Thursday 29 October 2015

FREEDOM WEEK #2 - ALL YOU NEED IS... Pro HD Brow Palette in Fair Medium review with swatches

Hello my beauties and welcome to second post in my Freedom Week series. This week I'm bringing you affordable professional makeup from Freedom Makeup London :) I have to say Freedom has stepped up their game big time and came up with so many amazing new products !!! I had to have them all ;)

Brows are still very IN. Remember the good old times of over plucking and non existent brow game? Yes, me too. Thankfully it is now over. As little as year ago, it was pretty impossible to get an affordable, yet good product to step up your brow game. We had Anastasia Beverly Hills, then MAC and Inglot but these don't come cheap. The product I'm talking about today is a dupe of very famous brow book by ABH. If you haven't got £90.00 to spare - keep on reading :)

When I first saw Freedom releasing their new brow products I got super excited. I worried a little that, when it arrives, it won't be as good, as I hoped it to be, because I only spent £10.00 !! I'm pleased to confirm I was wrong. The main reason it's so hard to get a great brow product at drugstore price range are the tone of the colours. I am naturally blonde and my own brows have ashy undertones. A lot of products on the market is very warm toned, which unfortunately doesn't look very natural.I was super pleased to discover that within Pro HD Brow Palette I found only cool toned or neutral toned shades. There are few shades that appear warmer, but none are really warm.


Palette comes in sturdy, strengthened cardboard packaging. I like the matte black finish with simple white letters. It looks very professional and more expensive than it actually is. Inside you will find a large mirror (always a YAY from me), 6 double pots of powder brow product, one powder and one cream brow bone highlight, as well as a brush and brow stencils. I personally don't like using stencils but I may gift them to someone. Brush isn't great, it's way to wide to be able to do anything with.


Brow powders have a lovely, almost creamy feeling to them. Pigmentation is great but not too intense, which makes it perfect for a brow product. You can see from the swatches below that colours swatch lovely. I used a brush from the palette to swatch them for you. I find that application is great, powders blend easily as well.
Powder highlighter is a light pinky shade with a satin to sheen finish. For me that's a no go. I like my brow bone matte. This can make a good highlighter though. As with brow powders and even more so, the powder formula is almost creamy to touch and blends beautifully. 
Cream highlight is my fave here. It's a light matte beige, blends beautifully. It's a cream, but not too creamy and makes application super easy. Perfect to enhance the brow bone!! 


You get 12 brow powder shades in the palette starting from the lightest browns and taupes and finishing with medium browns and taupes. You will find that tones are either very cool, going through semi cool and neutral. It's a great palette for any blondes and up to medium brown hair. It will also work for someone with light orange/red hair. I know some people believe they need to warm up the colour of their brows, when dying your hair red, but I don't practice that. I find cool tones to be far more natural looking and would never go warm tone.  I had a little play and swatched them all for you above. Please excuse the visible glitter, I was testing some glittery creams before and didn't manage to get it all out. Shades are of course all matte :) 

To sum up I am super happy with my Pro HD Brow Palette in Fair Medium. It's a great choice for both enthusiasts, as well as professionals. I find that, if set with brow gel, these will last all day (and night) no problem. Colours are great and cool toned. Palette itself is built amazingly, it's very light and the packaging is actually very pro looking. If you are new to the whole brow game, stencils will help to guide you along the way and I find that with powders there's a less risk of messing things up. I would highly recommend buying a good angled brush. My favourites are Zoeva and Wilko. And if you already know what you're doing, these powders will help you fill in your brows in a little time due to the very good formula. I found that it's as easy to create little hair like lines as well as blend it all. Great palette altogether and I will rate this 4 out of 5*. It's losing a star for a bad brush and a shimmery powder highlight. Some may like it, I am not that person :)

So what do you think ladies? Are you tempted to buy, or maybe you already have it? Let me know what you think in the comments below :) You can buy it here and Freedom is now having 3 for 2 sale across all makeup as well :)

Thank you for reading.

Dorota x

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  1. I totally agree on the matte brow bone! ;)
    It's good to hear that this palette is good quality, even though it is so affordable!

    1. I'm in awe !! Such a great palette and so cheap !! It's so important to find that perfect brow colour and here I found few :)

  2. I really like the look of this palette! Normally I don't like using powders for my brows but I might actually get this as it has so many different shades that something should suit me :) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. You may want to go for the medium to dark palette as I think the other one may suit your colouring a little better :) I really like it :) didn't expected it to be so good !!

  3. Oh, that looks nice! Being blonde too, I struggle just like you do. Most products are just way to warm once applied.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. You should like this one then ! Mostly cool and some neutral. I currently mix few shades to achieve the most natural look :) I'm glad so many of them are so light as well, makes fidling in front so easy ! Finally a palette for us fair haired ladies :)

  4. Looks a nice palette,i got the MUR one with the brow stencils and yes i over plucked when i was younger too xx♥xx

    1. I really like this one :) I think we all over plucked in the late 90s, early Millenium lol

  5. Oh, so versatile palette! I have a cold type of an appearance so I also don't like warm brow colors and always try to find a cool ones. During 3-4 years I'm using the brow powder by Inglot, it's not cheap but it is ideal for me - it has really cute cold taupe hue which makes my brows so natural. I also love quite wide brows and need to have good products for them. If I found this pallete I'll buy it, lots of shadows here are suitable for me!

    1. Shades are incredible and yesI agree a good brow product is a must. I only ever use cool shades be that brows, foundation, bronzer, otherwise it doesn't suit me x


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