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4 foundations for summer radiant skin

Oh go on, it’s time for a new foundation edit. Some old faves (looking at ya Becca!), some new-ish (IT Cosmetics), some brand new luxury (oh hiiiii Dior) & even one new drugstore contender (Revlon much?)! I have 4 Illuminating foundations that will make you glow like you’ve not glowed before (glowed - is that even a word???). From light to full coverage, I got ya covered! 

A good foundation must perfect a complexion whatever it’s finish. I’m bored easily so sometimes I’m all for barely-there glowing skin and sometimes I’m a full coverage kinda girl but what stays the same is my love for foundations that tend to look like skin, whatever the coverage I opt for that particular morning. Since I’ve started tanning, I have two options: go for foundations that have always been too dark or for a couple I bought recently to match my current tone. Kinda praising the lords for some brands lack ultra white shades haha! 

The lightest touch

Always a fave, Becca Aqua Luminous does what it promises and gives the most lustre finish. Perfect on days when I opt for more natural look as it offers light to medium (at best) coverage. It buffs well with a brush, sponge and fingers so whatever your preference, it’s fine with either. Perfect for that glassy skin finish if you pair it with illuminating primer & some highlight, although if you’re more combo - the foundation alone will satisfy that need. The lightest shade was always way too dark for me but with a bit of faux tan - I’m perfectly matched! I’d recommend it to anyone who prefers a more natural finish and even for the most mature types as it reflects light beautifully. 

Available from BootsCult Beauty, John LewisSpace NK

Long-lasting glow

This may be a huge claim to make but I think I have found my perfect formula. I kid you not but the brand new Dior Forever Skin Glow just hits all the boxes. I went to their counter to pick up my friend’s birthday gift and had to get matched. A lovely makeup artist at my local Debenhams store matched me perfectly and made me fall in love with the finish there and then. So instead of picking up a sample, I went for a full size and I’m so happy I did! It’s glowing but without looking too much, it stays put all day - no cake here and simply makes me look my best self. All day long. I adore the finish, I adore how it looks like when first applied, at a midday check and even after 12+ hours. If you’re into a radiant finish that lasts - get your match and get it, girl, your skin deserves it! 

Available from BootsDebenhamsDiorJohn Lewis & Feel Unique

Looking for dewy skin foundation? 

The drugstore gem

It’s been a long while since I liked a drugstore foundation that much (hey, Revolution Pro Foundation Drops!) but I’ve found a new fave on a Revlon counter! The brand new formula of Revlon Photoready Candid Anti-Pollution Foundation focuses on dewy skin that’s protected throughout the day from harmful pollution and blue light thanks to antioxidants. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t replace my skincare with it, but I always find bases with skincare benefits to generally sit nicer! It pretty much looks as well after 10+ hours as to when first applied. I picked this up to have another foundation that actually matches me now that I have a bit of colour to my skin & I’m sold! If you’re on a budget, it’s the closest one in the finish to Dior foundation I found so far. I’m not a budget foundation fan but Revlon managed to come up with 31 shades which are pretty decent! It offers medium coverage that’s buildable and blends beautifully. Can you really go wrong at this price? 

Available from BootsFeel UniqueLook Fantastic & Superdrug

A full coverage radiance 

Last but not least, the IT Cosmetics Illuminating CC Cream is what full coverage Luminous finish dreams are made off. And trust me, it’s full coverage ok?! I like how it looks on my skin and continues to do so throughout the day. I may need a slight powder touch up around hours 9-10 if I’m having a long-ish day in the office but that’s really good for such high coverage. When I first bought it, I had to constantly mix it with whitening drops as the shade range isn’t great (and I mean that their shade range is quite abysmal for wherever on colour spectrum you sit!) but if you can get a near match, I’d grab it - you can thank me later. A luminous finish that doesn’t sacrifice on coverage and even offers a high SPF is a perfect pick for upcoming spring/summer months. Ok, don’t ever replace your actual SPF with makeup as you’d need a lot of product to truly be protected but layering up can’t hurt! 

4x dewy foundations for the ultimate glow

What’s your favourite new/old foundation ever? 

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