Sunday 12 July 2015

Strobing is a thing - battle for the glow.

Forget contouring - strobing is a new thing. I have to say when I first heard the name I thought I must have stumbled upon a kinky website. Little did I know that my daily makeup routine has now a new name and it’s so IN!! Strobing is highlighting but highlighting as you've never done before. It’s a glow on crack :) Rules. There are none. Do you need to buy new products? As long as you already own a liquid/cream highlight, dewy foundation, glow setting powder and powder highlight - you are set to become a strobing Queen or a King - Manny MUA takes strobing to another lever (I want Manny to be my GBFF). 

Let’s talk how to
  1. Firstly start with liquid highlight. After you prep your base apply the highlighter to the highest points of your face: cheekbones, chin, bridge of nose, cupid bow, over the brow bone etc. Or go for a full glow and apply it to your whole face. I do ! 
  2. Apply your dewy foundation. I recommend Rimmel’s Wake Me Up or NARS Sheer Glow whatever your budget. Use a sponge or a Stipling Brush and only press the pigment to your face as you don’t want it to move the highlight underneath. Don’t own any dewy foundations? Don't worry, just add one drop of oil : sweet almond, coconut, avocado, marula, jojoba, whatever you have next to you. So one drop to your foundation will not affect it’s coverage but it will make it dewy. After application ensure you take excess oil out by gently pressing with a tissue.
  3. Set your foundation with a dewy powder. I recommend Makeup Revolution Radiance Palette if you’re on a budget or Hourglass Ambient Light if you’re not :) it will set your makeup well but won’t give you a matte finish. Press the powder into the skin. Use diferrent shades around the face to give it that strobing contour look.
  4. Powder highlight time. Use something like Freedom Pro highlighter or Mary-Lou Manizer to highlight highest point of your face as you did in step 1. 
  5. Look in the mirror. You have turned in to a strobing queen. Any celeb would be worthy of that glow. Someone get me onto a red carpet now !!!
Does it take a lot of product - sure. Do you actually apply a lot of product - not at all. You swap certain items for their dewy counterparts. Don’t be afraid of strobing and if it turns out not so great? Take it off. It’s just makeup :) I, myself have a certain love for highlighters. I adore dewy skin look so I always try to apply at least two of the above rules to my daily routine. And my skin never looked better.
Products I own and love and are perfect for strobing:
Makeup Revolution Highlighter Palette in Radiance Light - I use these powders as a setting powder to create a slight contour look to the face but only by using different shades of highlight. I only ever once tried the Hourglass but as dupes go MUR did an excellent job. Get it here for £8 
MUR Radiance Palette Swatches from bottom: Breath, Exhale, Glow
From Left: Breathe, Exhale, Glow
Jelly Pong Pong All Over Glow is an oil-free, lightweight aluminising gel. Perfect for any skin type. I apply it under foundation over the primer and even mix a little with the foundation for added dewiness. It gives a subtle glow. Available here for £10.

From bottom: Jelly Pong Pong, Kryolan for Glossybox swatches
Kryolan for Glossybox Highlighter in Cashmere is a lovely cream product in a champagne like shade. It’s a creamy version of Mary Lou (just a little more subtle). Use it under of above your foundation for a cheeky glow without glitter. Lovely :) Unfortunately this isn't available but check out Kryolan for more awesome products here.
Mary-Lou Manizer is a cult product for a reason. The glow you can get from this little product is beyond anything I’ve seen. Light highlight, sure, just make sure you use a very light hand as this product can be built up. Ever wonder if you’re visible from outer space? Wearing Mary you can be :) Get it here for £17.49.
Freedom Makeup London Pro Highlighter in Brighten gives a really good shine. This is the cheapest of the bunch and at £3 you get an amazing highlight to rival it’s more expensive competition. If you’re new to strobing start with something like this. It’s pigmentation is really good yet there’s a less chance you end up rivalling xmas lights as it can be a case with heavy hands and Mary-Lou :) Get it here.
From left swatches of Mary-Lou Manizer, Blushing Hearts, Freedom Makeup Pro Highlighter
Lastly I’d like to include a blush. Makeup Revolution Blushing Hearts in Peachy Pink Kisses is an incredible highlight. Mix all shades together for an awesome glow to your cheeks as a blusher. Or use separate shades to highlight parts of your face. This is a multitasker and the results are super pretty. At £5 it won’t break the bank either. Buy it here.
Have you tried strobing yet? Or, as myself, you have been using it forever just calling it what it is - extreme highlighting? :) I would love to know your thoughts on the subject. Have you used any of the products I mention? Do you know anything I ought to try yet? Let me know in the comments below.
Thank you for reading and see you next time.
Dorota x


  1. Everybody talk about the Mary-Lou Manizer, I need this one in my life =D

    1. Mary-Lou is a love from the first sight or touch. It gives an incredible glow !! And you are absolutely right - it's a must have :)

  2. Knowing me I'd probably totally overdo it. Bet my buttons I'd end up looking like a flamin' disco ball. :D I do love my highlighters though, I own quite a few, and I fully intend to give this strobing thingy a go. You never know, it might just work for me despite my complete and utter lack of makeup skills. :D

    1. Unbeknown to me I've been strobing for a year or so. I just called it as it is - highlighting ;) I would suggest to start with light hand and work your way up :) Strobing doesn't necessarily mean sparkle either. Something like a MUR palette would do just fine on it's own giving a lovely glow without sparkle. Plus it's easier to control than Mary-Lou. And there's nothing wrong with a disco ball :) How else aliens are supposed to see us? :) :) :)

  3. I need that blushing heart in my life <3 All Your fault Dorota ! :D Cute x


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