Thursday 30 July 2015

Makeup Revolution Naked Chocolate full sized review

Hello my lovelies. It's another gloomy day here in UK despite it being the middle of summer. Wedding season is still on and a quest for finding that perfect neutral palette can be a real struggle. Of course there's plenty of fish in the sea. From Urban Decay Naked 1-3 through Too Faced Chocolate palette. These can be quite pricey but there's no denying how lovely they are.

Is there a cheaper alternative that provides an excellent quality shadows with great, quirky packaging? Enter Makeup Revolution. They started their Chocolate line with I heart Chocolate and Death by Chocolate. I own the latter and it's my, by far, the most used palette of all times. Shadows are well pigmented and creamy and blend beautifully. So when Naked Chocolate came out I knew that at some point I will just have to have it.

I took up recent offer from MUR where, when you spent £30 you got -£10 so my whole order costed me only £20. I ordered few extra bits as well but when I saw Naked Chocolate for the first time, I knew it was a love from a first sight.

Let's start with the packaging. I actually prefer Makeup Revolution version of chocolate packaging. It is gorgeous, half melted chocolate design. This time it comes in white chocolate colour.

General theme is lighter too with beautiful shades that will suit even the palest complexions like mine. What I missed in Death by Chocolate were the light crease shades and this is where Naked Chocolate delivers :)

I especially like Tob-le-rone which is a light taupe matte. I have to mention that mattes are of semi-matte finish. They blend well, but if you are looking for flat matte finish you may need to look elsewhere. What's really handy is the design of two highlight shades, one matte, one shimmer. They both have lager pans which means more product. I'm obsessed with matte beige shades as I tend to lighten other shades by mixing with it and blending out shadows too so I use matte beige quite a lot. Smoothly is a nice example. Milky is a lovely crease cool tone shade. It's not the most pigmented of shades but it does the job nicely. Mattes are completed by one medium, warm brown - Sweet Shop and darker, more cool toned Choc-fest. Both of them will work beautifully to deepen the crease of shapen the edges of the makeup. Lastly we have Wonka - darker neutral toned brown. There you have it 6 gorgeous semi mattes that should make any daytime or evening wear makeup possible. They are also not too dark which means they are perfect for blending out.

We know that shimmers are something Makeup Revolution tends to do right. And Naked Chocolate isn't exception to this rule. Think gold in every shade imaginable. That's the general theme behind this palette. Adorable is a lovely light shade with pink undertones. Chic is a light gold shade. Divine is a beautiful rose gold and Double Dip has more of an antique gold mark to it. Mocha Lover and Frosted Choc have copper written all over them. Both are gorgeous and will enhance any blue/grey eyes :) Dipped and Buttons are brown shimmers, slightly darker shades but with beautiful sheen to them.  Delight is taupe with gold shimmer which looks incredible when blended. Lastly Sugar is a rich brown with plum undertones.

From right: Smoothly, Divine, Mocha Lover and Dipped

From right: Adorable, Buttons, Frosted Choc and Delight

From right: Double Dip, Tob-le-rone, Wonka and Milky

From right: Way, Sugar, Sweet Shop and Choc-fest

Daytime makeup - check. Evening makeup - double check. You can do so many looks with Naked Chocolate but if you enjoy a good neutral palette with variety of shades and undertones this is the one for you. You have neutrals, warm and cool shades both in matte and shimmer variations.

In general pigmentation is really good, especially with shimmer shades. Lighter mattes have a lighter pay-off also which can be a turn off for some but I quite like it as it means more control in the crease for example. Darker mattes have an incredible colour pay-off too !!

Shades blend really well and don't disappear when you blend them out. They are also quite "forgiving" especially the crease colour as they lack a little in pigmentation, therefore increasing your control of the outcome.

I'm seriously impressed. I really like the fact that this is not a dupe for another Too Faced or Urban Decay palette. It's the most original palette of them all. I like how colour scheme has been designed as I think it will work well with different skin tones and eye colours. I really like the variety of undertones. I can't find a single fault except for maybe I'd like matte beige to be a little more pigmented. I don't mind it with medium shades but I really like beige shade to have an excellent colour pay-off.

What do you think ladies? Have you been on a lookout for a good neutral palette that won't break the bank? You can buy Naked Chocolate for £8 from here and in Superdrug here.

Thank you for reading & hope to see you next time.

Dorota x

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  1. Oh WOW. Now this is definitely a palette that I think I would like to have in my collection!! xxx

  2. LoveLoveLove it! <3 It's super pretty, but I'd be afraid to take a bite out of it ;) Just kidding, I NEED IT! ;)
    Xoxo, Nyx

    1. It's pretty and you start craving chocolate just by looking at it :) Isn't the design just the best out of all chocolate palettes - I prefer it to Too Faced one :) I like the colours and how original it is as previous versions were meant to be dupes and this one just hits every right spot for me :)

      Thanks for your lovely comment hun x

  3. Cześć! Paleta jest bardzo kusząca...ale mam wrażenie, że trochę przypomina NAKED 2. Nie uważasz?

    1. Jeden czy dwa cienie ale jest moim zdaniem jaśniejsza od Naked 2. Mam Naked 2 i kusze zrobić ich porównanie :)

  4. It's love from the first sight!!! I do love this palettes, ever shadow is cool! And I especially love the design, it should be the best decor :)

    1. I adore the design of it. And I really like the shades !! It's a must for me now :)

  5. Czytam sobie właśnie tą recenzję przed włożeniem jej do koszyka :D


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