Friday 25 December 2020

What’s up in beauty: my autumn faves

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Remember when I restarted my beauty favourite posts back with My Summer Faves? Well before we officially enter winter on Monday, here are my autumn faves, creme de la creme of beauty I’ve used not stop using in the last 3 months. There’s even a hair product (again, I know!), so grab a cuppa, sit comfortably & let’s get on with it!

Cool girl’s hair.

I must start with the hair as it’s been a newfound focus of mine in the second half of 2020. I’ve gone back to grey/lilac/cool blonde again, so hair products have been high on my list of priorities. The brand has launched an extension to their Blondage range with a fabulous Redken Blondage Express Anti-Brass mask for super cool blondes and I love it. Yes, it’s a purple mask, but not only does it not make your hair lilac, but does a fab job at keeping it cool and blonde, and it’s also fab at covering hair without spending too much time on the application. Use once weekly or where required for as little as 5 minutes, depending on your desired effect. Retailing at £26, so not exactly cheap, there’s always a code on Look Fantastic that usually works on Redken. Bought with my own money, but if Redken wants to sponsor me going forward, I’m down, as it’s bloody brilliant!

K-Beauty all day every day.

As you may know, I’ve been a part of The Fifteen this year and what a year has it been. You can check my fellow girls and boys and my own mug here, but essentially working more closely with Tonic15 - or the only K-beauty UK based online store you should bother with, has been brilliant. I was privy to new releases and there’s been a few fantastic products I’ve fallen for this year. In the last few months, I’ve discovered a gentle Sioris Cleanse Me Softly Milk Cleanser - a glorious second or morning cleanse pick I’ve been using most of the last few months. Sioris is a great, more budget-friendly K-beauty brand which offers quality products without the need to break the bank. The cleanser retails at £22 but with my code (affiliate!) BDQBLOG, you can grab it for only £18.70! Light feel and sensitive and sensitised skin-friendly it will work great as a cleanser, and a hybrid hydrating mask if you want to leave it to work for 5 minutes or so!

I also finally took the plunge and decided to try the bestselling I’m From Honey Mask and trust me, I’m never looking back. It’s very nourishing, formula-wise and that scent! It feels like honey though it isn’t as sticky, and I personally prefer to apply it either with a brush or opt for fingers only if I have a sink next to me. The luscious formula not only works great at keeping skin soft and supple, but the scent works wonders to uplift my mood. It’s a happy mask for me so I opt for it in the morning if I wake up and feel a little blah. It’s like a happy pill without having to self medicate lol. I know it won’t be for everyone but if you like honey, and you like the masks that you can relax in then you may just love it as much as I do. It’s not a quick fix mask and I recommend a minimum 30 mins with it on, even if I often leave it on for an hour or so. I need a full-size jar, that’s for sure!

I finally tried Glow Recipe this year and I must say: I’m impressed. Cute packaging, good formulas - the products really sell themselves. But the product I think deserves a huge shoutout is their Watermelon Glow Lip Pop - yes, the lip balm. Long gone are days when I thought nothing of lip nourishing products, Image Lip Enhancement balm changed that for me, but it!: rare I find something that works for me, and Glow Lip Pop does, so yay! I love the scent (read taste), I love how nourished it makes my lips and I appreciate a lipstick like application which is a lot less messy than using your finger lol. Honestly, it’s a fantastic little gem that I’ve used daily since I tried it. And you can grab it in a fantastic Cult Beauty promo right now, with a duo offered for £17.50! Yes, it’s in my basket as I need to stock up.

Huda rulezzz.

It seems that daily makeup-wise Huda Kattan has done it again! Don’t get me wrong, I buy a lot of makeup but my favourites always go to my easy day to day makeup picks, you know, ones I actually use over and over again. And that’s exactly what happened with Huda Beauty Haze Khaki - another instalment in Huda’s 9-pan mini palette series, which again stolen my heart. I must admit I prefer smaller palettes as I tend to reach for them a lot more than the big ones. Haze Khaki is a truly stunning every day to night neutral palette and I’ve been reaching for it a lot. If I had one complaint it’s that, it isn’t really green or khaki and the only shade that remotely has any khaki tones is the middle one, and that still looks more cool brown than khaki in my opinion. Having said that, the palette has been a hit with me anyways, though for different reasons than when I purchased it. Available from Boots, Cult Beauty and Feel Unique.

Another goodie which launched in autumn and has taken over my makeup routine is the Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Stick Foundation or as I’d like to call it, what the liquid foundation should have been: Instagram filter-like without the heavy coverage and the cake. I didn’t quite get on with the original, it was way too heavy and other than doing an Instagram look, I would never wear it out as you could see I was wearing makeup. It also reacted quite funny, there were days when it made me look like full coverage Insta baddie and there were days when it looked bloody awful after a 3-4 hour wear. The new stick version answered all my prayers. It offers rather light-medium coverage which is Buildable to strong medium, it doesn’t cake up, it feels hydrating and you don’t even need to set it with powder as it sets on its own and stays put all day. Magic! It’s a better choice than the original in my opinion and the shade range is quite fabulous judging by glowing reviews by many different skin tone bloggers and influencers. Huda not only got her shades right but also the undertones, so well done! It’s easy to use, blends quickly and I prefer to use a flat top brush to get best coverage. Can’t say a bad word really and if you’re into it, and have the budget, it’ll be a great pick, I think! Available from Boots (on offer now for only £25.60!), Cult Beauty and Feel Unique.

There you have it, my latest beauty favourites I’ve been using in autumn and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Have you tried any or perhaps find this article useful and want to treat yourself? Please let me know in the comments!

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