Thursday, 23 July 2015

Freedom Makeup London eyeshadow palette in Dreamcatcher lets your imagination run freely

What a lovely name to be given to the eyeshadow palette. Dreamcatcher does just that. You can let your imagination run wild and create the most extraordinary looks. I'm not a makeup artist, I don't photoshop my images. I prefer if what you see, is the real look, as I was just stepping out of the cab to meet you for drinks. I will be talking about eyeshadows today but for the first time I will be showing you what I created using it. Please be nice, it's my first go and I will get better I promise ;)

I love summer, don't you? I especially love hanging around my garden and watching flowers I planted in the spring come to the full bloom. This look was created because of just that, my pretty pink and blue flowers in the garden :)

Dreamcatcher looks a lot like his more expensive mate from NARS, Dual Intensity Eyeshadow. I don't know NARS eyeshadows, however this palette has grabbed by attention instantly when I was making my order at Freedom website. Don't know Freedom? Visit their website for all the goodness that they have launched recently. 

I was mesmerised by this palette because of the colours included. From neutrals through pinks and purples to navy blue and dark, intensive green. What's not to love? I had to have it. Palette consists of 12 super pigmented, shimmer eyeshadows. Would I get it knowing that all the shades would sparkle? Probably not and what a huge mistake would I make !! I don't wear a lot of shimmer as with hooded eyes I prefer myself in mattes. Don't get me wrong I love a good shimmer lid, just not on me ;) 

Pigmentation of these bad boys is incredible, swatches shown were made by me just lightly tapping the eyeshadows and just look at them... There are no words. I didn't experienced fall out either, but I rarely do with any eyeshadows. I believe the fall out depends more on the technique and as long as the product you're working with, is soft and has a cream like in texture, you are good to go. Have a look for yourself and let me know if Dreamcatcher has caught your attention as well. 

You can buy Dreamcatcher for as little as £4 here.

I created a look today that made me fall back in love with shimmers. I used a matte bronzer and beige matte eyeshadow in my crease and to help with blending but the rest is pure shimmer, "dream catchingly" so ;) 

For my look I used two top left shades for the inner eye and lightly at the centre on the top lid. I then started to blend in the navy in the outer corner, creating the smokey effect. I blended it out with cool tone bronzer and light beige matte. On the centre of the lid I builded up the pink shade firstly dry and then with a little of face mist. I didn't have a problem applying it wet, making this palette even more versatile. I didn't use base as I wanted it to show the real pigmentation and colours on it's own. I recreated the top lid at the bottom and completed the look with two coats of Collection Lengthening mascara :)

I hope you enjoyed my little review and the first ever eye makeup look on the blog. Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.

Dorota x

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