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Hello and welcome to the final post in the series of Year in Favourites 2016. Today's all about blogs I've loved, Youtube persona's who's vlogs I never miss, the books I've fallen madly in love with and movies & tv series which occupied my evenings. Are you ready?


Siobhan became my friend and skincare guru. This girl knows and loves luxury and is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to caring for dry skin. I highly recommend you checking her blog out for in depth reviews and stalk her Instagram for daily AM/PM Skincare posts.

I've met Dagmara early on my beauty journey through Instagram and in the last year we've become fast friends. Dagmara is a person responsible for so many of my purchases, her blog and Instagram are my constant source of inspiration and hr makeup looks has influenced me strongly to trying colours and venturing into the smokey eyes and dark evening looks.

Leanne's such an inspiration, not only is she gorgeous, she is the person to ask, if you struggling with foundation recommendations. I mean, this girl's collection would put anyone's to shame. She's also super friendly and her blog & Instagram are a source of awe.

The reason fro my early subscription box obsession. We've met early on through Instagram and I have followed her journey ever since. This year she collared with so many companies and I'm super proud to see her blog grow the way it has. Looking for beauty & flatly inspiration, check out her Instagram.

Piękność Dnia (in Polish)

Again, an old friend whom I've met early in my Instagram days. I adore her blog and she is so quick to talk about new launches, especially luxury. Adore her Instagram feed too and her stories have been keeping me company lately. Love Love Love <3


(in English)

One of the most beautifully shot British Beauty Vlogs. I adore her and she's a constant source of inspiration. Her channel is just so pretty!

Another gorgeous channel, this is the way I'd like my future channel to look like. Her homeware hauls are always spot on and I really enjoy her beauty/fashion/lifestyle hauls. It's just so beautifully shot and I love a good ascetics. 

A lovely friend of mine Nishi's channel is another one I adore. I love her blogs, reviews and makeup looks. Her clips are always well shot and so pretty. I highly recommend her channel if you're fancy a new discovery :) Her Instagram is also so beautiful, if you fancy a browse.

Can we please be friends? Caroline is the skincare and life coach guru of mine. I've been obsessed with her channel, her career for years and now I can stalk her on Insta stories, she's absolutely hilarious. Huge love!!!

Nikkie makeup tutorials are never missed by yours truly, I love her and her channel and watch practice;ly every clip. I also follow her Snapchat as she's just hilarious. Love her!

(in Polish)

I've discovered Anna's channel probably around 2 years ago and it's been a real pleasure to get to know her and see her grow as a person, as a beauty vlogger... I love her Snaps and Insta Stories. She's just that girl next door, not playing games or being too sweet and perfect. 

I've discovered Kinga through Fokusowana and I love her channel. Her beauty vlogs are good but she's become a fashion guru of mine. Kinga's fashion sense is on point and fun and she's the reason for my recent wardrobe updates. Thanks lovely <3

Gorgeous makeup tutorials, knowledge about skincare and makeup, this is a polish vlogger who knows her stuff. Joanna's clips are beautifully shot and edited and I rarely miss a tutorial. She's a polish version of Nikkie but less on a drag queen side. Her daytime makeup is easy to follow and I like her personality.

Another makeup queen, Kasia is just such an inspiration. She's only recently moved back to Poland from London. I loved watching her beauty hauls in UK and I love watching it from Poland. She's got an incredible knowledge bout beauty, her clips are always long and in depth and her tutorials absolutely stunning. I rarely miss it.

Hania is such an inspiration for me and one of the first polish vloggers I followed. I trust her reviews, especially her foundation reviews. She must have reviewed every single foundation on the market and she doesn't stop. Her shop with brushes and now shadows and other makeup is such an inspiration. This girl works hard and she's just so genuine and honest. Love.


I used to read a lot more. Recently I'm more of a Netflix girl but books will always be a part of me. Last year I read so many great stories but these few particularly have moved me:

I don't know if I should call this a love story. It's just so much more. It's a story of two people who've met and fallen in love. This story shows a more grown up love, love which isn't blinded by tragedy and life. Is love enough? This book will make you sob openly, definitely one to read at home and not on train - believe me!!! It's beautiful and tragic. There's a movie too, but I would always recommend reading this book, it's just so much more than a movie.

Beautiful story of two kinds falling for each other in a world that's a little too real for one of them. It highlights important issue of mental illness, suicide, dealing with death. It has brought me to tears and some. It's written very well and shows the story from few different sides. I really enjoyed reading it, even though I don't think I can bring myself to read it again. Another important novel taking on hard subjects.

Wilbur Smith is a man of my dreams despite being a 80 something years old. He has created the worlds I keep loosing myself in and the beautiful story of Taita. There's many books in the Egyptian Series and Pharaoh is the latest. It's not the best of them all but I enjoyed reading it ad got it as normal on the day it was released. I have read Mr Smith's books since I was 16-17 years old and discovered Seventh Scroll. I can't recommend this series enough if you love a good historic fiction and are fascinated by Ancient Egypt like me.

