Sunday 11 October 2015

New in: SMASHBOX #SHAPEMATTERS PALLETE review with swatches. Is it worth the hype?

Happy Sunday my lovelies :) I'm happily recovering from a smashing night out so I may be a little slow on a social media front today lol. I hope you're having an amazing weekend so far. Mine was pretty busy but I spent a great night out with the ladies celebrating my besties birthday :) Managed to get in to hairdressers too, so if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you know I am rocking the blonde hair now :)

When I first saw the new Smashbox palette I was quick to decide, I need it in my life. I've seen their contouring trio and always wanted one, but the price tag scared me a little. So when I saw that Boots released this incredible palette at half price (£30.00), I know there will never be a better time to buy it. Standard RPR is £60.00.

#SHAPEMATTERS PALETTE is a great collection of contour shades for your brows, face as well as your eyes. It comes in good quality black matte plastic packaging with shiny black logo. When you open it up, you get a huge mirror, making it a great choice for travelling. You also get a double-ended brush. One side is for application and blending and the other for brows/eyeliner. I like the blending brush better than the angled one as it's a little too big for me to use for eyeliner. You need it thinner in my opinion to get the precision needed for eyeliner or brow product application. It will work great for smudging out eyeliner though.

Starting with brows you get 3 pots: one being a brow wax which has some serious staying power and two brow powders. Both shades are very neutral, neither is warm or cool. I find the light shade (Taupe) works for me just about but I wish it was more cool toned as my own brows are.Second shade (Soft Brown) would suit someone with a tad darker hair than mine. Nevertheless it's a great trio and I absolutely love the brow wax. It's a hit !!!

From left: Taupe, Soft Brown
From left Glow, Highlight (matte), Bronze, Contour
From left: Contour, Bronze, Highlight and Glow
Moving on to face contour. Here's where the magic happens :) You get one bronzer shade called Bronze which is still quite light and works beautifully to warm up my complexion. Second is a cool toned contour (Contour)
I AM IN LOVE with it. It blends beautifully and only a tiniest amount is needed to fully contour your cheeks, nose etc. I would highly recommend a light hand here as the shades are pretty well pigmented. They blend well though so no worries here. You also get two highlight shades: one matte (Highlight) and one shimmer (Glow). I used the matte to set my under eye concealer and it worked great. Shimmer highlight is just beautiful champagne colour and it stayed on pretty well during the day. After 12 hours of wear my concealer did not crease, my contour and highlight were visible. Why didn't I try this sooner?????

Moving on to the eyeshadows. You get 9 eyeshadows in the palette, 3 of which you can use both wet and dry as an eyeliner. 6 mattes and 3 shimmers are all well pigmented. I managed to get both day and evening look out of them. It's still pretty neutral palette so great to see so many matte shades :)
I found all of them to have intense pigmentation. They are all very bendable, even the darkest shades. I used darkest mattes wet as an eyeliner and they stayed on for 12 hours !!! I was in shock !!
I watched them all for you here:

From left: Champagne, Totally Nude, Vanilla
From left: Platinum, Posh, Stripped
From left: Blackout, Aubergine, Sumatra
Vanilla - light beige matte. Perfect to set your primer with and to contour underneath the brow.
Totally Nude - medium beige matte. Great as a transition colour in the crease.
Champagne - warm champagne shimmer. Great for inner corner accent or in the middle of the lid to add more definition.
Stripped - light neutral brown matte. Another great transition shade.
Posh - rose gold shimmer. Beautiful for accenting or all over the lid. 
Platinum - light antique gold shimmer (cool toned). Another gorgeous all over the lid shade. Just beautiful.
Sumatra - dark brown matte. Great for contouring the lid or as an eyeliner. Use wet/dry.
Aubergine - dark plum matte. Again great for contouring the lid and outer corners or as an eyeliner. You can use it wet and dry.
Blackout - black matte. Same as above, works beautifully wet as an eyeliner.

I can't find any big faults with this palette. It's a great travel palette. Yes, it's rather big but you can honestly do a full face makeup using this palette alone. If I could change one thing, it would be to have more cool toned brow shades. They still work for me, but I know it would work even better being cool toned and not neutral :)

As I got this on Boots promo offer I think it's an amazing value for money. Would I pay standard RPR? I probably wouldn't purchase it straight away online. I would have to swatch it first in store. I think the quality is amazing and it's definitely worth it. 

My favourites from the palette are most definitely contour shade and a shimmer highlight. They work so beautifully on someone so pale as me :) I also love matte eyeshadows. I don't think they are as good as Zoeva mattes though, but that's just my opinion. I am in awe of eyeliner shades. I couldn't believe how long they stayed on and having them for 12 hours, the intensity was still there, maybe lost it a bit but not much.

What do you think my beauties? Are you in love with this palette and wishing Boots will put it on offer again, or maybe not? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 

You can buy it here for £60.00.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and I'll see you here again on Tuesday with a brand new post :)

Thank you for reading.

Dorota x

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  1. Ahh I'm so jealous! It went out of stock so I didn't have a chance to get it. I don't think it's worth splurging £60 too. :(

    Daniella | Freshly Pressed Beauty

    1. Before I got it I didn't think so either but 3 contouring powders alone cost £35 and eyeliner shades are to die for. Eyeshadow mattes are defo worthave it too. It was such a great deal though :)

  2. I'm regretting now I didn't get it :( I saw it the other day in Boots and swatched it and I knew immediately that the powders are great quality but I just really don't need this kind of palette. I know I wouldn't reach for it on every day basis. Great deal though when it was on offer! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. It's such a great palette. The contour shade is amazing, highlights both matte and shimmer give me life. But the biggest surprise was how well eyeliner shades lasted on me when applied wet... I mean so so good :) I've been reaching for it all week and it's the only one you need for travelling - I mean have you seen the size of that mirror alone :) I'm glad I decided to get it and on offer, it was such a great value for money x

  3. Nice review! This palette sounds great, but for some reason I'm not attracted to all-in-one palettes. I don't really know why, but I prefer having separate palettes for different types od products.

    1. I agree with you. I much prefer to have separate products as it's normally impossible to find a really good all in one palette. This comes pretty close though :)

  4. this palette looks so stunning!! really great review! its now on my extremely long wish list! haha

    1. Haha I can bet you my list is probably as long if not longer:) here's to healthy habits :)

  5. I just adore your are really great beauty blogger <3

    1. I have a lot to learn yet, but I'may enjoying the learning process :) thank you darling x x x

  6. That plum shade!! I would love this palette in winter as I usually go nude that time! And I would probably use the contour and highlighter shades on my eyes too. :)

    1. I know right? The plum shade is incredible. I've been obsessing over contour shade too :) thanks hun x

  7. Jakie cudo :) Piękne kolory - takie w moim guście.

    1. Idealna paleta na codzień :) Zakochałam się w odcieniu do konturowania :)


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