Monday 27 May 2019


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Huda Beauty Tantour in Fair & Fenty Beauty Sun Stalk'r Instnt Wrmth Brnzr  in Inda Sun
RiRi & Huda are after our wallets again with their new and exciting launches! Pale & looking for a bronzer to add just a little warmth to your face without looking fake? Let’s tan, ahem talk luxury bronzers made for pale faces like yours truly! 

Are you team cream or team powder? I think I’m firmly in the first category. I love me a bit of cream contour. Huda Beauty Tantour revolutionises yet again with a formula that’s creamy and blends super easily but sets to a powder finish. That in itself isn’t new but the shades are actually quite unique. They aren’t meant to bronze or contour. They are meant to do both. When I first opened Tantour in Fair - I was quite surprised to see the shade that was neither too fair or too cool. I almost always run from this sort of shades but being a good blogger than I am (NOT) I gave it a go and now I’m a convert. It’s quite funny how it works so well at giving my skin a little tan yet imitating the contour without being cool toned... What is this magic? The packaging is super sleek - I am obsessed with it! You get 11 gram of product which is quite a lot considering it’s very pigmented and you really don’t need a lot. I’ve been using it before my foundation, skin yoga style and topping it up slightly afterwards. It shapes my face whilst adding it a nice post-holiday glow at the same time. I’m in! I swatched Huda Beauty Tantour in Fair on my Instagram alongside other cream bronzers/contours I use, please check it out in ‘Swatches’ highlights here

I’m a huge fan of Fenty Beauty Match Stix in Amber - a cream contour that’s made for pale faces (I mean that shade is just THE ONE - read all about it here!) so there was not even a question in my mind about getting my hands on the powder bronzer! Sun Stalk’r Instnt Wrmth Brnzr in Inda Sun didn’t disappoint! It’s very pale and delicately warm in tone - perfect if you just want a little bit of colour to your cheeks. It’s not too pigmented, just perfectly so and there’s no room for bad blending! It doesn’t disappear on the skin but blends to your skin but better kinda finish. I love the packaging, the lush copper metallic lid is definitely Instagram-worthy! I love using it just above my contour and it compliments Match Stix in Amber oh so well. Out of all powder bronzers (not contours!), I own, Inda Sun seems to be holding her own: not as light as Hoola Lite but slightly more neutral in tone. I compared it to other bronzers on my Instagram, so please check out my Stories Highlights ‘Swatches’ for comparison. If you already own Hoola Lite, you probably don’t need it but if you don’t - it’s worth checking out! 

Available from Boots & Harvey Nichols 

New in makeup: pale/fair skin bronzers

Whilst both shades aren’t what you call a typical contour shades, they can be used to either compliment a standout contour, add warmth to the skin or even replace contour if you’re perhaps not as pinky in tone. I think Tantour is very unique and quite surprising because it’s not evident from a simple swatch. Same with Sun Stalk’r as the shades only stand out really when compared to other bronzers. Have you tried or planning to try them or are these a hard pass for you? Let me know in the comments below. 

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