Stunning book. If there's one book about makeup you should read, let it be the one. Makeup through history, explanation of ingredients, shades, the meaning behind makeup makes this such an important book for any beauty lover. Beautiful illustrations and so much information. It's a brilliant coffee table addition.

I've discovered Sali Hughes only recently, maybe 6 months ago and I adore this first book of hers. It explains beauty and skincare so easily and if you're struggling with understanding how to approach beauty in the modern world, read this book. For beauty enthusiasts and amateurs, this book reads so easily, you won't be able to put it down.


Not much in this category but I haven't really watched that many good movies this year, despite constant trips to the cinema.

The movie every geek has dreamed off. If you love Ryan Reynolds, you'll love this. It's his take on Deadpool and so funny, it made me laugh out loud many times. I liked the perspective this movie was shot in, made for a great action/comedy cinema trip.

It was worth waiting for. I love Star Trek, loved the tv series and original movies and I love the new movies for sure. I was lucky enough to attend a premiere in London and I'm a little embarrassed to admit went to the cinema twice more after... I love the series and Beyond did not disappoint, great story telling and it brought me to tears thinking we will never see original Spock and Chekov again. Two great actors have died sadly before the movie was even released and they'll be missed dearly in the Trekkies world. 


I love tv series and I'm obsessed with many. 2016 was no different and there's few I'd love to recommend to you.

New series to watch, Designated Survivor is everything and more, fast paced, have enough of drama and story line to keep entertaining. In few words, A guy with no ambition to become a President of United States, becomes one after a tragedy's shaken America. The story telling and characters are believable and story well written. It's on Netflix and I highly recommend you give this one a watch.

The news to bring back the series could not be bigger (That is until One Tree Hill casts decides to give it a go please????). I loved Gilmore Girls and re-watched all the seasons in the anticipation of the new season. Four stories, four movies, four seasons and out girls battling new and old problems. Lori's a perfectly lost 30 odd years old, Lorelai hasn't grown up much. It's  story of these women. Loosing a husband, father and grandfather Richard was greatly shot and the story of Emily was a little weird but showed us how she dealt with the loss of the love of her life. Worth watching and The Fall has made me sob. Hoping for more seasons!

The first episode of season 7 will forever be the most gory and horrific story ever shot on television and it terrified me, moved me, made me cry and made me angry. Brilliant television and I've been a huge fan of the show. The rest of the season, until last episode of 7A was kinda slow, but I didn't mind too much. Love the story and every single time we loose a character it pains me. RIP Glenn <3

Another huge production series and definitely one of the best shot and written series I've ever seen on TV. If you haven't already, just check it out, it's bloody amazing. I'm a huge fan of the series and I plan to rewatch it all before the next season starts. Super excited to see the beginning of the end and I know it'll scare me, entertain me and hurt me just like last season have. I'm glad Jon's all well and fine (for now I guess) but I will never forget these few words Hold The Door, and the episode Battle of Bastards was something else. 

I've been watching Big Bang Theory since season 2 in real time and I love this series. It's one, that's always on in my place, everyday it helps me sleep :) I love Sheldon, I love the sotory and became invested in the lives of my favourite nerds. They've made the geek chic and new season is hilarious. 

Last but certainly not least Outlander is another huge production series and a beautiful story of Jamie and Claire taken over the years, countries and even continents. Historical fiction at its finest. Brilliant story, written well (I highly recommend the books too!), shot beautifully and just altogether WOW. I love it. Last season was so great and the fashion shows was just incredible. I can't wait for season 3 and Claire being back in 20th century. 

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  1. Nie wszystkie znam :( muszę to nadrobić

  2. Tyle blogów a ja znam tylko Piękność Dnia :)

    1. Czyż blog Joasi nie jest najlepszy? Uwielbiam ją :)

  3. Thank you for including me, Dorota! The love is mutual, I'm so glad we have met!:)
    From the Polish girls I know only Katosu and Maxineczka, have been following them for years and they're my online makeup teachers and inspiration.
    Will definitely check the other girls.
    I've not a read a book in ages, this year I've made a promise to myself that I will read at least a few, will definitely check your recommendations! x

    Mummy's Beauty Corner

    1. Thanks darling! I Feel the same way! Here's to finally meeting in 2017! ❤Can I just say, don't read them until you're alone as they made me sob so badly! You should check the girls out! Kinga's been my personal shopper lately her charity shop hauls are bloody brillant! Also Joasia from Piękność Dnia has the most gorgeous blog 😍

  4. I read most of the blogs you mention :) as for yt I watch diff ppl :) GOT is the best!

  5. Thank you so much for including me, Dorota! I love our little, supportive chat group! I follow a lot of the bloggers & youtubers you've mentioned here, but not all of them so am delighted to have some new reading/viewing material!

    I need to watch Gilmore Girls! xx

    Beautylymin| LuxuryFragranceBundleGiveaway

  6. Thank for including me! What you was said has made my day! Theres actually a few people here I don't follow so I will defo check them out xx

    LPage Beauty

  7. Loved reading through this, so many new things to discover so thank you. I already follow most of the blogs you have here but will check out the few that I don't. Also I am loving the sound of that book All The Bright Places, sounds right up my street x

    Beauty with charm


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