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Happy New Year!!! Hope you had an amazing night last night whatever you were doing! I was ultra glam with jeans & shirt on, danced the night away with Robbie Williams, welcomed not one but two New Years - at 11pm in Poland and at midnight here. I can sadly feel the effects of too much Prosecco. Started today with a aloe water and green tea (not too mention litres of water I already drank...). We have a saying in Poland "Jak w Nowy Rok, tak przez cały rok", which roughly translates to "How you welcome New Year, you'll be the whole year". I bloody hope not, as I'm hanging and listening to rain pouring down. I hope for sunny year ok when I finally grow up & decide drinking ain't worth the morning after LOL.  

I had a fabulous Christmas. I lounged around in my pjs all day, watching Man in the High Castle, eating too much and promising myself I'll diet in New Year. I got so many amazing presents and I wish I could show you all of them! I already shared with you a Secret Santa we've done with my girls (POST), but I was also part of a second one, ran by a Facebook Beauty Blogger Group I belong too. I was paired with Ola (Zona Luksusowa blog)and we've both send each other pressies after writing a letter to Santa (Looking at you Mazgoo!). I received a mixture of goodies from skincare to makeup.  If you'd like to see what other girls have gotten in their packages + what I got Ola, check them out on Instagram (#gwiazdkowapaczkaelity)!

From my favourite natural brand, I received a Resibo Nourishing Body Lotion. I'm not usually a fan of lotions as they're pain in the arse to apply and sink in so slowly. This formula is super light, smells incredible (is it hint of vanilla I'm detecting?) and sinks in in seconds. It may just be the one to change my opinions on body lotions, now I'm a year older  (and wiser??? nah, I didn't think so....Damn LOL). I also received a pair of exfoliating acid foot socks from EpilFeet. I love them! I always have a few pair handy and try to give my feet a peel every couple of months. They will peel off any hardened skin and leave your feet oh so smooth. The process takes around a week, but it's totally worth it! Ola also choose a Dr PawPaw Multipurpose Soothing Balm. I have one in my purse already and I enjoy using it. It's not as good as Lanolips but comes close second in my book, especially now in winter when my lips are normally super dry. The winner (hopefully as I haven't tried it yet) of skincare picks is the Bielenda Argan Oil + Hyaluronic Acid Serum. I've heard a lot of good being said on the Bielenda skincare. I haven't ever used argan oil on the face, usually leaving it for body and hair care. I have it in the pure form and it's not the nicest scent. Bielenda Serum has a impressive ingredient list but it's also lightly fragranced and smells way nicer than my pure argan oil. It's light in texture but it feels like more of an evening serum as it's quite rich on the skin. I am really looking forward to using it, once I finish with the facial oils I'm currently loving!

Makeup wise, I received a couple of reds and we all know, reds my favourite colour when it comes to a statement lip. I received two cuties from Kiko: Smart Lip Pencil in 706 & Matte Muse Lipstick in 04. Both are gorgeous and pigmented true reds and make for a perfect winter lip. I find the pencil excellent, it's super long lasting. The lipstick is ok, it doesn't fully dry on the lips, so you wouldn't think it'll be drying your lips, but sadly it does. I don't think I've yet found a Kiko formula that didn't do that though. Shade is incredible though and I love the glass packaging!

I wish I could show you goodies I've received from my best friends but at the point I'm writing this, I already put them to use. From my best friend Marta, I received a Rowenta Clothes Steamer. It's such a practical and thoughtful gift. I would have never gotten it for myself but I hate ironing so much. I love my steamer and I'll try and make a video on how I use it quickly in the morning to get my clothes to look perfect for the day in the office! From my other best friend Anna, I got a HUGE bath set (and honestly I just forgot to photograph it LOL). It included all the bath stuff like body scrub, bath oil, bath float and shower gel. What makes it super thoughtful is - this is the first set without body lotion! She knows me so well! I love bath products so much but I rarely use the lotions in the usual set. It also included an eye mask and a shower cap, which I'm super happy with as I recently started using my Philip Kingsley Elasticizer again and it requires a shower cap so yay! We always promise ourselves not to buy gifts and we always break that promise by something little so thank you girls for my pressies! 

From my Mom I got some clothes from Boohoo, H&M and ASOS. My ASOS order still haven't arrived sadly but my Boohoo order's here and it's incredible. I wanted a rose gold capped sneakers for so long and I love them! They're super comfy and just look at them. I've been pairing them with an oversized coat I got on Boxing Day, skinny Topshop Leigh jeans and this H&M stripes shirt I got from Mom. She knows I love stripes! I love the combination and already getting so many compliments on them! I've been loving pleated skirts so my Mom got me two, this first one shown is from Boohoo and it's amazing! Again I've been pairing it with stripe shirt and my over the knees black ASOS boots. I love how it looks and it makes a perfect work wear too! I already wore it to work and loved the finished look, I've showed you on Snapchat!

I also got some vouchers from my family, including Waterstones, so being a huge book nerd, I got me some books. I've been loving Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes so I chose her next book Pretty Iconic. It's a great coffee table book and I love just flicking through it. I'l give it a proper whirl when I'm done with Pretty Honest though. I also chose the blogger book of the recent months - Hygge, which translates to Danish way of living through being cozy and happy aka how I love to spend my days.
 I love it so far and it makes for a beautiful edition to my book shelf!

 I also got a perfume set from Debenhams as I used up my Debenhams voucher. This is my second perfume by Michael Kors Wonderlust and it's incredible. You know how rubbish I am at describing scents but this fits right in my usual: it's heavy and sweet plus this scent lasts all day long on me. It's so strong but also super feminine, daytime or evening, it can do both. I've been loving it so much! I love the packaging and I also received a beautiful MK Keyring with it. I don't mention the Body Lotion, because I think I made it pretty clear how I feel about them. It'll make a perfect present add on tho, so I'm keeping it unopened :)

That's it from me! I hope you had an amazing Christmas and Santa was as good for you as he was for me. I feel super spoiled and love all my pressies :) To see what I got for Xmas last year check out my POST HERE

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  1. So many lovely gifts, the skirt is gorgeous!
    I love the sound of the Hyggae book, need to get it for myself :) x

    Mummy's Beauty Corner

    1. I love Hygge now! I wish I wasn't working and could Hygge all day long :) thank you! I love this skirt, my love for pleated skirts was awoken by Pink Rook, the blogger I recommended in my fave post!

  2. These are great gifts! I really want a clothes steamer! Thanks for sharing Dorota, Happy New Year xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin


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