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Verso 5-step skin care regime

Falling in love with your skin again should be on everyone’s list of priorities. I’m not necessarily talking about the usual stuff like youthful glow or hydration. I want to make sure my skin looks and feels happy and healthy. Be gone dehydration, dryness and ultra-sensitivity causing me pain. First signs of ageing are a b**ch, as I’m sure all my 30+ readers agree. You notice little changes at first, maybe it’s your foundation settling into fine/smile lines at the end of the day, or perhaps a line or two on your forehead and around the eyes. It’s scary to first look into the mirror and see you don’t look 20 anymore! Thankfully with incredible skincare routine, you can nip that in a bud or even reverse the process a little. Has Verso skincare done all that it promises? Following on the success of the similar post about affordable genius skincare by Lacura, I thought you may enjoy learning what happened to my skin when I used Verso exclusively for 30 days. 

Verso 5-step skincare routine.

I often forget that an everyday consumer doesn’t spend their days researching ingredients and learning all about formulas. The everyday consumer does very little of that, however, the trend is certainly on the rise.  A team behind the Verso skincare range seems to understand that by not only showcasing certain ingredients for the eyes of beauty savvy consumer but also numbering the routine for those whose time is spent elsewhere. Their 5-step routine is quite unique on the market and allows the brand to position their products perfectly into our routines. The main thing about beauty that works is knowing how to work it, which is why you rarely find a negative review of Verso. Anyone knows exactly which part of their routine each product belongs in meaning they work best most of the time! 

Verso Hydration Serum with Niacinamide

Dehydration be gone.

I’m in constant state of dehydration thanks to the joys of medication I’m on and sometimes get ultra-sensitive too. Living in a big city doesn’t help either. Air pollution is real and winter’s joys of central heating make my skin almost feel in pain at times. Introducing Verso Hydration Serum with Niacinamide* to my routine has truly been a blessing. It’s a product I loved and raved about almost from the first use and rightly so. It’s ultra light yet my skin feels as if it drinks it all up. This light gel-like formula is enriched with the antioxidant Niacinamide but also with Oat Lipids and Oat Kernel Oil, that allow the skin to protect itself from environmental damages whilst deeply hydrating it at the same time. I use a half penny amount of the serum and apply it by pressing the product into the skin of my face and neck, no rubbing. The results are almost instant, my skin felt healthy and hydrated after the first few days and only continued to feel and look better with the prolonged use. After 4 weeks I’ve used up around 20-25% of the bottle so it’s also very lasting. Thank god for that, as it’s definitely not on a cheap side and will set you back by almost £80. It’s totally worth every penny as it makes my skin feel ultra nourished without being heavy. Few weeks I’ve noticed small changes in the texture of my skin (bye bye bumps!), the pores and dehydration lines appear less visible too. It’s that perfect morning and evening choice as it sinks in quickly and provides skin with instant relief. I couldn’t recommend it more if I tried! 

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Verso Travel Set

What wrinkles?

Ok maybe wrinkle is a slight exaggeration on my part as I mainly suffer from fine and smile lines, yet I’m very careful about my skincare routine now. I believe in prevention over reversal and it’s where Verso’s Retinol 8 complex and I agree. Retinol 8 complex is simply a way of branding where the retinol used to put together in a way that optimises the good effects of Vitamin A use but eliminates the side stuff like increased dryness or sensitivity. How do my redness-prone and sensitive at times skin react to the use of Retinol 8 products both day and night? I’m pleased to say that it reacted well and continues to do so. Retinol 8 in both Verso Day Cream, as well as Verso Night Cream (here shown in travel size), allows the skin to increase the collagen production, strengthens it as well as reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles. I’ve used both day and night exclusively (followed by facial oil at evening) and results are quite conclusive. The formula is light and not overly oily, which makes it sink it quickly. The day moisturisers are fabulous under makeup and didn’t react in any way with the rest of my routine. The evening moisturiser is suited to any skin types but for ultra-dry, it helps if it’s followed by something a bit more oily, which I do anyway. My skin hasn’t reacted badly to any of the ingredients and almost cured me from hormonal breakouts as twice I felt something under the skin and it was gone before it had a chance to develop into a horribly painful vulcano-like spot, big enough you could easily name it. Both moisturisers works well with Verso Hydration Serum and make the routine whole! 

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Foam cleanse magic.

Your usual foam cleanser dry out my skin within seconds, but not the Verso Foaming Cleanser. It’s not that lathering at all but is super gentle and hydrating on the skin. Perfect for a morning cleanse or 2nd cleanse in the evening. It works great alone worked into wet skin with fingers but also as a cleansing agent for my Magnitone Cleansing Brush. Both together make my skin squeaky clean and ready for a skincare routine. Again the Retinol 8 formula encourages the skin to work harder maximising cell turnover, which in the end makes it look youthful and glowing. This cleanser is so gentle, perfect for everyday and one I love to use after removing makeup to not only rid it from any remaining SPF, grime but also keep it soothed. Winner in my redness prone skin books! 

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Verso Reviving Eye Mask

Bye bye concealer.

Working full time, blogging and an anxiety ridden sleepless nights make my eyes work harder and longer than most. That also mean the under eyes will age quicker because I’m constantly on the go. Puffiness is my biggest concern in the morning but little lines I noticed around my eyes concern me a lot. I have dark circles as well, but they aren’t as prominent thanks to my luck with eye creams and eye area regime. So what does a Verso Eye Mask really do for me you may ask? Answer to that is magic! It brightens and instantly lifs and plumps up the lines. You could probably forgo concealer after use if only I could afford using it every day. Hydrogel pads fit well under eyes and deliver the hydration and Retinol 8 directly where it’s needed the most. Comfortable to wear, I often forget they’re there until I open the door and sign for a package and are met with concerned look of a courier or postman. Perfect before a big day addition, I love just chilling with them. It’s a very luxurious treatment and works like magic, but will also cost you a bit. It’s my not every day luxury item I’d love to have won a 10 year supply off! 

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30 days in - what’s next?

30 days into my routine and I not only saw instant results but the long term ones start to peek through. My skin is hydrated, redness at bay (although the road is long and most definitely not finished) and I love the way my skin looks and feel. The glow is healthy and that’s my main goal in everything I do! I hope to experience a bit more reversal to my smile and fine lines. Seeing as Retinol 8 works for me, I want to introduce more of it to my routine! Retinol that works for sensitive skin types is rare and I find myself drawn to researching more about it! 

There are other Verso bits I’d love to try, especially the eye cream and a brand new release I hope to talk to you about soon! I saw it couple of weeks ago & honestly can’t wait until the big launch. Trust me when I say this - you’ll be blown away! The eye cream has been recommended to me recently by the Cult Beauty Co-Founder Alexia and I’d be an idiot not to listen! Those under eye fine lines are on my kill list next! 

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Have you used any Verso skincare before? What products have now landed on your beauty wishlist? 

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