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Stand Out From The Growd With Boots UK

Halloween is my favourite time of the year. It means no rules and for a makeup junkie, that’s all I ever need to hear! Today, I’d like to share with you two makeup looks I’ve created that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd using only products widely available at your local Boots and online! Oh, and most are super affordable too to make it more accessible for everyone!


For this look I’ve used:

Step by step:

I started with doing my base makeup first, I’ve used my favourite Fenty foundation, concealer & powder (all available at Boots of course!)and did my brows!

For the eyes, I simply used concealer as a primer & did a blown out smokey eye. I used all matte shades from Morphe’s palette, concentrating shades in the inner and outer corners and blending upwards towards the brow bone and outwards towards the temple. 

If you’re not a pro at blending - don’t even worry about it. Simply start with a little product on the brush, blend, add and blend some more. And if it looks messy, don’t worry at all! It’s Halloween. You’re going as a skeleton so the messier the better really. 

Finally, I took some of the foil golden shade on my finger and dabbed it on the middle of the lid blending towards the brow. Add some lashes! I’ve used a very dramatic pair from Doll Beauty! Check them out as they are super Halloween-y in my humble opinion!

For the mouth, I’ve started by lining where I want it to go with NYX Jumbo Pencil in White*, then filled it in with white paint from Makeup Obsessions palette.

Next step is to make two lines, going ever so slightly up towards the ear. It’ll look like your skeleton is cheekily (and scarily!) smiling. Then simply ‘cut’ the ‘teeth’ using the same NYX pencil in black.

It’s time for some glitter fun. Using a flat brush, I filled the ‘teeth’ with NYX Glitter Glue & carefully placed Barry M Chunky Glitter in Fierce. At this point, it’ll look very messy so don’t worry about it!

Once you’re done, you’ll need a liner brush and dipping in into black paint from Makeup Obsessions palette, reinforce the ‘teeth’ lines. And voila, you’re almost done!

I then decided to add a little more glitter, and painted a triangle over my brow with NYX Glitter Glue & then topped it with some Barry M Glitter!


For this look I’ve used:

Step by step:

This time we’re going to start with the eyes as we’re going to be packing a lot of dark matte shades & it may be some fall out involved! 

Prep your eyelid with a concealer and add a little NYX Jumbo Pencil in White to allow the shades to stand out more. Taking the darkest brown matte, simply pack the shade in the crease, outer and inner corners. Slightly blend the edges (don’t worry it’ll look messy at this stage), and pack some more to the desired intensity. Take the deep khaki green matte and pack it all over the lid, blending into the crease.

Now it’s time to blend, mix two lighter camel brows from the palette & using a fluffy brush blend towards the brow bone. Finish the look by lining the waterline with NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black & smudge the bottom lash line with khaki green and dark brown. Add the lightest shimmer to the inner corners to open the eye a little. Add mascara, lashes and voila!

Time to clean up the fallout and start with your base. Do your foundation, concealer and powder down if necessary. Add a little bronzer & highlight!

For the mouth, I’d start by taking liquid eyeliner in black & do the lines from the corner of your mouth towards the ear. Pick up your favourite dark lipstick - I’m using NYX Transylvania, and fill in your lips. Then take the liner again and start making vertical lines just like on the step by step photo. And you’re done!

I hope this post has inspired you to play with makeup a little more this Halloween! For more inspiration visit Boots UK for their take on skeleton makeup and zombie makeup Halloween makeup.

Please let me know what you’re going to do to stand out from the crowd? Is it glitter, or a statement lipstick or maybe fluffy eyelashes, whatever it is, wear it proudly! Halloween is such a magical time. So get loose and enjoy yourself!

If you end up recreating one of my looks, please don’t forget to tag me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! You can find me on all platforms under @BDQblog.

Thank You For Reading.

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