Saturday 1 August 2015

Nails Inc Gel Effect nail polishes in depth review and swatches

Hello my lovelies. It's Saturday and my post is really late. I apologise as I've been bracing a little room refurbishment since Wednesday. It is now done except for delivery of some extra bits from IKEA. I am now a proud owner of white walls and one accent grey wall. My bedroom/beauty room is so clean and gorgeous. I will be doing a post on it once I'm through with everything :)

Back to the topic of today's ramblings, which, as the title suggests, are new gel finish nail polishes from Nails Inc. There's a theme here, as I previously reviewed new gel like nail polishes from Barry M. To read all about it, click here for my thoughts on Sunset Daylight Curing nail paints.

Gel effect Nail polish from Nails Inc have been designed to mimic gel like manicure at home without having to cure them under UV lamp. These are used by itself without having to finish them off with the top coat as you would with Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing range. They cost in between £14 and £15 each as opposed to £4.99 for Barry M counterpart.

Here's what Nails Inc has to say about them:

The bestselling Gel effect polish range formulated with revolutionary plasticiser technology for a flawless manicure at home. Gel effect polish glides on effortlessly and the extra wide brush ensures easy application. Highly pigmented to provide exceptional coverage and with a plumping agent to level out any imperfections on the nail.

I will agree that extra wide brush tends to help with an application process as the polish goes on in no time. 

They are in fact quite pigmented, however two coats are needed for a flawless finish. Some shades cover better than others in my opinion and I will talk about that when discussing each individual colour. They do fill out the the ridges of the nails creating a smooth finish which is actually pretty great. 

Drying time is quite long. With two coats you may need to spend minimum of 10 minutes as they take longer to harden than, for example it's Barry M competition. 

They last aprox 4-7 days depending on how hands on I was being at the time of testing. However on acrylic nails the colour will last up to 2 weeks as I've painted acrylic extensions for my friend and they lasted a whole two weeks without having to top them up. She experienced no chipping, only slight rubbing off at the ends.

From left: Regent Place, Soho Place, Uptown

I own 3 shades in the range, all accumulated through various beauty boxes from Latest in Beauty:

  • Uptown is a lovely dusty pink nude shade. It goes on evenly and creates a smooth, glossy finish. It's a perfect pink nude in my opinion.
  • Soho Place is a perfect summer turquoise shade. Again it goes on very evenly and with two coats it does have a gel like, glossy finish. It's gorgeous and my favourite of the three that I own.
  • Regent Place is a pale yet opaque blue with slight lilac undertone to it. It's another summer shade in the collection. This one I had troubles with an application, as it didn't cover as evenly as the two others. It needed 3 coats but in the end the results wasn't as perfect as with others. Because of the thickness of 3 coats, it also needed the most time to dry and harden.
I really like the new packaging from Nails Inc. I find it more modern and it looks great on my vanity. I really like the colours that I own with Soho Place being the most worn shade by me. I love turquoise for summer and this had hit all the right spots for me. Uptown I will continue to wear through autumn and winter as well. It's a great pinky nude that looks really polished on the nails.

I found that these best apply on a clean nail. I use few base coats and they affected the application and drying time. I found Regent Place to have the worst finish, with pigment not applying evenly and taking longest to dry as well.

I'm not particularly sold on Nails Inc at this point. I think they offer an amazing range of shades and there's something for everyone to choose from. However for the price, I expected them to be better than Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing. What I found is that the drying time is longer and application isn't as easy or even as with others. For a £15 mark I would expect more I guess. I'm glad I was able to test these and two are my absolute favourite shades already but would I purchase them in the future? I'm not 100% sure.

You can find the whole range here.

Let me know what your experiences are with Nails Inc. Do you own any of their Gel effect polishes? Do you like them? I'd like to know your opinions :)

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you here next time.

Dorota x

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  1. jakie piękne kolorki mają :)

    1. To prawda kolorki piękne, ale nie wiem, czy bym się na nie skusiła :)

  2. I like to have nice looking nails. But not so Crazy 😊to spend on that £14! But the range of colors is beautiful! 💕

    1. Range of colours is really pretty and it's a shame that Barry M range only has 7 colours in total but I prefer the formula and the finish plus they cost £4.99


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