Saturday, 24 October 2015

New in: Sleek Solstice takes strobing to a new level

Hello my beauties :) It's the weekend again. Who's here planning to catch up on their beauty sleep? Tell me it's not just me? I have a girls night in today so although we're not going out it'll probably be a long one :) I'm excited so I plan on napping throughout the day to save energy for later. I was thinking long and hard on what look to go for tonight. Girls night are best to showcase your skill so I decided I'm going to be a little lazy yet fabulous and I'll just strobe the hell out of my face !!! That's right :) Strobing has been on everyone's lips for few month now. As you probably already know I love me some highlighter and I adore glowing skin so it's just my thang ;)

From left: Ecliptic, Hemisphere, Subsolar, Equinox (daylight, no flash)
When a new highlighting palette arrived at my doorstep few weeks ago I rejoiced. I am a total bore when it comes to highlight, I always end up wearing Mary-Lou Manizer. I just bloody love it !! Yet when I saw the sleek (get it??? lol) gold packaging, I behaved like any self respecting beauty addict with my eyes wide and lips forming to whisper YOU'RE MY PRECIOUS :) Sleek Highlighting Palette in Solstice is a stunner. As with any Sleek palettes inside you'll find a mirror and a brush. Ok - that brush, just throw it out. It's rubbish, bristles are so hard and scratchy and it will not blend the highlighter on your skin. Just throw it out, don't forget to think of me, as I just saved you some trouble :)

Back to the palette itself. 4 large pans with all the highlighter goodness you'll ever need. Different tones will work better for different people but in my opinion all can be used to create an amazing PRO STROBE LOOK :). I also love the names as each shade is somewhat representing the general theme of the palette. Stunning :)

Ecliptic is a top left shade in the palette. It's the only cream highlight you'll ever need. Trust me :) It's an amazing champagne highlight that blend to perfection. No nasty glitter just a full on glow.

Hemisphere is the top right shade. It's baked lilac/silver highlight. It's the one that's most visible on the skin. It will give you the wow effect you need. Just be gentle as a light hand is needed with this one :)

Subsolar is the left bottom shade, it looks a little yellow in the pot but it blends out to a lovely beige highlight. It's powder but when swatched it feels almost creamy. Such a lovely daily shade. This one isn't as out there as Hemisphere.

Equinox is the right bottom shade in the palette. It's another baked highlight but this time the tone is warmer. It's a gorgeous peach and my favourite of them all. Don't get me wrong I love them all for different things but I like some warmth to my highlighter.

What do you think? I'm in love with this little palette and have been using it non stop. I am probably visible from outer space as the shades are a pleasure to work with as well as being total stunners. 

If strobing is your thang, don't miss this one out. Available now Sleek website for £10.00.

Thank you for reading.

Dorota x

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