels it offers? I hope you do, because it’s one no eyeshadow addict should miss thanks to incredible formula and colour payoff, you’ll find yourself reaching for it more than you think, trust me. 

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  1. Oh it is gorgeous, next time I'm in London I plan to go to their shop and I'm definitely going to swatch this. I love the Too Faced eyeshadow formula too!

    The Makeup Directory

  2. I bought this palette and it's my first from Too Faced. It's so unique and like you said, one of teh most stunning palette in the market now so I just had to have it.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  3. Oh wow it is stunning, I love this palette so so much, it has been my go to since it arrived! :D

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  4. Such gorgeous colours! Love the shimmers.


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