Tuesday 20 October 2015

New in: Tanya Burr Peachy Glow Cheek Palette review

Hello my beauties :) How's your week been so far? I'm recovering from the second offset of the most ridiculous cold. I lost my voice for few days but I'm finally on the mend. Autumn is really upon us, world outside looking all grey and depressing. So I come to you with a bit of sunshine, better yet it's healthy and won't break the bank.

I picked up this little trio recently browsing online on Superdrug site. I thought to myself, I really want to try one of Tanya Burr's new products. I didn't want any eyeshadow or the nail polish and I don't wear lipgloss or fake lashes, so I was most interested in her "contour palette". Why quotes you ask? It's a lovely cheek palette, contour it is not. 

Packaging: I have to admit, I love it. There's an obvious hint at ABH or Zoeva, as this is made of a strengthened cardboard. I love rose gold and this looks super adorable. Great addition to any collection. It's also quite light so makes a good travelling companion, weight wise anyway. What I'm not so sure about is the actual size as you could certainly make it thinner and smaller, like Sleek trio perhaps? Inside you'll find a mirror, which is always a plus. The palette is super cute and aims perfectly at the type of market Tanya attracts. Inside you will find a bronzer, a blush and a highlighter surrounded by beautiful rose gold and pink accents :)

Formula: I've known better formulas. Nevertheless products are creamy to touch, only a little chalky when swatched. They aren't super pigmented, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. They're easily buildable and you get a less chance of giving yourself a horror when applied with heavy hand. 

Bronzer, Beach Bronze is is a lovely warm yet still neutral tone. It's not too orange but also not cool toned. It's also satin finish with some glitter particles to it. This is where I have a problem with it. Tanya has been a beauty blogger for years and to advertise this as a possible contour palette is a little white lie. You can warm up your complexion in no time and it's lovely for that. Glitter is not really visible on the skin, giving it a satin like finish. I say it again, contour it is not.

Blush, Apricot Flush, is a lovely light coral pink shade. It's also a satin finish with a bit of tiny glitter mixed in. It gives your cheeks a nice flush of colour and its pigmentation is medium. I like the colour a lot, as it's perfect everyday blush in my opinion. It doesn't stay on all day and you will need to top it up during a day.

The little icing on a cake is the highlighter :) Champagne Shimmer is just a gorgeous, sparkly golden champagne shade. It's perfect for an everyday highlight as it just glides on effortlessly and it's a pleasure to blend. It's not as pigmented as my love, Mary-Lou, but as I mentioned somewhere above, that's not a bad thing. If you're only just starting with a highlighter, this one is perfect for you. It gives enough glow but not too much, unless of course you build it up.

From left: Beach Bronze, Apricot Flush, Champagne Shimmer

I'll give this palette 3 out of 5*. It's losing 2 stars for being too big, packaging wise - it could be made thinner and for satin finish bronzer, especially given the time collection has launched. Whilst I don't have a problem with satin bronzer in summer, not so much for it in the A/W season.  It's most definitely a palette which will suit the pale skinned as I don't think these shades would suit or even show on darker skin tones. I still find it oh so cute, merely due to it's packaging, as I love Rose Gold :)

You can buy it here.

Let me know what you think ladies? I'm not overly excited, I have to say, but it's a good enough little palette and priced at £8.00 it's definitely worth looking at. Given the product itself,  I would recommend choosing either Sleek or Makeup Revolution to this. They offer a matte bronzer and maybe they're not as cool toned as a proper contour shades could be, they're most definitely a better choice that this one, in my opinion :)

Thank you for reading.

Dorota x

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  1. I really like the highlighter, I haven't got any champagne shade in my collection but wouldn't buy this palette. I have the Sleek Contour Kit and I'm happy with it.

    1. I wouldn't repurchase either, I would potentially buy a highlighter on its own. It's the satin finish bronzer that kills this palette in my opinion.

  2. To be honest, the Tanya Burr range didn't excite me and appeal to me but the kit does look pretty, especially the blush :) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. I wanted to see what was it about and really check on quality. It's ok but nothing special. I wouldn't purchase again. It's pretty, packaging wise, really pretty, in fact, but that's all I can say about it.

  3. Great post. Love the cute palette and the colors are so great. Thanks for sharing.:)

    Check my new post:

    1. Thank you hun :) The palette is certainly very cute, I love the packaging :)

  4. I love the packaging, and that highlighter looks just gorgeous! Great post!
    xo Kiki

    1. I love the packaging too. Give me rose gold on anything and I will buy it ;) lol. I adore the highlight. It's perfect for the day. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't swap it for Mary-Lou but it's now my second favourite colour wise. There's an exciting strobing palette review coming soon. I hope either over the weekend or early next week if you want to check back for that x

  5. Love your post and your honest opinion! But, as for me, I've never believed that a blogger, not a professional, can create something special. Maybe I should change my mind.

    Cheers, Eliza | http://fashion-confession.com/

    1. I wouldn't go as far as saying that. There's only so much of creative input they get to have at the end of the day but you expect a lot from them. They are people who know the difference between professional and cheap and this is cheap. Also by saying that you can contour with it, it's false advertising as you don't contour with satin shades. To do a contour you need cool and matte to mimic the shade. I still think packaging is cute and quirky. I am testing little eyeshadow palette from Fleur deForce and I'm really impressed. Packaging isn't as pretty but the shadows itself, 've been using them daily. Not just because I'm testing it, but because they're really great quality :)

  6. Beautiful shades and I like the packaging too!


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