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Good morning Queens, how are we on this beautiful morning? It’s no longer warm & sunny here in Birmingham when I write this so it's only fair that I’m coming to you with yet another foundation review. We’re chatting all things Fenty Beauty’s new in: the Pro Filt’r Hydrating Longwear Foundation & dry skin saviour: the Hydrating Primer. Spoiler alert: you may want to part with some cash. Good thing you've not spent that payday cash yet!?


Fenty Beauty parted ways with a glass bottle and the new foundation comes in a plastic tube with a signature nude colour scheme and a pump. The pump dispenses a good amount of product and 1-2 pumps should be enough to cover your face. The formula is creamy but also a little watery, similar to that of the Soft Matte version. I got matched to shade 120 but currently using it with NYX olive mixing drops as I’m still keeping up with the post-holiday glow. Shade 120 is a beautiful fair neutral, not too yellow and not too pink. Perfect if you’re kinda in between. There are 50 shades in multiple undertones to choose from and I think everyone can find a match! Hear-hear to inclusivity! It costs £27 for 30ml and is now widely available in Harvey Nichols online and in-store (Birmingham’s store carries it!), as well as in Boots online and in selected stores (sadly Birmingham flagship High Street branch doesn’t have the counter yet). I really appreciate that Riri’s brand doesn’t go overboard with their price point as it sits nicely in the lower end of luxury and is more accessible than other new launches from ABH, Charlotte Tilbury and Urban Decay, not to mention Pat McGrath (review on which is coming next!).

I don’t quite get on with the original Soft Matte formula as it tends to settle in fine lines quickly and enhances texture. It’s also quite dry and I always needed to prep twice as hard and even mix it with oil. The latter affects the longevity as the foundation wouldn’t last afterwards. I’m pleased to confirm that Fenty Pro Filt’r Hydrating Longwear Foundation seems to fix all the issues I’ve experienced with the original bar one: if applied on the skin first (dots around the face) both tend to set really quickly making it harder to blend unless you go quickly. I find that applying it at the back of the hand or better yet - mixing tray, makes for an easier application. I love using a dense flat top brush like Sigma F80 to buff it into the skin for strong medium coverage and then going over with a damp sponge. The second step isn’t really necessary but I like to really push the foundation in. The finish is very natural, not dewy which I came to expect from ‘hydrating’ formulas, just soft and skin-like. I’ve tried it with a corresponding primer to see if I can make it dewier - check out the bottom of this post to find out!! You can’t really tell I’m wearing anything at first and only after 8-10 hrs it becomes more worn in. I’ve tested it continuously for over 2 weeks, using different methods and I swear by flat top brush followed with a sponge now as it gives a better finish than standard foundation brushes or sponge alone (which takes away from coverage a little if you prefer a sheerer finish). 

Used in conjunction with Fenty Concealer & Powder shows that products were truly created to work together to give you the most flawless and blurred finish. I tried not to overdo it with concealer as I really love that stuff and wanted to really test it on its own. I even compared both Fenty foundations on a day-long half face test and my followers on Instagram agreed - it’s a winner on practically every level. I have normal skin but often dehydrated that makes me more combo on occasion but the foundation worked really well on top of my drier cheeks and more oily t-zone. I don’t find that it clings to dry skin or settles into fine lines as much as Soft Matte and it’s so light you’ll soon forget you’re wearing it. Perfect pairing with the setting powder if you’re looking for an ultra blurred finish. If you want to mask the pores and texture, I think even lightly baking is your best bet. 

I’ve taken quite a few photos when reviewing the foundation. Day 1 didn’t go quite well as I used a flat foundation brush and a sponge a bit too late in the process, but days 2 and 3 truly show what this foundation can do. Perfect day and night thanks to its longevity and natural finish. I honestly can’t say a bad thing about it!  It’s all documented on my Instagram Stories so please go and check it out and give a girl a follow if you aren’t already! You can find them all here.


Now onto the primer. This time housed in the standard matte glass bottle Fenty’s known for. Beautiful packaging compliments a pump which dispenses a good amount of product without wasting it. A pump is usually enough for me unless I’m feeling particularly ‘thirsty’. I don’t find it overly dewy, it gives that healthy feeling and looks without being in your face, did you swim here Dorota kinda finish. I like it in a way, as it works with most of my current favourite bases, it makes them look good, makes my skin look great. That is with most of my foundations but I honestly don’t think it does anything when paired with the new Fenty foundation. Oh, the irony! 

I’ve just praised the foundation in a lot of words above so will keep it to a minimum, but I really love it - the lasting power is insane. The reason I bought the primer was to see if I can make it the finish more glowing from the start and not compromise the lasting powers. And in a sense, it does that, but the difference is honestly minimal, slightly more 'dewy', although I cannot really call it that. 

It’s still a lovely primer and if you’re on a normal side with dry bits or dehydrated skin - it’ll make a difference, but I think if you're a combination, this may actually be a hit for you. But if you already have 20+ primers in your vanity, do you really need it? No. 

Get your primer in Boots online and Harvey Nichols online for £24

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