Wednesday 24 February 2021

Hmmm, let’s talk about Keys Soulcare

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Keys Soulcare has launched in the UK with its zen messages and luxury packaging, but is it worth a splurge? I tested their skincare range so you don't have to. Let’s talk!

Housed in beautiful purple glass packaging, the Keys Soulcare by Alicia Keys does luxury well and does it at a reasonable price. The range consists of 9 products, and I brought 3 that immediately caught my interest.

Products I bought | review

Skin Transformation Cream | £30 for 50ml | is a lovely lightweight and hydrating moisturiser. I picked a fragrance-free option and I’m happy with my choice. It’s based on emollients like Glycerin and Squalane supported by barrier repairing Ceramides, ultra-hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, as well as Niacinamide, Bakuchiol, Trehalose, Honey, and Panthenol. Gentle and calming, the moisturiser goes on smoothly and sinks in quickly. Good day and night, but if you’re dry you may want to add a splash of face oil at night. Overall, I really enjoy it, it’s nothing groundbreaking but it’s a good moisturiser, suited to most skin types.

I wish Comforting Balm | £10 for 7.5g | came in a bigger size, as I seem to be going through it uber quick! It has a lovely sweet scent and tastes vanilla a little bit. I love using it on my lips, and it keeps my rather dry lips in top condition. Based on Castor Oil, alongside a multitude of emollient and occlusive ingredients, it makes for a pretty perfect lip balm. One that will go quite quickly though, but for £10 it’s definitely worth checking out.

I regret buying the Harmony Mask | £28 for 50g | as it’s just not made for my combo to dry skin. It looks good on paper when you look at the ingredient list, but sadly in practice, it doesn’t do it for me, in fact, it only makes my skin feel a lot drier. It dries down and while doing so it seems to be sucking all the moisture from my skin. Not a fan.

Products I’ve passed on and why

I was tempted by the Golden Cleanser | £20 for 170ml | but I am glad I’ve passed now I’ve seen the reviews online. Despite a lack of information about it, this formula foams and leaves skin feeling tight and stripped. I guess if you’re oily you can get away with it in the summer, but stripping moisture is never a good thing for any skin type in my opinion.

I knew I’ll be staying away from Be Luminous Exfoliator | £22 for 65g | as I simply don’t get on with physical exfoliants. The ingredients look okay, but nothing special. I guess the chemical side of exfoliation comes from Lactic Acid, but with Kaolin at the front of the list, you can probably tell this product would be a bit too stripping for me. It’s a no from me.

One product I regret not buying is the reviving Aura Mist | £22 for 100ml. Based on rose water and enriched with Witch Hazel, Glycerin, Betaine , Trehalose, and Hyaluronic Acid it seems like a lovely powerhouse when it comes to a toner. I have too many mists to be able to justify a purchase right now, but I feel like we’d be good friends if I had!

I love a candle but I must admit, the Sage + Oat Milk Candle just doesn’t sell it to me. I can’t even imagine this scent and I can’t see if I would even like it. I’m sure it’s lovely and all, but it’s just doesn’t do it for me as I prefer scents around me to be either sweet or citrusy!

Last but not least, Obsidian Face Roller | £25 seems like a lovely roller but if you already have one, you’d never need another. I have another, made from Quartz, and use it occasionally in the morning to help de-puff, but once you tried one, you've tried them all, you know? 

Keys Soulcare overview

Whilst I adore the packaging, the Keys Soulcare is very much a bit of a hit and miss in my opinion. I wished they only launched a few products and not a complete routine, but rather spend more time developing formulas a bit longer as I feel some (cleanser in particular) feel rushed? I adore the moisturiser and I really like the balm, though I’m definitely going through the latter super quick (it’s tasty okay?!), and I would have splurged on a mist but I have way too many toners on the go right now to be able to justify it. The rest? Easy pass. Maybe if my skin was a bit more oily, the mask and I would be better suited but at the same time, I don’t believe overly drying products are good for any skin type. I just wish I didn’t waste my hard-earned cash on it. Would I repurchase anything? It's too early to tell on the moisturiser since I have so many faves in this area, but I really like the lip balm, and I'd repurchase it in the heartbeat.

Have you tried Keys Soulcare yet, or planning to? What products, if any are calling your name?

Keys Soulcare is now available on Cult Beauty. Get your shopping freak on here.

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