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Have you ever fallen in love with a fragrance instantly? This is a story of Kayali Citrus | 8, the brand new perfume from the founder of Huda Beauty Huda and her sister Mona Kattan. Can these girls do us wrong? Let’s find out! 

I’ve walked into Selfridges with a friend over lunchtime (trying to hit that steps target and not for a spot of shopping obv!) and I walked out smelling like a summer romance! I was instantly drawn to the sweet notes and beautifully designed elegant bottle. The packaging is lovely, with a unique outer hardened cardboard, mainly white with hints of golden branding. It hides away the perfect octagon shaped glass bottle with golden/crystal accent top. I really love the simplicity of the branding and I can’t be the only one as luxury buyers must agree. At the end of the day, how many ‘celebrity’ fragrances can be found in Selfridges or Harrods halls? Online, it’s also found a home on Cult Beauty, an online retailer known for stocking luxury fragrances only! Hats off to Huda, Mona and their team - it’s a winner.

And my love does not end here, in fact, what’s inside is actually 100 times better. So what do I say about Kayali Citrus | 08 that hasn’t been said before? For me, it’s that scent you use to make memories so when you smell it again, you are reminded of all the beautiful times you’ve had wearing it. It’s a perfect combination of fruity bergamot, pink grapefruit, rhubarb and blackcurrant combined with flowery rose centifolia, nutty and sweet tonka, spicy pink pepper and woody oakmoss. It feels like a summer night when you’re out in Barcelona somewhere sipping cocktails at midnight. It’s fresh but sweet and truly surrounds you with its intensity. It’s in no way Chanel strength, it’s way more easy going but strong enough to last all day. 

I honestly could not found a negative and believe me I tried. It’s not a cheap and cheerful bottle. In fact, 100ml will make £84 magically disappear from your bank account and I truly hope the next batch may include smaller 30ml and 50ml sizes to open it up to everyone whatever their budget! It’s similar if a little cheaper than my V&R and certainly behind Jo Malone scents, so the price is definitely a very personal matter here. All I know is that my lunchtime co-step counting babe also treated herself to a bottle because it truly is that stunning! 

I’ve been waiting for the new Huda Beauty’s Kayali fragrances to launch in Selfridges Birmingham for ages, having read mixed reviews, I wanted to try it before committing. Was I right to worry? With some reviewers online calling it a grandmother-like scent and not lasting, I certainly wouldn't commit, before trying. My experience with Kayali | 8 has been super positive. I found it as well lasting as my fave Victor & Rolf fragrances. In fact if you love Flowerbomb and its sister scents, I think it’s safe to say you will love Kayali Citrus | 08. I like it because I haven't got anything quite like it in my collection. It’s what I wanted all my Jo Malone citrus-based fragrances to be! It seems a citrus & rose combo is a winner in my eyes given it’s similar to my favourite Tutti London candle too. I clearly have a type! 

Kayali (which is ‘my imagination’ in Arabic btw!) is heavily influenced by Huda and Mona’s heritage. These scents were created to not only wear on its own but also layer to create your own unique fragrance. According to Cult Beauty website, it’s important to start with the heaviest scent first and finish by the lightest. I’ve been layering my Jo Malone perfumes for quite some time and already fallen for another Kayali Vanilla | 28 so 2019 may see me treating myself to another bottle! 

There are many beautiful fragrances in the world and our love for these scents is even more unique and personal than our likes of skincare/makeup. I feel almost naked if I ever walk out of the house not wearing any perfume!  A perfume is equivalent of a red lip to me. It makes me stronger and more confident. I’m a habitual animal and my love of sweet and citrus based scents is well known to the readers of this blog. Maybe it’s because of it’s uplifting properties because one suffering with anxiety can surely use a mood-lifting experience. Whatever it is, the Huda and Mona Kattan beautiful Kayali Citrus | 08 has found a forever home on my vanity. 

Grab yours now at Huda Beauty (US), Cult Beauty, Selfridges, Harrods & Net-a-Porter for £84.00/118.00$ (100ml).

Try the new Kayali miniature set now for 95.00$ (set of 4x10ml scents). Currently only available via Huda Beauty.

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