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Phase Zero makeup lip products launch exclusively at Love Me Beauty

Phase Zero Makeup* has launched with a bang. Similar in concept to Beauty Pie it’ll offer an array of beauty products that you can purchase at factory prices. The ingenious launch at an established subscription platform Love Me Beauty offers it stability and allows the consumer to purchase a luxury product at the price of your morning latte. I received their newly launched liquid lipsticks, lip glosses and lip toppers just over a week ago and I’m ready to share  my thoughts. Are you ready to meet your new makeup obsession? 

Let’s start with outer packaging. Phase Zero Makeup offers you a packaging ensuring your package will always wait for you home as it’s post box friendly! Flattened cardboard with brand logo looks professional and cool, what’s not to love? Inside the products were housed in a plastic resealable bag, again pretty modern with a logo. When you open this up you forget that you can get these lipsticks for £3.50!!! 

The lipsticks, glosses and toppers are beautifully made and housed in a heavy’ish plastic rectangular tubes with white matte plastic tops. There’s nothing cheap about them, they remind me of Jouer packaging! I like the white look, it’s unique and looks great on my vanity! 

When swatched liquid lipsticks offer opaque colours, same goes when applied on the lips. The formula doesn’t differ too much. Most are similar in feel to Burberry liquid lipsticks - POST - but that’s where the comparison ends, as they last so much better than the luxury brand. In fact I tested all the shades and easily had them on for 6+ hours if not longer (looking at you my beautiful red!). Currently available in 4 shades, they range from pretty pinky and coffee nudes to stunning true red! Check out the swatches below to see how beautiful they look! The lightest pinky nude is stunning on top of a darker nude, kinda ombre style as I find it a little too light to wear on its own. As I’m rediscovering my love for 90s lips lately, it’s a perfect addition! 

From left: Pink Suede, Chai Latte, Gingerbread and Classic Red swatched

Phase Zero liquid lipstick all colours

My first thought about the glosses was: why have they done a dark purply gloss??? Why not liquid lipstick!? I stand by this but I came to enjoy the gloss formula, so eating my words a little here too. As you can see on the swatches, other than the lightest pink, the shades are crazy pigmented. In terms of wear they are not sticky and wear as any gloss would wear. I didn’t experience much bleeding or smudging but I’m careful with my lips! I really like the vanilla-like taste, same as liquid lips formula and the purple and red shades are absolutely stunning! 

From bottom: Dark Burgundy, Postbox Red & Baby Pink swatched 

Phase Zero lip glosses - all shades

I wasn’t surprised to see a lip topper and it’s a welcomed affordable addition. The two I received are so gorgeous and last quite well as they sort of dry down if applied over liquid lipstick. That unicorn shade is begging for another crazy coloured look and I may do it soon, but the rose gold will make a great addition to everyday brown nudes or reds. Just pat it lightly in the middle of the lip to give it a bit more pout! 

From top: Prosecco Kiss & Holo-Lip swatched

Phase Zero lip toppers - all shades

I’m so pleased with all the formulas, especially the liquid lipsticks and lip toppers as they truly got it spot on. It’s not too drying on well prepped lips and easy to top up when it disappears a little. I adore the shades but would love to see that deep purple made into a liquid lipstick (pretty please?)!! 

What’s next? 

Phase Zero Makeup has now launched a collection of stunning single eyeshadows and if they are to be judged as liquid lipsticks, I’m sure they will be a huge hit! I can’t wait to try them! 


Have you tried Phase Zero Makeup yet? If you’d like to give it a go, you can claim your first month Love Me Beauty subscription for free by quoting ‘PZONEFREE’ on checkout right now (not sure how long the promo lasts!)

Subscribe to Love Me Beauty to buy all things Phase Zero Makeup at a huge discount here.

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Have you found your perfect shade in Love Me Beauty newest launch: Phase Zero makeup? What lipstick formula do you usually go for?

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  1. I wish a subscription such as this and Beauty Pie would launch worldwide but I think so far they are UK or Europe only?

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  2. I need to read more about the subscription but I wasn't into the Beauty Pie thing at all :-( xx

    Beautylymin| CharlotteTilburyBlush&BronzeGiveaway

  3. I'm loving their products at the moment! Such great value for money.


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