Monday, 23 January 2017


Ok so January is a dreadful month. You all spent out after Christmas and New Year. Resolutions are probably kicking your post Christmas not so skinny arse backside right now (Dry January right? Haha!). 

If you're saving up for holiday, your best friends wedding, she's just announced (this August!!!! Aaaah!), I have few beauty hacks that'll save you up some hard earned pennies :) 

Shop for free

Ok maybe that's a bit of a lie but hear me out. Some brands do free item for old packaging exchange. In MAC get a free lippie and in Lush a free face mask! All you need is empty packaging times five and you're on your way to having new makeup/beauty for free! 

Free/discounted hair cut

If you live close to the college, check out their adverts - young stylists always look for models! Get yourself a free hair cut, colour or blow dry for free! Just remember to choose something simple, you don't want a complete makeover under hands of someone who's not too experienced! 

Makeup exchange

Hard on funds but bored with your collection? Have you thought of getting your girls together and do a bit of an exchange. It can be a loan or a full exchange and you get a new set of toys to play with without spending a penny. What you need is a makeup antibacterial spray to ensure your bits are cleaned before lending and voila! New collection's yours!

Use up your skincare 

That sounds weird but do you know that your usual packaging always wastes a lot of product? Love your Cleanser but there's no way to squeeze out more from a tub? Cut it in half! Do that with all your plastic packaging and you'll find yourself truly using up your products! Just think of all the extra days/weeks of using your skincare have saved you! 

Stop wasting money

Again this sounds cruel but we all do this! Ever bought a foundation two shades too dark because you got matched under the most unrealistic lights in your Boots/Debenhams etc? Stop that now. Ask for a sample! It's that simple and you will never buy a £40 foundation which is too dark or light or with wrong tones altogether. Second is waiting for hype to pass. Lots of products are hyped up before launch. Don't listen to the hype. Go and check the product out in the store. Believe me, you'll end up buying very little! 

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