Sunday 20 September 2020

K-Beauty tested #2: Huxley Secret of Sahara Eye Cream Concentrate On

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Taking on quite a controversial subject in a skincare community. Eye cream, do we need it? I say yes. And if you can find yourself one to plump your 35 years old under eyes, you hold on to it for as long as you can. Say hello to my one and only little pot magic: Huxley Secret of Sahara Eye Cream: Concentrate On.

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If you’ve never heard of Huxley before, it’s a South Korean brand that aims to introduce the consumer to genuinely great skincare amid a flood of over the top and often not necessary products. Huxley doesn’t just churn out new launches every other week or a month, it brings in cooked to perfection formulas to their rather streamlined line where the need arises. And I love that. I don’t know about you but I am more and more sick and tired of makeup and skincare brands going after hype and launching products left right and centre. I want formulas that take years in research, that work and well, the more I try the more I’m into Huxley with their contemporary clean and minimalistic packaging through classic textures and incredible scent. It’s that Huxley feeling. If you know, you know and if you don’t, it’s time to change that.

Highly anticipated new launch, Huxley Eye Cream Concentrate On is rich, buttery, but somehow not heavy, a cream designed with dry, tired under eyes in mind. Despite its richness, it’s not at all heavy, and you truly don’t need to worry about puffiness. But if you’re on a lookout for an eye cream that will deliver long-lasting hydration, sits well under makeup and works almost like an overnight mask at the same time, you may want to read for a little bit longer.

Dry under eyes is a real deal. It’s often funny how two areas located so close to each other, be so different but hey, eyelids and under eyes do that so well. I never thought I would suffer from dryness under eyes since my eyelids were so incredibly oily, but here we are. And you know those pesky fine lines under the eye? They could be the sign you’re in a serious need of a moisturising kick!

Formulated with Moroccan cactus-derived ceramide complex and prickly pear seed oil and extract, this fabulously plumping formula will make you enjoy eye cream once more. I absolutely love lathering my eye contour while gently patting it on. Or I go one step extra and use cooling eye applicator to maximise the luxurious feeling of Huxley Eye Cream Concentrate On. Ceramides strengthen the delicate skin around the eyes, ensure moisture barrier is healthy and sound and plump out the first lines and wrinkles over time.

You may not believe you need an eye cream and having tested a lot in my day, I sometimes agree, but not every eye cream is the same and finding a formula that works for you like Huxley Concentrate On works for me may convince you to try it. Yes, it may take a while for the true benefits to kick in but having tested it for a few months, I see the long term benefits more clearly now. At first, I loved it for the texture as I tend to reach for more creamy formulas more than I do serum. Not to shit on eye serums, not at all in fact, as I have a few that I adore such as Dermalogica Biolumin C Eye Serum, but there’s something about a rich moisturiser that makes me instantly want to slather my whole body in it.

And there’s plenty of product to go too if you went a little heavier than usual. No judgement, I have overused it for months now! The Huxley Eye Cream Concentrate On comes in a huge 30ml pot, double the standard size of an eye product and so it’ll last you forever. Having said that, if you overuse it, you may find yourself halfway through it a few months in. I love it, okay, don’t @ me!

Now let’s chat those precious ingredients some more. Huxley prides itself on the inclusion of prickly pear oil and extracts in all of their moisturisers, both face and eye, and for a good reason. The prickly pear seed oil has over 60% Linoleic acid content, which is great for moisturising as it’s quite thin and able to be absorbed easily by our skin. It’s also fantastic if you’re struggling with compromised skin barrier and aren’t we all at some point? Prickly pear extract goes an extra mile in where antioxidant properties are concerned thanks to the phenolic compounds (antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing) that can permeate through a skin barrier, help soothe and hydrate the delicate under-eye area. You’ll also find a complex of Oleic acid (a lot more rich and thick than Linoleic acid, aimed at dry and ageing skin), Lecithin (soothes and moisturises) and Terminalia Arjuna Extract (strengthens the skin barrier and increases sebum production) aiming to reduce the signs of dry skin while soothing and protecting it from the elements. I could go on but you get my gist.

If you haven't got it from this biased AF eye cream review, I am so in love with Huxley Secrets of Sahara Eye Cream Concentrate On that when I reached down to less than half of the pot and it was time to put it away for a month or so and test another eye cream, I was genuinely upset. I just didn’t want to give it up. I can’t tell you exactly what it is about Huxley in general, but having tested a few products in my day, like glow in a jar moisturiser, I am just so impressed with their formulas that they can do me no wrong. Another strong release from a fantastic brand and totally worth the £39 price tag. Yes, it’s a little pricey, but you’re essentially getting 2 eye creams with the 30ml of product. And with my code: BDQBLOG you can grab it for only £33.15 with free delivery to the UK (affiliate). Click here to shop at Tonic15.

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