Wednesday 9 October 2019


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I admit I’m a little ashamed at my ability to produce more than 1 post a month! Remember the days of posting 3-4 a week? No? Me neither. But here I am with another post, which is basically a series now, where I want to talk to you about favourite skincare bits I’ve used in the past month. So get ready my beauts, this is a good one!


Let’s start with the good stuff, shall we? I won a Twitter giveaway recently and I’m so happy to say: I absolutely adore my prize. The Ole Henriksen continues to surprise me with their formulas, mind you, I've only ever tried a few bits, but all were winners in my eyes. The PHAT Glow Facial (£42 for 50ml) is no exception. Want glowing skin in mere 15 minutes? It’s that good! It promises to exfoliate without the downtime and I must agree, it does just that. Based on PHA’s, a sister to more well known hydroxy acids like AHA or BHA, PHA differs to them slightly. It’s basically a little bigger molecule which doesn’t penetrate as deeply as BHA or even AHA but is also known to be less irritating to the skin, even most sensitive types should be able to get acquainted! This at-home facial is a one-step treatment you need before an event, as it can be used even in the morning, just make sure you use sun protection afterwards. The formula is creamy, applies like a clay mask but doesn’t fully dry down on me which makes it easy to remove, again helpful if your skin sensitivity is due to touch or roughness in which it’s handled! Not the cheapest, I admit but it works a treat and can be used alongside other actives too. Get yours at Boots online and in-store now.

I dubbed this Tony Moly Panda’s Dream White Magic Sleeping Pack a more affordable dupe of Glamglow Thirsty Mud but I feel that such description is unjust to the cure little mask here. Personally, I not only prefer it to heavier Glamglow alternative but also find it more hydrating, less clogging and generally a better and cheaper option. Unlike Glamglow the scent isn’t an issue, it’s just a glorious gel-like formula that hydrates my skin like no other. Perfect as a last step in your skincare routine, or under oil if you want more moisture! I can’t recommend it enough. If you can get it, I doubt you’ll regret it. Get yours for just a little over a tenner now on K-Beauty store online in the UK.


This first serum is very special, as it really works and thank skincare gods that it does as it’s also super pricey. In mere weeks since I started my journey with Dermalogica Phyto-Nature Firming Serum*, it helped improve the overall appearance of my skin: from skin tone, through texture and most importantly the state of my, mainly still dehydration lines around eyes and forehead. Yes, that’s right - I also use it under eyes. It has instant firming agents too which makes it perfect in the morning or before a big event. I don’t feel that my skin needs it every day yet, so I’ve been alternating and using it every other morning and sometimes in the evening. A dual formula works best if you mix it before application and is best applied on wet skin. I use a mist to drench my face in the water, then apply the serum whilst massaging my skin. It combines the powers of peptides and many other actives - my favourite ingredients for a plump and youthful look! Get yours on Dermalogica online, Look Fantastic and save £5 now on Fragrance Direct online.

Let’s stay with actives, now shall we? Vitamin C is by far one of my utmost favourite ingredients ever, and this Pixi Vitamin-C Serum* really doesn’t disappoint. A stable vitamin C is hard to come by, especially when considering the price point here, so grab it and stock up, as this one’s good! Perfect if you want to even out the skin tone, want brighter skin, reduced pigmentation and to help your skin prevent any more environmental damage. The formula itself is water/gel-like, it sinks in quickly, doesn’t roll under other skincare/makeup, hasn’t increased my skin’s sensitivity (I’m only sensitive to touch and when dehydrated mind you). I personally alternate and don’t use it every morning, but every other morning and sometimes even less, every 2-3 days. And it’s enough. I love it! Get yours now for only £26 at Pixi UKBoots, Marks & Spencer, HQ Hair, Selfridges, Look Fantastic & Cult Beauty.


The question on everyone’s lips: but do we even need a separate eye serum/cream. Whilst the answer is: probably not, but there are few rules I try and adhere to, the first and foremost being to use lighter formulas under eyes. Anything too heavy may not only cause milia but also increase the puffiness and even darken your dark circles. And who’s had time for that? I got this The Inkey List Caffeine Serum on a whim after reading a review by Anne (read here) and seeing it recommended it by others on Instagram and I’m glad I did. The super-light gel texture is simply lush, sinks in easily and is perfect in the evening after a long arse day, or in the morning to try and fight dark circles which is what caffeine is known for. Super affordable, you really can’t go wrong, especially if you feel ‘cheated’ by the price points of other more luxury eye creams. Personally, I find it super hydrating which is why I like reaching for it and have done so almost 6 weeks every single morning. I’m now testing a new eye cream from the brand, so please bear with me as I gather my final thoughts on that. Get yours on Cult Beauty, Look Fantastic, Feel Unique, Boots and Selfridges.

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