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When Indeed Labs comes out with a new product, the skincare world rejoices. Their new launch, Squalane oil has gotten the blogosphere talking. So, is squalane worth the hype or just another passing skincare trend? Let's dig in shall we?

Let’s talk about science

Squalane is a natural derivative from sugarcane. Our bodies actually produce squalane but the process slows down when we age. Thanks to its chemical structure the oil is extremely stable and renewable. It’s also a very powerful emollient. The non-comedogenic, lightweight and non-irritating formula will suit any skin type. You should like it even if you’re not a huge oil fan, thanks to its ability to absorb quickly and without leaving a heavy residue. It’s gentle, soothing and super hardworking at the same time. Think of it as one step to the ultimate hydration. Its chemical components slow down skin’s water loss, provide and retain hydration. Duped the new best thing since Hyaluronic Acid and I must agree. If you’ve been worried about the signs of ageing, squalane is also a strong antioxidant and helps skin cells renewal process leaving you with a plump and healthy complexion. Experts suggest that the reason squalane seems to work so well is how similar its molecular structure is to that of our skin. 

The multi-use squalane

Often when using acne treatments, skin becomes drier in the process. Many facial oils are comedogenic and therefore not the best choice for problematic skin. Squalane manages all the above. It rejuvenates skin without feeling greasy as it sinks in easily. It balances natural sebum production so, with use, the oily skin should see an improvement there too. 

Dry & delicate skin under eyes can also benefit from adding squalane to the routine. Just tap a drop with your ring fingers to reduce dryness without irritation. As a strong antioxidant, it protects the skin from the harmful effects of pollution and prevents further environmental damage. 

Even your pout can use a bit of squalane. Just apply a drop to your lips twice a day for softer and plumper lips. 

Get best results

Similar to Vitamin E, Squalane produces a barrier over the skin to protect it from pollution. You should use Indeed Labs Squalane Facial Oil* sparingly. 2-3 drops are more than enough to cover face, neck and décolletage. I usually warm up a few drops in my hands and press it gently all over. Use twice a day for best results. I then take another drop and apply it gently under eyes and on lips after an evening scrub or before lipstick in the morning. I never knew my skin to feel this soft without waiting for an hour or so for my evening oils to fully sink in. Perfect in the morning too! It’s truly a magical ingredient and guess what? Indeed Labs Squalane Facial Oil* is 100% that. A pure Squalane oil, no fragrance, dyes or parabens. They are simply not needed thanks to the Squalane's stability. 

Have you tried Indeed Labs skincare yet? What’s your favourite? 

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