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Finding a drugstore priced foundation in the shade that will suit someone as pale as me is impossible. LA Girl Pro Coverage HD Illuminating Foundation proves my point with the shade Fair being at least 2-3 shades too dark for me. What LA Girl did that no one has done before was to put out an extra shade in pure white making it possible for a ghost like me to try their most talked about foundation of last year. 

Let's start with the packaging. The plastic bottle with a black cap reminds me a lot of Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation. It has a pump which is always a plus and looks fairly professional. Bottle hosts 30ml of product.

This is a mainly water based foundation which makes it a perfect choice for dry and dehydrated skin. Silicons have been added but practically at the very end of the ingredients list, suggesting a small amount added. The formula is super watery and doesn't oxidise much. It super easy to apply and blend and best results can be achieved by Beauty Blender. I tried both brushes and the sponge and I feel like the sponge gives the foundation the most desired finish.

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Dry and dehydrated skin will enjoy this illuminating base. For the first time ever, light formula not only pack a punch in terms of coverage (medium build able to full) and the glowing finish. When first applied the skin looks so good, illuminating in all the right places. I imagine using this formula powder free but sadly a little powder is required to set it in place. I hate this step as it takes away the amazing luminosity. However the glow comes back 2-3 hours after the wear. I find it works best with a little powder on the nose and around it, chin and a bit of forehead. The foundation lasted on me 6+ hours powder free and up to 10 hours with powder and setting spray. It won't love just any setting spray sadly and I find it best with NYX Dewy Setting Spray. Not that extra dew is needed, it gives it on its own. 

I found that foundation will separate around the bridge of my nose (I wear glasses) and it will disappear slightly off my chin after 6+ hours. This is purely due to covering up and touching my face. Untouched and without glasses it looks beautifully all day long. You may wish to remove some of the sheen after few hours but I don't recommend topping up with powder at this stage. Use mattifying tissues or Blotterazzi by Beauty Blender instead.

The shade I chose, Fair has mostly warm tones but I find it neutral enough that I can use it mixed with white foundation mixer. I use one pump of foundation and one and some pump of white to achieve a shade that suits me. I'll buy the Porcelain shade next as it has more cool tones and continue mixing it with the white.

White Foundation Mixer is probably the best tool ever. I have so many foundations on my wish list that I just could not use so this has become an answer to all my pale skin troubles. I finally can use my Becca foundation without having to bronze up first :)

In all realness, I enjoy using LA Girl Illuminating Foundation a lot. It's not my favourite formula for work, as I find using it with powder sort of defeats the purpose. I love using it in the evening or on weekends when I don't tend to wear glasses as much and don't need the powder to set it in place. The packaging with pump makes application super easy and as long as you have a beauty sponge laying around, you shouldn't experience any troubles with this foundation. The coverage is on point and  finally something for us drier types. I give it 4/5*

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  1. Love the idea of that white shade - it will be very useful!

  2. I've seen so much of this foundation lately! The white shade is a a great idea though, I wonder how well it would work with my favourite bases - thanks for sharing lovely

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  3. I just bought the NYX White base to lighten some of my darker foundations :)
    I'm still undecided about the LA Girl foundation though, kind of want it but at the same time I know it will be too dewy for my skin. x

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