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I am back from wandering town trying not be pushed to the ground by sale crazed crowds. I managed to snatch a little something in the sales, how about you? Happy Boxing Day all! I thought today was a great day to talk to you about all the things that I loved through December and for once there's not 100s of items here. I haven't even gotten one skincare item as I've been using and loving all the bits I already included in my faves in the past months. So it's all about the way my nails and lips looked and how awesome I smelled in December LOL!

Let's start with the scent. This is my 3rd bottle of Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb and I couldn't be happier it's finally back in my life. It's such a lovely fragrance, sweet and heavy with muscly notes, very sexy. It has notes of Bergamot, Green Tea, Jasmine, Rose, Freesia, Orchid, Patchouli, Citrus and Musk, making it super sweet and seductive. It was first introduced back in 2005 and since became a cult perm by V&R house. The bottle design of diamond-granate already tells you what this scent will be: explosive & glamorous. And what a stunning design the bottle truly is, just like the fragrance it hosts. It is not the cheapest of scents starting with £50.00 for 30ml (currently on offer in Boots for £45.00), but if you like your heavy & sweet floral fragrances with notes of citrus, this is the one for you. 

I haven't been very active with makeup tutorials recently, but finally managed a few in December. You've seen my Christmas Glamour proposition (POST) and there's a New Years Eve one coming your way this Friday. Both feature the incredible lashes I've received in my Selfridges Beauty Workshop Advent Calendar. Eylure Enchanted Into Darkness are amazing when paired with a full on glam eyes. They're fuller on the outer corners making them more 'natural' and look stunning in images I took for the posts. I used them 3 times already and they look perfectly intact. Definite fave of the party month. 

I got the Jeffree Star Holiday Collection lipsticks when they launched on Beauty Bay and I adore them. Especially the two shown here. You can check out my thoughts on them and swatches in my POST HERE. I love Checkmate for being so vibrant and making my skin look amazing when wearing it. It's bright but understated at the same time. It has some orange tones to it but it'll suit most complexions due to complexity of the shade itself. Absolute stunner. And of course, let's not forget about Designer Blood, which hasn't left my lips for more than two days in a row this whole month. It is a stunning deep berry red. I tested it out for you on Snapchat and had so many compliments on how it looked. No wonder it's a gorgeous shade and the formula is actually brilliant. I had it on for 6+ hours, ate twice, drank lots, had a snack. Yes the wear was visible but nothing you can't fix with a little top up. It also felt really comfortable on the lips and after 6 hour wear that's something I'm not used to. Top marks from me!

I've been pairing my lips and nails this month with berry and reds being my favourite. I love the formula of OPI Nail Polishes. The Big Red Apple shade is just a stunning classic red, that adds chic to any look. Pair it with smokey eye or just an ear every day look. I've been pairing it with everything this month and it always looks good. Classic shades are good like that. I like how amazing the staying power is, with a good top coat (Essie Gel Couture - POST - is my favourite) it lasted a good 5 days without chipping. It would have probably lasted more if I wasn't so obsessed with changing my nails. The second shade of the month is a gorgeous Autograph All in One Nail Colour in Cranberry, that I found in my Marks and Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar. With the added benefits of Argan Oil and Vitamin E it is meant to be a base coat, colour and top coat in one. I haven't tried it on its own, as I never apply such dark shades without a base coat (Nails Inc Nail Kale is my go to lately - POST). What I found is that, yes it's quite long lasting, it doesn't chip and I love the metallic finish of it. It's a perfect match with my Jouer Lip Creme in Bronze Rose. In daylight it looks like deep berry metallic and in the artificial light it has some purple tones to it. Stunning shade. However drying time is something else and even my Essie top didn't really make a difference. You'll need a good half hour before it fully hardens. It's a big flow but the shade compensates it for me.

Good eyeshadow primer is a must for anyone with oily lids. Add hooded eyes to that equation and you find yourself on a look out for a perfect base. I love both MAC Painterly and Urban Decay Primer Potion but I now found a new primer worthy of my praise. Too Faced Shadow Insurance is a great primer. I could really just stop here, because what is there to say about an eyeshadow primer? The formula is quite oily and makes for an easy application. You only ever need a little too! It's easy to set, I've been using both eyeshadows and powder and both sets it nicely. I have had makeup on for 12 plus hours and it kept it intact. Definitely worth a purchase!

Lastly I could not forget about RCMA No Color Powder. It's been all over blogs and Youtube and when something is this hyped up, you're thinking, it can't be this good, right? Well it is and damn it because it's so hard to get your hands on! It's sold out everywhere and for a good reason. It's just brilliant. I worried it may not work with my dehydrated skin but it does, it really does miracles. It is a pure white powder, that doesn't change the colour of your foundation or casts a ghost like flashback in photos. It works for under eye baking and even fixed a staying power of my favourite foundation. I'm in love! It costs next to nothing and the only con I can think off is the packaging. You need a separate lid of a different powder to be able to apply this to a brush, but nothing is perfect and this powder comes pretty damn close. More about it HERE.

And finally what I really did the whole December - Netflix. I was so pleased to see a second season of Fuller House reaching Netflix and watched it all in a weekend. I loved Full House and love seeing my old favourites back on my screen. Yes it's silly but it reminds me of my childhood when I watched it with my Mom. My only wish it was more episodes as 13 per season on a sitcom is way too little to properly binge on! Sign up to Netflix HERE

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  1. I really have to try Too Faced Primer. Jeffrey Star matte liquid lipsticks are also quite interesting ;)


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