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Bedtime essentials for a good night sleep

From one insomniac to another, how hard it is to fall asleep sometimes? Daily routine, stress at work and many other factors contribute to us getting less than quality sleep on a daily. There are some ways to help getting our bodies and brain to relax. Today, I’m sharing with you my favourite tricks to help you get that beauty sleep we all desperately need! 

Audrey and Lewis Mindfullness Detox Baby Coconut & Charcoal Bath Salts | £5.99 for 1kg | found in TKMaxx

I keep mentioning it over and over but I really love a good bath. Warm water, muscle relaxing oils and bath salts can truly improve any stressful lifestyle. Recently, I fell in love with these Detox Bath Salts. I take two fist full of the salts and run them under a tap. With the activated charcoal these will make your bath look funny and grey, but the gorgeous scent helps my body relax. Charcoal is strongly detoxifying and coconut oil moisturises well. I found mine in TKMaxx crazy cheap. I think I paid £5.99 for 1kg, so they’ll last me forever! Seeing as I can't link these at all, the store doesn't seem to have an online version, maybe these bath salts from Mokosh**** will soothe the aches and get you in that early Christmas mode with the stunning Orange & Cinnamon scent?

Detoxifying bath salts promote healthy body & peaceful mind

Clarins ‘Relax’ Body Treatment Oil* | RPR £36.00 for 100ml

This deluxe sample was kindly gifted to me during a recent John Lewis event and I love it! As the name suggest this glorious body oil will help keep the moisture in as well as helping the body and soul relax thanks to a calming scent. Enticing blend of petit grain, geranium, camomile and basil essential oils soothe away tensions and the hazelnut oil base leaves skin nourished and moisturised. The best trick for body oils I’ve learnt over the years is to apply this on still damp skin to truly lock in the moisture. Clarins Relax Body Oil sinks in easily and leaves my body and the whole bathroom smelling lovely with a scent lingering for a while.

Kiehl’s Midnight Concentrate | £38.00 for 30ml

This facial oil became a favourite of mine as of late, thanks to not only working its magic overnight but also a delicate, relaxing scent. Enriched with Lavender Essential Oil it helps to calm the irritated skin but also your senses, while Evening Primrose Oil & Squalane work tiredlessly overnight ensuring you awake with younger looking, glowing complexion. It’s that one step I rarely miss these days. It’s worth to look out for promotions in-store and online as Kiehl’s love to do a random 24-hour -20% sale! Currently on sale in Debenhams too!

Facial and body oils enriched with Lavender and Chamomile promote relaxation

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray | £14.75 for 75ml

It’s a little magic in a bottle. Few spritzes on my pillow and the bed help me relax in the evening. Again, Lavender, Vetivert and Wild Chamomile essential oils blend used somehow cheats my brain to slow down. I use it an hour before my ‘designated’ sleep time and once I’m in bed, I try to relax and concentrate on my breathing and the scent. Breathing deeply, I try to relax and go to my happy place. And This Works spray really works for me. Placebo effect? It may as well be, but if you struggle with insomnia as much as I do, you’d take placebo too! 

Space Masks* | RPR £3.50 each or 5 for £15

Definitely a discovery of this year, Space Mask promote a deeper and more peaceful sleep. Sleep mask is a must for me, especially now the clocks have changed. Light interupts my sleep quite easily so in summer and any time it’s still light outside, I try and use a sleep mask. Space Mask is designed to not only cover your eyes but also the material used gives a little warmth. It makes the whole experience so relaxing! I’ve used up quite a few over the last few months (I was only sent one originally!). I don’t use it every day of course, but on days my anxiety has been particularly bad or during flights. I think they are single use, but I tend to use it at least twice. If you haven’t already, give it a try next time you’re on a longer flight, or after a pamper! 

And relax with Deep Sleep Pillow Spray & Space Masks

My recipe for a better sleep doesn’t require all of the above, I’m sure you can find some bath salts in your home and draw yourself a relaxing bath. Use a different body and facial oil, whatever suits you and your skin best! There’s also plenty more affordable options for pillow sprays in Boots or Holland & Barretts. So whatever your budget, you can too improve your sleep and hopefully win at least one of the battles you’ll fight against insomnia. I strongly suggest you try and fight it, because a good night’s rest allows you to regenerate. That improves your skin, your wellbeing and most certainly reduces stress levels. I hope my today’s ramblings help at least one of you on a journey to a deep, uninterrupted sleep. 

P.S. because I love you <3I came to a realisation that most of the products I mention above rely heavily on the use of lavender. So what do you do if you're not into it or perhaps you’re allergic? There’s a new player in town and these two posts explain it all. Don’t forget to say hello to Siobhán and Adrienne from me, if you stop by their blogs:

Beautylymin "Have problem sleeping? You need to try '& Now To Sleep' from REN"The Sunday Girl "A sleep spray without the obvious lavender fragrance"

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  1. kompletnie nie znam tych produktów :D ale uwielbiam buszować po TKmaxx :D

  2. Absolutely love Kiehl's.

  3. I need that pillow spray in my life! I've heard so many fab things about it - I think it's going to have to go on my *must buy* list

    Steph -

  4. I love Kiehls products they are so so good! But sleep is one thing I am seriously good at lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  5. I must grab a pillow spray, it really does help relax me!

  6. OMG Spacemasks are literally my favourite thing in the world!! x

  7. I heard so much good of Kiehl's line I really need to look more into it

  8. Oh I love the sound of those salts. I will have a look out for charcoal salts next time I go to TK Maxx xxx

  9. Need to try some of these!

  10. The spray is so good isn't it, I'm sleepy just thinking about it x


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