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Let me just get it out there: I Love Makeup Geek ! Since getting my first "few" shadows my collection has grown significantly and recently I updated it again :) I'd like to show you all the new shades that landed in my collection and see how I store them in my Inglot Flexi palette (courtesy of my lovely friend Dominika who purchased it for me back home where it's practically half price). The time has come and we'll have a little chat about new additions to my collection :)

Firstly, I did not plan on purchasing quite that many shades & the only reason I even looked at Beauty Bay was Makeup Geek new Spring/Summer '16 releases. There were few that caught my eye and few old shades came back in to stock so I couldn't say no to that now, could I? ;) Marlena, the brain behind Makeup Geek has announced all shades on her Youtube channel and I re-watched it few times to ensure I do my research before ordering all the shades. Thankfully only few really caught my eye: Anarchy, Tuscan Sun, Fashion Addict & Venom. All of these are just beautiful and I don't have any that match these in my MUG collection. I also ordered few cult shades that only just came back in stock and got I'm Peachless, Cosmopolitan, Cherry Cola Masquerade, Jester & Flame Thrower (I know, I know - I couldn't stop myself). I don't regret buying a single shade from MUG so far and I know, I'm already loving these, so it was all worth it :)

Inglot Freedom System Flexi Palette (RPR £16.00 - buy here

We all know and love Z-Palette, but I really wanted to try Inglot Flexi as I loved the way it opens and closes with the lid being held by 4 corner magnets. It's roughly the size of large Z- Palette and can hold up to 30 single shadows. What I really love about the empty palettes is my freedom to compose the palette of my dreams, not having to buy made up palettes where I may use half of the shadows but not the rest. You can also mix and match with your setting powders, contour powders, blushes, highlighters. Many professional brands like Inglot, Makeup Geek, Anastasia Beverly Hills, MAC & Make Up For Ever all have most of the products in their pro range available as per pan, so you can pick and choose your favourites :) 
Do I truly love Inglot Flexi? I do and I don't, If I have to be honest... There are few cons to owning the palette like this, for example when removing the pans, you can so easily stab the shadow with your nail. Or even opening of Flexi where the 4 magnets may just lift some of your shades from the palette and you drop them? I also don't feel too safe travelling with this palette, the magnets aren't so strong, and I'd worry constantly that it's open somewhere in my luggage. I must say I prefer Z- Palette to Inglot Flexi as I trust it more ;) 
Despite all that I still think it's well made, with heavy matte plastic and very presentable :) The price is similar to Z-Palette and yes, the material out of which Z-Palette is made may not be plastic, but overall I just prefer it.

(matte/shimmer/duochrome) RPR£4.95 & (foiled) RPR £7.95
I'm Peachless - light beige with pink/peachy reflects, duochrome finish
Cosmopolitan - peach with golden shimmer running through 
Anarchy (new) - light cranberry with rose gold shimmer running through
Venom (new) - dark green, shimmer finish
Tuscan Sun (new) - medium peach, matte finish
Fashion Addict (new) - light pinky purple, matte finish
Cherry Cola - dark brown with purple tones, matte finish (similar to Bitten, less purple in the undertone)
Masquarade - purple with lilac tones, foiled finish
Flame Thrower - true copper, foiled finish
Jester - medium green, foiled finish 

Top row from left: Jester, Masquerade, Fashion Addict, Flame Thrower, Anarchy
Bottom row from left: Venom, Cherry Cola, Tuscan Sun, Cosmopolitan, I'm Peachless

All the shades have an amazing pigmentation, I mean there isn't a shade which isn't buttery and pigmented as hell. However new shades are quite something else. Is it a new formula Marlena has kept under wraps? I don't know what it is but they're even better pigmented and buttery than your usual Makeup Geek goodness. And I thought I don't need all 18 shades from the collection! Wrong lol. I may pick up a few more in a due course, but for now I'm settled with my collection. It's any warm tone maniac dream line - I practically have it all. I may need to update my collection with more neutrals and cool tones, to have a variation there,but how can I, if Marlena keeps bringing out all these? First impressions are super positive but I will continue to review and test all the shades in different conditions so I will report back, I'm sure :)

Thank you for reading,

Dorota x

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